Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...Winding Down and Working Out with the "Cupcake Girl's"....

My daughter belong's to one of them health fitness center's ... and goes to workout as much as time allow's her to. She overslept the other morning and didnt make the workout before going into the office ... she told me ... it was okay ... she'll just go after work ... and workout with the "Cupcake Girl's". I had no idea who or what the "Cupcake Girl's" were? ... so over lunch ... she explained to me who and what they were.

She tell's me that the more serious or disciplined workout before going into the office types ... are more male gender ... they go in, in the morning ... get a good workout before they take on their daily task's at work. Then you have the after work crowd ... which is alot of the female gender ... who are maybe not so serious about the work out's ... and just go because of overweight problem's ... I guess like Britney Spears when she announced last year that she wasnt satisfied with her tummy. What was actually funny to me ... when she started talking about these ladies ... that they may work out for 15/ 30 minutes ... then hook up to down a bunch of cupcakes or donut's or go to one of the schlew of buffet's in town to pig out. She said that after they worked out they get psychologically pumped up to think that they deserve it and need it. For what is what I wondered ...to replenish the fat? Doesnt that defeat the purpose? ... especially downing so much after the workout?

I'm not in no position to talk about bellies/gut's myself ... I stopped working out regularly in my early 30's ... and paid for it ... with a growing wasteline. Throughout my 20's into my early 30's I worked out daily about 45min/ 1hour...but not because of weight then ... I didnt have a weight issue or gut at the time ... but because to have more flexibility for self defense in the street's basically. You can say I frequented area's alot that had alot of bad boy's and girl's ... and you had a better chance of falling into harm's way I guess. I created my own style of daily workout which consisted of martial art's excercises ... and ballet ... which are both good for coordination. Plus I didnt carry the appetite that I started to pick up later. I also used throwing knives at practice ... and went to the gun range as well.

But I cant help to notice these day's the weight problem's especially with the younger folk's ... when I was a kid in school back in the 60's ... you didnt see anything like what you see today. I actually credit this to how technologies have changed our lifestyles and our junk processed food eating habit's .Let's face it ... back then ... alot of us ate 3 squares a day ... less junk ... and because we didnt have alot of fancy games and toy's to tinker with in recreational times ... alot of us were outdoor's alot ... and playing sport's type games and such ... we didnt have email ... so we hung out and talked during activities ... instead of in front of a monitor while stuffing our faces.

You know ... I am a real basic type ... old style guy ... and told my daughter that all this weight problem's that people are spending a fortune on can really be solved cheaply ... without no "quick-fix/ rapid loss" pill's or programmes the way I see it. How? Simply by watching and reducing what we commonly do out of habit ... instead of a necessity ... as far as eating ... and simply even as much as walking daily if anything. And especially if we spend and make effort to work out at these spa's ... and hire these personal trainer's which many do ... since they hang at spa's to sell their services ... the last thing that would be of any benefit ... is to right after working out ... go run to the donut shop and replenish what you lost.

As far as the "Cupcake Girl's" are concerned ... you go girl's!! Remember what Freddie Mercury sang(former vocalist of Queen, RIP)..."Fat Bottom Girl's you make the rockin world go round!! :)


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