Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LONDON'S/ UK'S UNSUNG HEROES ... Getting the "JOB DONE" when "Incompetent Government" FAIL'S ... (and Post Note comment to our Rep's)

This posting is to honour the 10's of thousand's of UK youth and student's who are in my opinion "true warrior's" and "unsung heroes" in our politically correct, weak, uninspired, lazy societies that we have become so comfortable with. This is also a lesson to American's especially ... and to my two grandson's who are teen's now, and in a few more year's will be thinking about college ... and all other's in America who are sick and tired of incompetent government, and have progressive thinking to wanting actual change and to move forward instead of backward's. And as I write this today ... new protest's are being organized and executed in the UK as a follow up dose .... like an antibiotic you take to fight an infection ... you take the full dose and relentlessly hammer away all 10 round's, until your complete ... because the infecting bodies will build up a tolerance.

When watching a protest a week or two ago in the State of Georgia (USA) with student's walking passively in circle's eating stuff like Twinkies and slamming energy drinx, texting and such with small sign's clipped to their shirt's and one's they hand held, while local news crew's taped them and talked to them ... I couldnt help to notice ... that was about the only atencion they were getting. I wonder if any of those official's in the building's they were protesting outside of, actually heard them? Or were they just having a board meeting while making ass print's in their chair's about where the next cruise or convention is going to be? Or some other cut they can make to student's education package's ... or some other way to milk more money out of them and their familia's ... telling them of course ... that's it's for "their own good", the "right thing" ... and their "thinking of the kid's"? Some may even think I am "wrong" for advocating this action, especially to my own grandkid's ... and of course ... I dont give a flying fuck as well. Sure ... court's and legislative processes are also importante too ... I am saying "all" should be used.

But too much these day's ... those who represent us, dont seem to get the message ... at least not loud and clear enough ... and then flabble their tongue's after each complaint about why they didnt do this, or couldnt do that. I sometime's wonder ... what the fuck do ya'll think ya'll are getting paid for? Just because mega financial and special interest's pay you much more than we do ... you were hired to do a bloody job, and we are the one's giving you the paycheck ... if you cant do the job ... perhap's you should leave and go to work for those companies that smother you in annual monetary treat's and contribution's. Some of these people need a foot in their asses (and knee deep at that) to do the job ... crack the whip on their asses ... and make bloody sure they feel it. Peaceful protest's should alway's be attempted first ... but when you dont get any result's and especially any respect for that matter ... you take other action ... you dont sit on your fat asses eating Twinkies, holding hand's, moaning and weeping how oppressed you are while strumming the 6 string acoustic (guitar) ... YOU KICK ASS! And a BIG CONTRATULATION'S to all those Londoner's and UK folk's who at least stand up for themselves ... after all ... no one else is going to.

SOME BBC NEWS READ AND LINK'S HERE ... and NO ... I dont think this should give even student's a "bad name" ... Ya'll got my "vote" ... and many other's!


When all else fail's ... this is how you get heard. I also want to add for those American's like myself who vote Democrat ... this too is for Ya'll ... seeing this runaway so called conservative train also being fueled by these Tea Bag's ... light some fire to their asses too! They deserve it ... they been acting like bullies as well!

Or these American heroes back in September 2008

London Riot: Tory HQ smashed by British students ... Thanx to RT

POST NOTE: One more thing I wanted to add here ... is that I am opposed to all these payout's, campaign finance and all the rest to our representative's ... I dont give a shit how long it's been going on ... that goes to show you this is long overdue for reform as well! (Such as this instance as example). Some say it's not fair to companies, politician's need campaign finance and extra's, etc, etc. Fuck all that talk, this shit we see is more than just campaign goddamn finance, it's downright straight out bribery ... IT'S ALREADY FAIR, being that anyone, whether their a trade person, a store clerk, a professional, business owner, or a mega corporate CEO ... you have the right to vote for your candidate of choice ... but NOT TO BUY YOUR CANDIDATE OF CHOICE! You can get in line like everyone else and cast it or mail it in. Also ... any of these politician's who cant live off the salaries you receive from the tax payer's (which is fair pay I may add, in addition to the retirement/ benefit's package's ya'll get) plus the small businesses/ firm's you own in the private sector, that bring's in additional annual revenue's and tax write off's galore as well ... ya'll need to go find ya'll another goddamn job Bubba's/ Bubbette's! We can government finance only, all political campaign's evenly of and with the people and their taxes ... and save million's in the first year alone. Also these goddamn 4 hour $100 lunch/ brunch break's per person and writing off the lunch ... that shit's gotto go too! Ya'll are "employee's" of the people of America ... you took a goddamn oath that you wanted to serve ... so serve! Look at fellow employee's for innovative idea's, like ordering some goddamn Domino's Pizza, or goddamn Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway Sandwich Shop if ya'll are watching your calories, etc, and eating out on the Mall! And those such as Sen. John McCain who run for an office like the Presidency ... ya'll need to find out first how many goddamn houses ya'll own, so when your asked ... you know, without having to check with your accountant ... yet you pull a goddamn 8.5 X 11 piece of scratch paper out of your blazer pocket and say that you have the solution to the economic crisis wrote all down on it in pen. Since you had the answer's ... what the fuck you been doing the last bloody two year's?!


Friday, November 26, 2010

SEASON'S GREETING'S from "Jerome" and "Achmed the Dead Terrorist" ...

Of course, it's that time of the year again ... for a lil familia fun and exchange's. So this posting/ video was given to me by my grandson Jerome who is 13 year's old, and read's grandpa's journal of course from time to time (which is for safety in our familia, if you enjoy living for awhile ... just kidding) :) But Jerome just wanted to extend some Season's Greeting's! The song is called "Jingle Bomb's" Enjoy!

Jeff Dunham Achmed's "Jingle Bombs" ... Thanx to JEFF DUNHAM


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DEBORAH JEANE PALFREY: (DC MADAME PT 2) ... A Tribute to Ms. Palfrey ... Alaina, Danielle ... & "AMERICA'S PROSTITUTES PT.1"

Deborah Jeane Palfrey

I havent posted much in this journal on the subject of sex, but have stated in a recent posting that I would do a tad more on this subject. The reason was simply because it never was much of an issue to me, not because I am against discussing it, and also because it is such a touchy subject with many. So this posting will be mainly as a tribute to Ms. Deborah Jeane Palfrey , because she is not news anymore, since her suicide death , and many of our society like's it that way, especially in her case some of our political representation, and those who just love to keep her and her type in the closet. (DC MADAME PART 1 HERE). It will also pay tribute to America's prostitutes in general, as well as to two in particular who were sort of reality and philosophical mentors to me as a troubled teenager, named Danielle and Alaina, who still remain in my heart and thoughts to this day. I look at these and many other folks that I love to credit, as folks in my earliest years who made it possible that I am alive and well today and able to think with a free mind. So first a little personal testimony here, as to why it may seem that I sometimes favour those who are prostitutes ... there certainly is reason for me, and it hasnt a thing to do with sex actually. Prostitution I wont even define here besides that it's a business and legit as far as I'm concerned, and it is a word/ title that has as many different meanings as opinions on it, besides, to each their own. But it is strongly frowned upon by many in our country, although ... one of them things like drugs ... where it's always talked down on in public ... yet ... many folks statistically are indulging in.

My part starts in my mid teen years, being a juvenile fugitive from the law, not because I had bad parent's or such, but because I already been locked up in detention/ correctional places for one reason or another, and I simply assumed, that they would continue to do so from experience, so I left home, school, etc at a young age, and refused to even go to any of my other court dates, even for a bonding I was out on, on a couple other things. I didnt want much or ask much as a kid ... I liked hunting (guns, archery, throwing knives) for sport, and simple things like football and hockey ... and frankly for me, school was just boring as Hell and made me restless (schools today are much better and different), the only subjects I actually liked were geography and science, yet I always scored highest on one that I didnt like, which was math (odd, I cant explain that). But I had planned since around 12 years old, that I couldnt wait to turn 17/ 18 and join the Navy to see the world! : ) Even though there was a war going on ... I didnt give a shit, I was gonna enlist anywayz. :) Also I want to point out, that before this posting I was reluctant to even mention this and what city I spent most time in, when in Canada ... only mostly referring to Toronto, also because I have familia there (Toronto), and always avoided talking much about Montreal because of this. But now, being it's been so many years ... felt okay talking about it ... besides, without it, I couldnt write this posting. I also will add, that the entire time of my leave from home since a young age, I had always kept touch with my mom and dad/ familia, who were most understanding and actually supported me making my own decisions, even visiting them in various cities around the country annually as well, just not in New York State for about a decade because of pending bench warrants that were not only from juvenile but adult as well.

After obtaining a phony identification/ driving permit, with a slight name change, it was a long bus trip through the cold night (roughly 400 miles or so?) from the Port Authority in Manhattan (NYC) to downtown Buffalo, New York to some friend's and familia, there a few days later I boarded a tour bus for Niagara Falls and some nearby attractions on the Canadian side ... I actually since I looked young ... stood in line talking small talk to tourists I didnt even know, to make it look like I was with them, when Canadian Customs officers simply asked place of birth, citizenship, and reason for coming to Canada, they didnt even ask for the bloody ID it was so easy and smooth. Then went on another bus from St. Catharines, Ontario to Toronto, had a contact of a friend in New York to talk to ... who set me up with a Canadian truck driver I paid cash to, who drove me to Montreal, Quebec (I actually had more cash on me than most teens would even dream of having, and enough to where some may have killed me for it, and never thought about it until this posting, but was I technically an illegal alien? : ) . A guy that I knew originally from NYC, had told me of a place to go as a sort of "safe place" in Montreal if I made it there, however ... when I went to the place ... it was demolished from a fire. So here I was in Montreal, Quebec ... I didnt know a soul, didnt trust any damn one, and didnt even know what I was going to do next. Another problem I didnt even anticipate, was that this town was like being in France, and almost everyone spoke French (much different than Toronto) and Hell No ... I didnt speak French!

Anywayz ... not having any place to spend the night ... I went to an all night diner to endlessly drink hot chocolate, munch out on some food, and sit looking out the window into the cold night of the city (It was about this time of year and felt brutally cold out!) and debate if I should try to rent a hotel room, and what if they check my ID?, what if the cops stop me and question me being so late in the night? etc. So I decided to stay low there as long as I could to wait for daybreak before I went out to the street. Around 3am or so ... two women (named Alaina and Danielle, I found out shortly after) who were getting some food to go orders made up, were looking at me odd sitting in the booth next to me, one made a remark to me as to what's up? I knew now that they sensed something was wrong or such watching me stare out the window, which made me a tad uncomfortable, but I tried to play it off, like nothing was up, they just thought I was young and it was strange seeing me there alone at this hour. We had some brief small chat, and I told them I was looking for a room, etc. The girl Alaina sensed I was in trouble or something I reckon, asked if I needed them to call someone?, etc. (Hell No .... that was the last thing I needed) Then ... she said she can help me with a place to go until the next day. My first reaction was thinking she was with the law enforcement or going to rat on me ... she just came right out then with a laugh, and said ... "You think were police? ... were prostitutes sweetie ... do you know what a prostitute is?" (similar wording, she had a habit it seemed later of calling guys "Sweetie" : ) ... I just said something like "Yeah, sure", even though I didnt know much about it, besides hearing of it, but not participation in any of it. Next thing you know ... I was in a taxi cab going with them to where they live ... I didnt know a thing about them at this point but that.

When I arrived, there was a few other ladies there (all had to at least be 10/ 15 years older than me?) ... it was such a big house to me, I was amazed, it actually had 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms, 2 story old brownstone brick place, clean, warm and pleasant, very homey type place. It had to be at least 5am by now, and they were about to go to bed, and told me I can sleep on one of the sofa's downstairs ... I must have been tired, and slept long ... waking to a bunch of chattering and noise sometime mid afternoon ... folks running up and down the stairs, folks dropping by, etc ... not even paying any atencion to me sound asleep it seemed. When I woke Alaina directed me to the bath, then some cereal in the kitchen over small chat with her and her lover who was the other lady named Danielle, I reckon they were bisexual, since they also both dated guys as business, but shared the same bed and room at home, and clearly ran this house and everyone in it, as well as had a relationship with each other. Both were also from French familia backgrounds and fluent in the language, so it was common as household talk too. Oddly ... a few weeks had went by ... and here I was still staying there and now slept in a room upstairs (alone I may add) ... they were now calling me all the time to help around the house with small maintenance things, changing light bulbs, cleaning, to running errands to the markets, to answering the door and phone, etc. Even taught me how to mix drinks/ cocktails for guests/ clients. Next told me that they needed to do something about my hair and my awful taste in clothes (they acted like my mother at times, even having me take medicine when I had a cold) my usual dress was a t- shirt, some jeans, and I had hair by then so long that I had put it in a tail with a band around it. They also loathed the rock music I bought on record albums ( this is the first group I turned them onto with a new album, which Alaina jumped liked she got struck with a lightning bolt, and freaked out, when she heard it, hilarious, I'll never forget that! ), they liked that Top 40 and bubble gum music. Alaina had me visit a client who had a hairstyle shop (no ... he wasnt gay) who gave me a layered hairstyle, then like a dress up doll, Alaina and Danielle took me to what they called "helping me learn how to dress better", to one of them pop culture clothing stores, where now I had started wearing more clean cut type clothes, that they suggested I wear, telling me it would bring out the true me or some shit. The way they were picking out shit to wear for me, I felt like that damn Ken doll (of Ken and Barbie doll set) with two women acting like kids with dolls again dressing me up in shit I never thought of dressing in! ... but it did make me look cleaner cut I reckon.

Well ... several months more passed, and by now everyone knew me in their circles, I was depended on now even for picking up some clients, more taking and picking up the girls who went to the clients location, helping them with the books for their regulars, setting up appointment times, even house chores and I even planted a little garden in what little yard those places up north have, making bank deposits etc., I was never told to do these things, but it gave me something to do, and made me feel like I was earning my stay, so didnt mind, I had plenty of cash of my own, and was never asked for a dime in rent or anything. It wasnt high scale as the DC Madam by far ... but it wasnt actually a low budget street operation either, they had a strong regular clientele as well of alot of business owners and other locals, most of the guys were married actually, and on tight schedules ... and many didnt have time to try to date women otherwise, they were so busy, and had families too, so wanted to be very discreet. I learned so much about life from these women as well, who seemed more sharp and intelligent than the teachers of school for that matter. They taught me alot about scams even, and how to avoid getting ripped off, the business and much more. There was up to 5 women staying at the house at a time, from different backgrounds too. And they knew everyone else in town in the related business it seemed. But it was like any other business and operation actually, there wasnt even any heavy drug or alcohol usage, maybe once in awhile a snort of cocaine or smoking a joint of marijuana, a social drink at most, if there was an event and folks coming over. They taught me things that kept me from harms way more than once, and most importantly, helped me that one night out of the cold in a strange city where I knew no one, and took a chance taking me in. The next year after that late in the year at winter again, Danielle and Alaina started having problems with local law enforcement, that stemmed from a couple clients. And I couldnt take the heat, and Danielle and Alaina knew it, because neither could they if they were connected with harbouring me. And through some advice from friends/ clients, was told that Texas was a good place to go in the USA, and a client had a small business in Houston even, who told me that Texas was actually a place to be, which I never even would have thought ... I mean/ thought "what? ... Texas?", but remembered some talk in New York about folks coming to Texas to avoid extradition, and having easy access to Mexico and very cheap marijuana in quantity that folks were getting in Texas and bringing to New York for huge profits. We stayed in touch for even a few years after, even though their operation was busted and broken up, then just simply lost touch, that's about it.

The DC Madam, Ms. Palfrey, was condemned/ accused time and again for running a business of prostitution or some saying she was even supporting women into slavery or such, then later charges were brought up that she was laundering money and other things. Some say it wasnt suicide ... and it's easy to have that theory based on what she said before she died, about folks wanting her dead or making it look like a suicide, etc ... but there isnt evidence that there was foul play, however ... she's dead, and alot of people are at ease with that. It is remarkable as loving and liberated of a society that we constantly rant we are ... that even someone like Ms. Palfrey who is simply supplying a demand like any other business, can actually be driven to have to think suicide, or worry about getting murdered or treated by our supposedly protective and fair legal system unfairly. And have a society to where a woman like her gets socially attacked and labeled as a villain from even so called liberals, as well as even feminists, and of course naturally from the righteous fundamoralists as well ... this is another example of the pop culture herd mentality that permeates our loving society across the board. If anything, Ms. Palfrey (like Alaina and Danielle) was providing a safe haven for these women in this trade, and seeing that they got fair pay.

You want truth and reality ... well I sure as Hell will give it here. It is exactly because of our herd mentality why women are forced in this nation to hide in seclusion and provide this service that even our goddamn lawmakers, church leaders, and the guy next door are using. It is the American people overall that force these women into these street environments of drug infested hopelessness, and dictation by drug dealers, who try to call themselves pimp's/ mack's or other titles, that beat the shit out of these gal's from time to time, only after they get them addicted to their other product (drugs), and our solution to this, is to lock the women up behind bars, and continue to pump their head full of guilt and shame as if she committed a crime against humanity? We overall as a society frankly have about the biggest bunch in this country of hypocritical bastard's and snobbish bitch's that I have ever seen, who frankly think their shit dont stink ... it is so bloody damn disgusting. I even see women laugh and insult some of these women that prostitute, yapping their goddamn mouths about them, calling them insulting names, trying to say what they are, or why they do what they do ... yet those yapping dont know jack squat in many cases about what the Hell their talking about, and only know and have an opinion on this based off of what the tele tell's them, or their church or other source of BS information, that if they didnt receive daily ... wouldnt even have a bloody opinion.

Alot of these women that are prostitutes know more about life and seen more than you will even imagine, and have even a higher intelligence level in many cases, as well as far more understanding and liberated. The men who attack this are the worst of the bunch ... many who preach one thing and do another ... then running their jaws that they would never pay a woman for sex ... you pay a woman for sex in more than one way you jackasses in many cases whether you realize it or not. You think of them as whores and sluts for this reason? Well ... may I suggest that the next girlfriend you spend a couple thousand on in miscellaneous odds and ends ... why dont you tell her she's a whore or slut for accepting it. Prostitution is NOT wrong, or unclean, or an immoral act, or anything else, but simply a business and SHOULD be treated and protected as such ... it is societies overall mindset that is immoral, unnatural, filthy, and wrong. Just my opinion/ view and experience I wanted to share ... Enough said.

Below is a "live" performance by the "Bangles" of a song originally by "Simon and Garfunkel" called "Hazy Shade of Winter", which Bangles superbly redo, another of many bands that I have not posted yet, that are excellent "live". And I wanted to post this song to dedicate to those two women Alaina and Danielle who I learned much from as a kid, and who sheltered me when I needed it most ... and especially since they never listened to rock music before they met me frankly, but I think they would have liked this piece by the Bangles knowing them, and the lyric's were fitting in this song for decades after that cold winter in Montreal when we met! Enjoy .... : ) This piece also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"

Bangles Live 2000 Hazy Shade Of Winter ... Thanx to DEATHTRAPDUNGEON

Also I wanted to post this video of Montreal, Quebec 2007 ... since it was such a warm- hearted, and actually quite peaceful and relaxing city, that I quickly in only a few months already loved ... really a beautiful town, lots of history ... and frankly looks similar to what it did in the early 1970's still, they preserve alot of their older architecture.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada ... Thanx to CAMLPRODUCTIONS

Flag of Montreal


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Well ... it's that time of the year again, and there has been so much talk about the new TSA regulation's and how they will make the skies more friendly than United Airlines did ... and they just want to extend their best (and their longest) to America's air traveller's this Holiday travel week and say HAPPY THANKSGIVING YA'LL!! And personal Thanx from the ole Ranch Chimp ... cause when you get my age ... a lil additional genital rub down is alway's welcome.

Also I would like to credit here Mr. Osama bin Laden for all his effort's in making this possible, and his associate's ... THANX YA'LL!! And I also hope best wishes and fun fondling for all Thanksgiving traveller's coast to coast ... and may God continue to bestow all the great blessing's on us he has been giving us as well. I also want to Thank our airline's who have not added an additional charge for the new service, despite these financially trying time's. Below a lil ole message from our friend's at TSA!

T.S.A ... Thanx to SPOPSSS


Saturday, November 20, 2010

DEVO: "Whip It" ... and ... "Smart Patrol/ Mr.DNA (live)"

This art/ music posting was inspired yesterday during some small chat online with an old buddy ... but has long been past due for this journal. And is to honour another outstanding music icon's of many out of the great State of Ohio ... DEVO . Outstanding, because they are yet another trendsetter in great American contemporary music ... who strongly inspired much activity in the 1980's New Wave music genre, and capitalized off the electronic's end of the art. Another group that my home collection is saturated with, and an outstanding "live" performance band as well, with a flavour unmatched both "live" and studio/ production wise ... basically ... another work of genius! DEVO is more than just another band .... but part of an American subculture that was originally based out of the Dallas Underground, which I am proud to say I was a cornerstone block of creating this underground movement in this city (roughly 30 year's ago), and contributing to this , called the Church of the SubGenius. But attending a "devival" of this unorganized organization is an unmatched experience ... like a "revival" there were similarities ... great musician's, and socializing, plenty of fetishistic show, a minister/ preacher that was a transvestite, with a mass wedding ceremony to where dozen's of attendee's married whatever and whoever they wanted ... a couple friend's for instance, married their pet's, watches, clothes ... one gal I knew even married the moon, etc. But what fun those dayz were indeed, and all the great unique folk's that I had the opportunity to meet, and some long lasting friendship's as well! Thanx Ya'll!

The first video selection below is a very popular piece of their's ... Special Thanx to the group DEVO ... for the tranquilizing and great art that you guy's have contributed to the industry and influence of a unique genre. This stuff is 1980- ish.

Devo- Whip It (Live On Fridays) ... Thanx to ShoutFactoryMusic

This next piece below is "live" ... just for a "taste" of the experience, of a blend called ... Smart Patrol/ Mr.DNA ... Enjoy! :) ... Thanx to GADGETMAN2000



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

JERRY JONES/ DALLAS COWBOYS: Entrepreneur to Hero ... "A MAN who get's the JOB DONE, and DELIVER'S ... PIZZA?" ... {: )

Jerry Jones

This posting will be to take a look at Mr.Jerry Jones ... a man locally in Dallas who has received more than his fair share of criticism ... but to me has been one of my heroes since he stepped into Dallas 20 year's ago and bought the used up worn out Dallas Cowboys ... one of the NFL's greatest team's ever, who were just in decline in the late 1980's. When Jerry came to town ... he fired first, only, and long time Head Coach Tom Landry, and Dallasite's were just furious (Jerry admit's later he may have not took the proper approach to letting go the legendary coach, and made up for it now) .. I mean Landry took the Cowboys to 5 Super Bowl's as head coach, and was one of the NFL's greatest ... but all his move's were well known, and he still used his old strategies for gameplan's ... which the opponent's keyed in on and capitalized from. This last week, many criticized Jerry for firing Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips (son of the legendary Houston Oilers Coach Bum Phillips back in the 1970's), but here we had a Cowboys team that won the division last year with a 13 win/ 3 loss season, one of the top passing team's, and some of the most prime cream of the crop player's ... yet they start the first half of this (2010) season with a record of 1 win/ 6 losses? Last being up in Green Bay against the Packers ... in a slaughter of Dallas 7, Green Bay 45 (worst season since he bought them in 1989). And Jerry has done this before, having even been now with over a half dozen coaches. But when Jerry see's thing's dont work ... he get's rid of what doesnt ... doesnt spend year's pondering on this and that and wasting time ... he take's action and get's result's, plain and simple, and strive's to get the job done.

Why do I love this Guy? ... Because I admire those who have vision, think's out of the box, work's hard and get's the job done, and deliver's ... to me ... those are worthy of the title "elite". This man has not only bought the team ... but got rid of all the old woodwork, and paid top dollar out of his own pocket to hire the best, even top brass of the NFL didnt like him spending so much and wanted him capped! He was no cheapskate ... he know's that "you get what you pay for". Then the former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller even bitched about him when he tried to square up an offer with her to put the new Cowboys Stadium in Central Dallas ... she was opposed to all business it seemed like, and I despised her as Mayor of this city, she done nothing as Mayor in 5 bloody year's of office, period ... but then Jerry set it up in suburban Arlington. He built the largest Dome Stadium in the world (with the world's largest HD screen's in it that are inside 60 yard's in length ... to give you an idea of the size of that ... it's length would be equivalent to an 18 story building, and outside it as well) ... he has brought the Super Bowl to Dallas, he has brought some of the NFL's greatest player's to the Cowboys ... including all time leading NFL rusher Emmitt Smith and other's. He seen to it, that Cowboys fan's and the organization got the best of the best! When corporation's were scrambling to put their name's on the new stadium (as they do all over bloody America and succeed in) he said "NO!!" ... and named it simply and appropriately "Cowboys Stadium" (Unfortunately that changed in the summer of 2013 and AT&T are willing to spend million's per year to get their name on it) . Some say he spend's too much time on the sideline's and telling coaches what to do ... he has stepped back some ... understand that Jerry is a bust ass hustling type man, who loves being in the trenches ... was a player in college with a good record as well himself ... he lives and breathes football since he was a kid playing ... and in my opinion ... Jerry himself is the best of the best! We even won 3 more Super Bowl's after he took over the organization as owner/ president/ manager! Folk's dont sometime's realize a good thing when they have it, until they lose it. He saved what would fail after enough age and time and revitalized it!

So this posting is to honour the man who has done so much for this franchise and city as far as business as well ... Jerry is an original ... and THANK YOU SIR!

This first video is for a lil humor ... of Jerry busting a move on the dance floor in this .30 second commercial (actually a stunt man) , damn Jerry ... this make's me hungry! :)


Cowboys' Jerry Jones dancing Papa John's pizza commercial ... Thanx to DOUGTERFEHR

This next video of 5 minute's with the man, talking about his vision and work's ... show's off his prize piece of art ... Cowboys Stadium which broke an attendance record in the opening game of the stadium against the New York Giants with over 105,000.

The Greatest Stadium Ever Built? ... Thanx to ASSOCIATED PRESS


COWBOYS SEASON UPDATE: This addition is inspired because over the last month or so, one of the most frequent question's I been asked around town is "What is up with the Cowboys?" (I was asked more about this than the bloody mid term election's, as a matter of fact, several neighbor's didnt even know there was a bloody election .... geeeezzz ... no wonder were screwed in politic's!). Here's what's up bottom line, Okay? ... after Jerry gave the boot to Coach Phillips ... as interim coach for replacement he brought to position Asst Coach Jason Garrett , he had to make this move, because never in franchise history has there been a change of head coaches in mid season (It's not logical or safe to shop around in mid season, you bring in back up's like you do with player's) ... Jason is great ... he been there for several year's now, he's young, ambitious, and a "winner" (I may even consider keeping him head coach, Jerry(?) ...). We seen what Jason done on his first game against New York's Giants ... and WOW! ... that was impressive ... went into Giants Stadium in New York City, and just about slaughtered the New York Giants at home ... and the Giants remind you are one of the best in the league currently, and top of the NFC EAST Division too (2nd in NFC EAST, tied with Philly Eagles with 6 wins/ 3 losses)! Forget Quarterback Tony Romo for the season ... broken collar bone, and I wouldnt even put him back in at the end of the season when he's able ... I want him to heal totally. The fill in back up Quarterback Jon Kitna done an excellent job in New York and had well over 300 yard's passing that day . But also what we seen, is more Quarterback protection ... this was essential, after Romo's injury ... since we have such a high powered passing game/ offense ... there has been a relentless attack by opponent's to blitz our Quarterback, to shut that down.

As far as Cowboys losses this season ... look ... the losses are bad news ... but also look at the actual loss score's and other game factor's. For instance ... beside's the Packers game in Green Bay, which was a blowout, only because Quarterback Romo was just eliminated due to the previous game and broken collar bone in a blitz sack attack on him ... other than that ... Cowboys barely lost the game's, in a few were actually up top the entire game, and lost due to turnover's/ penalties. One game for instance ... their up the entire game ... I mean ... Romo had over 400 passing yard's, Miles Austin had nearly as many yard's receiving ... but also remind ya'll ... they also in the same game had about 9 penalties for over 100 yard's ... geeezzz ... you cant do those type thing's, especially the roughing part's/ illegal contact, we have seen way too much of from our top defensive player's.

I dont expect Cowboys to even go as a wild card this year in the play- off's, if they did, it would be rare. And I dont believe we are in organization correctly to that challenge ... Yes ... the personel is excellent, but you need organization. Understand that the strong team's now are very tight, with no changing in staff's, such as the excellent consistency of Indianapolis Colts, or even New England's Patriots. But Cowboys this year has been the "Talk of the NFL ... as well as the Shock" ... after all ... a few expert's including ex NFL Colts coach icon Tony Dungy even predicted early in preseason that Cowboys would be in the Super Bowl this year, Boy oh Boy ... what a ill prediction that was! Sure ... the Super Bowl will be in Dallas .... but dont expect Dallas to be in the Super Bowl! :)


Friday, November 12, 2010

How to Create 10 YEAR'S of STAGNATED BS in 2 MIN. 56 SEC. ... CRY, WAIT, and PRAY ... : )

This will be a sequel posting to the "David Stockman" previous posting to show the flip side of rational thinking, just for HUMOR here! :) But after posting a meaningful point's interview between Spitzer and Stockman, with the focus on " Borderline Lunacy", I happened to catch this video on CNN next, which made me bust out laughing, listening to Newt Gingrich in only 2 min. and 56 sec. here, lay out his 10 year plan for America! (can someone give me a piece of scratch paper and pencil to jot this all down?) ... Just give us 10 year's America, cry, wait and pray and everything will be fine in 2021! :) Enjoy!

***** CNN MONEY: Newt's plan for the economy ... (newsread)

Inside Gingrich's economic plan ... Thanx to CNNMONEY **** I had to replece this video, so now you can get it in :59 seconds



Since the start of this journal I have focused so much on the crisis to come if we do NOT address our financial issue's with some balance and solution's that will actually work. One could look throughout this journal and probably think I am some nutcase freak pointing out so much about economic's and how we are basically letting ourselves get screwed inside out. The reason why I had to focus on this, is because our whole sanity and civility of the global species will actually rest on this issue in particular, only because our current society is designed like this. This is why I also pointed out strongly that the whole bailout fiasco we seen should be ignored, we would NOT have seen the world collapse if we declined to bail out these folk's that we did in our banking/ financial sector's, sure there would have been a ripple effect globally (but not as severe as we are facing now if we continue with this failure to act), however ... you cant shut down the system that way, not bailing them out would have simply shut down some major wealth from new investment's ONLY, nothing too much more than what you see now (money does not "disappear", it simply change's hand's), many in our leadership were simply threatened with shady math figure's and conned, even after we gave them the money ... which now you can see was a pointless panic of stupidity. By trying to get back to what we term as "NORMAL" ... is simply a rehash of the same problem's of past, YOU CANNOT "change" the system and move forward without actually "moving" to change. This is the ONE OBSTACLE that keep's us stagnant decade to decade, and repeating the same mistake's over and over, then trying to get back to where we previously were, which is plain stupidity. This system is now "forced" to collapse, it's time is finished, the new global market change CANNOT longer function with the way's of past ... this is why I focus so much on this ... simply because the way we do thing's will get us nowhere of significant progress in any decent time frame, bottom line. The same way you cant put 1970 formulated gasoline/ petro in a 2010 engine and expect it to run without burning out your engine ... due to the formulate's for the newer engineering, to try to simplify here my point.

This video below of Mr. David Stockman is so clear and to the point on the current reality, that I was somewhat shocked to hear a man, especially a "Republican" actually paint a true picture of what we are up against. However as you will find in the link's below ... he is basically pissed how his Republican Party has just totally screwed America's economy ... and now basically took this trash can and dumped it's content's all out on this Administration's desk ... and said to our President ... "Deal with it Bud ... but dont expect a hand from us" ... to put it simple. Now as I have desperately pointed out in several last posting's how importante it is to NOT let Congress or Senate gain a republican majority because the damage it will do, we will have to see a new "game" for the next two bloody year's or progressive stagnation in economic's combined with a GOP run Congress who is going to relentlessly tear apart everything that this President and Administration had established, and frankly ... we cant do a bloody damn thing about it. Sure there may be some political histories of mid term shake up's in election's as far as House and Senate ... but this is one of those time's in 2010 where you better hope that this didnt happen, and get your asses out and vote. So the voter's screwed up this one too, I'm not saying the democrat's are winner's, they will make the ride easier for people only, your choice of who to vote for, is two parties that rule and are supported by special interest's across the board, the Tea Party is nothing but a smokescreen, supported and reinforced by the same special interest's only, so there ARE NO alternative's.

Mr. Stockman is a Republican, sure ... but he speak's the reality here better than any of our pop culture Democrat's and Republican's of current .... YES ... I agree with Mr. Stockman 110%, because I know what to expect. He here will also point out how grave of consequence's we could face IF we go back to all the "Bush Tax Cut's", he also point's out that some of these folk's that are drawing Social Security that are already well off, need's to be capped!, for those who say it's unfair ... the world THEY created is "unfair" ... that's tough! ... an issue that we never hear about I may add. The other point's he mention's is this lunacy of defense spending and nation building, farm and ethanol subsidies (there is importance concerning farming for instance and other subsidies, but what is happening in reality is just lining pocket's for various special agenda's/ interest's), and the multi billion dollar annual business of the "Sick Care Cartel" that America has, along with the rest of the line of special interest's, plain and simple.

The way our representation does business is just out of touch with 2010 global and domestic economic's across the board, it should be no suprise our deficit is what it is, for anyone who has been observing this over the last decade, that's why I was so confident in my earlier posting's this was going to happen, it's been clear for at least a decade, yet most folk's ignore these issue's and dont question till it's late. And frankly ... many Democrat voter's unfortunately were more concerned about gay people being able to say their gay in the military or loving and kissing the asses of fanatic muslim extremist's, looking for racist's under every rock, or should combat troop's be required to wear pink beret's?, than they were about their paycheck's, 401K's, and home mortgage's it seemed , and Republican voter's seemed more concerned on kissing corporation's asses while on their knee's and questioning if our President has a birth certificate, does he wear a flagpin on his lapel?, what church does he attend?, and similar nonsense like wondering if couple thousand year ago Middle Eastern biblical character's approved?, making new science schoolbook's with creationism theories ... this is the mass herd stupidity of American's across the board (stupidity their not born with, but chosen out of laziness to think), a bunch of idiot's on both side's basically who cant even think straight or rational, or for themselves for that matter ... we deserve in a way everything we get. Democrat's hate (Stockman) him simply because he is a Republican ... Republican's hate him simply because he tell's the truth. :) Also what he point's out about China is a major concern that I have relentlessly pointed out over the last 2.5 year's in this journal, concerning trade, currency, etc. In the following link's you will find link's to link's on the current currency and trade battle and American defensive at the G- 20 Summit, which has finally arrived, that trust me ... will be more of an issue in year's to come. We need to stop this political left/ right buy and sell game in it's track's and work this out and stop wasting time (this feft/ right polarization will be history in a generation only, as these old die off and get replaced by the new blossom's of thinking and method's), however ... this new GOP Congress trust me, will NOT let this happen now. So ... the President reaching out with the Olive Branch will frankly do nothing now.

The only way President Obama can expect any balance is to utilize executive power's to it's maximum and stop this "RUNAWAY TRAIN of BORDERLINE LUNACY" in it's track's, because it will only get worse. The job's that will be created now ... job increase figure's that will be manipulated, and only used by pundit's, media's, of both side's to sway thought, but will in actuality be meaningless and worthless to the American people ... you CANNOT as I have pointed out before spur any significant job growth in this new arena, without drastic change, the GOP 2012 will take credit for any of these measley job increase figure's, and the billion dollar backing will promote and fund campaign ad's that will support it totally, as they did on health care, the mid term's, etc. President Obama is doing everything he can, with what advisor's are only giving him to work with, he depend's on them ... my advice to President Obama would be to put this man Stockman close to your side. Nor will it do a damn bit of good for Democrat's to have rallies of peace, love, and sanity with Stewart or other's on the Capitalism Mall and act passive to this renegade group of cut throat's. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... when you deal with wolves, you act as such, or you will be devoured ... THAT'S THE REALITY! The Number #1 sin of humanity is "Stupidity" ... Listen, Read, and Learn.

Also congratulation's and compliment's to Mr. Eliot Spitzer here on his new CNN Show and journalism career, who has been doing a great job and service! What's great about Spitzer ... is he is now in the private sector and cant be politically attacked as before. You see ... this man is a true warrior, who for year's exposed this cesspool of financial corporate thug's before any of this came to light ... he know's all their trick's ... and they despise him wholeheartedly, especially the "too big to fail" crowd of thug's, thieves, and welfare bailout recipient's. It is just so refreshing to me, to be able to see two balanced mind's ... one Democrat and one Republican, actually sit down and instead of pointless bickering, rationally expose the reality and find common ground by using common sense. This will be part of the new thinking and rationality to come soon.

CNN: David Stockman: Heretic or truth- teller? ... Thanx to CNN





***** POST NOTE: When I speak of "mass stupidity" above ... I am NOT EXEMPT from this myself ... this is why I say that we ARE NOT born this way. I havent had exactly the perfect sheltered life as a young man let's say ... I have fell on my face and ass more than a few time's, been tossed into the pit, been ripped off more than once, screwed, blewed, and tattooed. This is why I know these thing's, so ... it took plenty of hardknock's and experience to learn the hard way ... however ... I did learn, and so can anyone else if they just attempt to.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TEXAS TEEN CHEERLEADER PT.1: ... told by Texas Court's and School's to SUPPORT her RAPIST'S/ ASSAILANT'S ...

This posting is to look at a recent case where a Texas High School cheerleader who was raped/ sexually assaulted by two male student's, was fired from the cheerleading squad by school official's for refusing to cheer for her assailant on the school's basketball team. When her familia tried to sue the school ... two court's in Texas supported the school and also demanded that her familia would pay the school's court cost's. Now this is standard and legal in these type suit's ... and the line is so fine here as far as the school's responsibilities, freedom of speech/ expression, etc. However ... have we became such a law driven and politically correct, pop culture society of thinking that we cant even judge rationally anymore? Have we lost the ability even to reason? ... can folk's even think without being told what to think? First of all some read HERE, also the school simply told her to avoid the school cafeteria while her assailant was out awaiting court ... I mean ... who is the victim here? ... and who should have to brownbag their lunch or go to a neighboring fast food joint, etc? More news on this as well as video/ news on US Crime Statistic's reported by ABC News HERE of a decrease in violent crime's such as sexual assault ... but now those statistic's in question because some law enforcement havent been giving the work and atencion required to these victim's nationwide. Some CNN video below (video expired and was removed), then some word's of my own from this.


This hasnt really received much media atencion here in Texas ... so I want to thank first CNN as well as ABC/ Nation for looking at this. And there is another point here that is of concern ... especially in Texas that I need to bring up here that I havent really read much about on this case ... it is very common here in Texas High School's especially in these small independent school district's across the state where student's that are on basketball or football team's are exempt unofficially for their ill action's, simply because Texas High School Sport's is such a big business in this state, probably more known for it than any state in the country for that matter. Too many student's who violate law's and other's, even bullying or in this case alleged sexual assault's are frequently overlooked because of the interest in this business, recruitment for college sport's, pressure from athlete's parent's, threat's toward's the business in this area, etc.

Now I assume that the court's response and judgement was by the book and clean, but many time's this is so deep that even it can sway judgement's/ decision's in our court's. There is also political pop culture correctness now ... being here that the assailant who was already convicted/ entered a Guilty and/ or No Contest plea, on a lesser sexual assault plea bargain he made, is black and the victim is white ... meaning that it is unpopular and in small Texas town's feared to press too hard on a person of color ... in other word's ... say the victim was a black female student and the assailant(s) were white male ... it is more likely that this would have been on the cover of every major magazine in the nation as well as some other nation's with headline's like ..." Nazi Racist's Texas White Athlete's Rape Black Cheerleader " and every herd pop culture blog source. But is it not lousy enough the way we disrespect our student's in this nation ... how we basically rob them through overpriced tuition's loan's to extend their education, while trying to recruit them for whatever new pop culture corporate inspired war we have abroad ... to the wage's their paid while still student's, etc? ... the list of how we abuse our young is endless ... yet we all run around with these shit eating smile's/ grin's on how we do everything for the kid's ... rolling off BS out our mouth's at 90mph.

As for the gentleman (and I use the word "gentleman" loosely), Mr. Bolton who already agreed to a cop out plea ... what is it with you guy's, Guy? I am sure you and your supporter's of the pop culture herd could come up with 100 reason's why ya'll do what you do ... perhap's you feel intimidated by some gal's?, have a rape fetish?, feel it's the manly response to a gal?, did she turn you down and hurt your manly ego?, maybe you had a broken heart?, perhap's you have one of them mental disorder's that are popular?, you used drug's?, you heard voice's?, your familia was poor and parent's were freak's that abused you?, etc, etc. Whatever the reason is Guy ... now you have to run around for life, no matter where you go in the country, and show up on a computer monitor as being a sex offender, where folk's will look at you as a freak or pervert, may even get angry and attack you in other way's physically. I mean ... was it worth it? You are popular as all your type's are in school, an athlete, probably have gal's that want to date you, all kind's of support ... and you do this? When I was your age ... I didnt even have a school, moved around from town to town since I was an infant, couldnt form any long lasting friend's as a kid because I moved around so much, I certainly wasnt popular or special in any way, or ever thought of myself as special ... yet I had several girlfriend's that I just met casually here and there, who were partner's as well in sexual activities in many cases. You guy's have all this going for you, and ya'll are so loved in the communities, that you spend year's in ... what is the problem/ issue?

As far as the school district here and court's ... do ya'll know how to think anymore? Or are just fear ridden pansies that follow whatever is popular, that or this year? Do you have kid's that were raped? Have ya'll ever been raped? Are ya'll so phoney that you even lost every bit of integrity and unworthy of any public trust? How can ya'll call yourselves leader's or even lead a pack of sewer rat's, when you dont even have enough backbone to serve even a fair amount of justice? I mean ... more and more these day's I see so many that are looked up to as being strong, leader's, thinking of the kid's, etc. Even grown men, most of ya'll who act like a bunch of frail pansy weakling's ... no ... I have no respect for any of ya'll.

As for this young lady Hillarie (HS) ... my compliment's Dear, for standing up for yourself and other's that are afraid to come forward in many cases, and/ or pressured to do such ... you have proven yourself and stand tall, you are one of the few warrior's in this case ... actually have more ball's than your assailant's even ... this sort of vile scum have proven themselves as well ... you dont need them! And no ... their not "equal" to you ... you are superior! And best of luck to you on your entry to college and pursuit of a career in forensic science's!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

"MR. N" ... Can Pursuing the AMERICAN DREAM become an AMERICAN NIGHTMARE? ...

This posting will be the first of what I hope to be another mini series for this journal to look at American's pursuing that American Dream in 21st century America. And the gentleman who inspired this, also encouraged me to write his story here, but ... he asked only to not use his name, but I am permitted to use the letter "N" which is the first letter of his first name. We met roughly 6 year's ago I reckon, back when I worked security on the street in Uptown Dallas' West Village ... a nightclub and entertainment district in Central Dallas ... he worked for a small valet company parking folk's car's part time at night's and weekend's. He is not a US citizen ... YET ... however, when it come's to loving this country and respecting it ... he is actually more patriotic than many born and bred American's I have met ... so for this reason since this series will be about American's ... I CONSIDER him an American, beside's, he became a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan after I introduced him to the game of football. He is the type of guy ... that would worry over a measley traffic ticket and automatically never challenge it ... thinking he was wrong, whether he is or not. He is so spit and polish and straight arrow ... that he make's me look like a villian or commie! He come's from the City of Casablanca in the country of Morocco . He is married to a beautiful young lady from also his country, has one son with her that will turn I reckon 4 yrs old december (born and raised Texan in Dallas I may add) if I recall correctly. Their ethnicity and language of course is Arabic, both in their early to mid 30's. He has taught me so much about his culture, language, and also gave me my first and only Quran and explained to me in detail one on one what everything mean's at my request only ... as far as applying to culture and why it is incorporated into government in some countries as well. I in return have explained to him everything I could about America and it's culture, including my particular spiritualism in detail ... he nicknamed me a few year's back ... "The Teacher" ... saying the reason is because of how much I taught him about America that helped him.

Since Mr.N was a teenager ... his dream was to come to America and be a criminal defense lawyer ... he loved old school American show's like "Perry Mason", which is ancient re- run's to us ... but popular to one from his country. Mr.N even got his bachelor's in law before he left Casablanca, that he earned himself while driving a cab on the street's during the night. He loved America so much ... that in college during talk of democracy and individual right's and such ... extremist's cornered him a couple time's and beat him up, simply just because he suggested and asked what is so wrong about keeping religion out of politic's? ... even once threatened to kill him, holding him against a wall with a knife to his throat. He paid his money to get his name thrown into a type of lottery pool, to put it simple and short, where you basically get a chance at being able to come to America if you get chosen ... which thousand's and thousand's of Moroccon's pay into, with what little money they have, just to be able to pursue what they know as the "American Dream". He got lucky one day ... got chosen/ pulled ... passed through the 2nd phase, got the sponsor here in a North Dallas suburban city and came straight here (later going back to visit and marry and bring his wife here). He has never complained once about a thing in this country, and just simply believe's that hard work and devotion pay's. He dont want to become rich or anything even close ... just to become a middle class familia man and simply own a modest house and practice law ... that's his dream.

He has been working 3 part time job's, day's, night's, and even weekend's. None of which have any benefit's or paid sick leave, vacation, or offer health insurance ... so after the birth of his son ... he started feeling concern. I even advised him of some government programme's that he may qualify for ... such as food stamp's, W.I.C. for women/ children ... but he didnt like the idea of that. I only suggested this for a couple reason's ... because he work's quite a few hour's, the overall average pay he get's amount's to approximately $10 an hour for all 3 job's, he hasnt been able to raise tuition cost's for the university he want's to get into (but loan's and government may help with that I reckon), and also has some paper shuffling to work out concerning his degree from back home, because of the country difference's as far as law, had to take some classes at a small community college to learn his english better (his english is actually fine to me, yet his sentence's when he speak's may sound different than what he is expressing, if that make's any sense ... but I became accustomed to them, so he sound's fine to me), which he paid himself. His wife took a part time job as a store clerk ... however ... having the baby realized that the cost of daycare outweighed what she was making, so went back to being a stay at home mom ... daycare for the child was just so high, even trying to use babysitter's in their apartment complex to cut cost's, because their complex has several hundred unit's and almost all tenant's are immigrant's from their country and nearby countries. But that didnt even cut it as far as cost's Vs. salaries.

Even though Mr.N is not a registered voter ... he liked the then candidate Obama, who he knew I was also a supporter of. He wont criticize though either party in this country because he feel's he has no right to voice until he become's a citizen, even though after knowing me so long, he tend's to talk much more freely with me politically. Understand also ... he doesnt communicate with many American Texan's ... his apartment complex and neighborhood are basically all like him culturally, and folk's that are strange in any country feel at first more connected with those of their language and culture, American's abroad are the same way, etc. But what was a lil suprising to him was the complexity of government ... he has lost interest, because frankly to him ... it is a confusing mess ... and he even wonder's how anything can get done with so much conflict he has seen though tele ad's, and campaigning? He has been a lil concerned over the new health care talk ... and told me, that he worries about cost's, because between rent, car payment's, and basic expenses, looking at some of the cost's and premium's he found out about concern's him, if we will be forced to all buy from these companies in a couple year's. There hasnt been any raises, even though he has managed to stay employed, the rent get's a lil increase every year and a half or so when you sign a new lease ... and he has had to spend the saving's he was planning to try to use for a downpayment on just a modest home. He was worried about being penalized for not having coverage, or getting in some sort of legal trouble ... and so many like him worry only because they are in a foreign country and fear if they cant cut the mustard they can get booted out. I assured him to not worry anything about that, and he can ALWAY'S count on me to help him concerning these issue's. First of all ... this country is a tad more compassionate as well than where he come's from as far as government. Also for the record, Morocco is not some horrid terrible government structure, and very America friendly, so dont misunderstand me on government, it's considered as a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy , I am just saying it has it's own unique flavour, with their own difference's from us.

One night he told me how much he love's Dallas and America and how long he has wanted to come to America and earn the "dream" ... but he said ... the one thing he never thought of ... is what everything cost's in this country. He just never expected it to cost so much to live I reckon ... financially he feel's caught in a web at time's, or maybe a nightmare instead of a dream ... but he still has that ambition, and refuses right now any social help, and now is starting to realize how the credit system work's ... even has accumulated some good ole all American debt ... but nothing too large ... But he also said that I warned him of the credit thing, so he should have expected that ... what really caught him offguard the most was the fine print and rate's of interest, etc, and Obama and democrat's has been working on improving that drastically with the recent credit reform's. Other than that, him and his familia is in good health, and his lil boy can visit a neighborhood clinic for check up's, shot's and such. He still work's his ass off, and still pursue's that dream that he believe's is at least better than what he had back in his native country.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

SUSAN WRIGHT: Fantasy SEX ROLE Play gone Foul?, Premeditated Murder?, or Self Defense? ...

Mrs. Susan Wright

This posting will be to examine the murder trial/ case and appeal hearing of the Houston murder trial of Mrs. Susan Wright. This is one of the toughest cases I have tried to get a clear picture of I must say ... and I still cant conclude in my mind if this woman is guilty or not and/ or of what? ... frankly if I was a juror ... I would be so hung on this, as far as trying to determine what in Hell happened here! But first below is a short video that I replaced, since the original YouTube video I posted was deleted from YouTube. Then of course a few cent's from the ole Chimp off the Ranch.

News/ Text on the recent appeal of sentencing hearing and sentence reduction of 5 year's that resulted


48 Hours Betting Her Life ... Thanx to Hillary Lucy

I have heard about this case also from a couple inmate's at this facility is one reason for taking interest in it, beside's also that this case was such a confusing case trying to determine what in Hell happened. A friend of mine had to do a few year's in this particular correction's facility in Marlin, Texas (Minerva, who was sort of like a daughter to me that I mentored in some troubled times) ... that I had been there so many time's visiting her, I even picked her up the day she was released, brought her back to Dallas and took her for a big steak dinner, which was the first thing she wanted to have when getting back to Dallas, after 3 year's of prison meat, that I am not sure is actually meat(?)! But this was a women's unit, and I was able to learn more about several women's cases first hand in this particular unit ( one of the unit's Mrs. Wright was on ), and followed Susan's case.

But what I see here is so inconsistent as far as evidence, testimonies, record's, etc. The initial prosecutor was Kelly Siegler (now retired) in the above video, who was widely known for her theatric's in Harris County/ Houston courtroom's during cases, as you can see above in the video ... the erotica role play scene she carried out in the court of playing the murderess with her victim bound to a bed in the court as she butcher's him (the video was removed from YouTube, so any other would be in the linked "CBS/ 48 Hours" piece above). But are these theatric's accurate? I have too many question's here. I feel that there is truth to much of this, as well as the abusive husband bit. But look at fact's here ... the victim ... Mr. Jeffrey Wright was at least almost a foot taller than the accused (wife), he was in great physical shape, probably pumped up on drug's/ alcohol, he weighed almost 100 lb's more than her. I find it hard to believe as the forensic's examiner said in the above video, that Susan just got lucky with a kick in the groin to be able to do what she done to him, after she got the knife from him ... especially the specific's on stab entries and location's. Another "ex" of his (victim) also testified how he loved to manhandle gal's ... which I actually "buy" ... despite them trying to say she is just a topless dancer with no credibility. Her profession should be of no issue here ... if so ... why not question why the victim frequented these type venue's, and why he even married another woman who was a ex dancer, along with the other's he dated? And as far as Susan's dancing career ... geeez ... it was only for 2 month's ... I would hardly call that a career. The reality of why alot of guy's "choose" these gal's ... is because they are more liberated when it come's to playing out role play's and sex act's that many so called straight laced naive women would be more slow to get into. And their easier to push around, blackmail, or a number of other thing's to take advantage of.

Susan's stories and even some of the abuse cases dont jive either ... YET ... I believe she WAS actually repeatedly abused on the other hand. But as far as documentation of it ... it was somewhat lacking, as well as the credibility and/ or the flip flopping on stories. Also ... the wound's on the victim's penis ... are NOT consistent of "stabbing" at all, especially in a rage of anger, and more of a type of slow castration method. The accuracy of stabbing the eyeball's in socket, as well as accuracy stabbing ear socket's, all the front stab's in the torso area, etc ... also DO NOT look at all like rage in self defense ... however ... I see a different type of self defense in an odd way. Even the story/ testimony of Susan as far as laying him on the bed after, tucking her little boy into bed after a knock on the bedroom door and coming back to indulge in more stabbing and bloodletting, as well as the method of moving the body and burying the body. Even the fact that after the killing over the next few day's where she removed her husband's name from the answering machine, emptied the bank account and filed an assault report against him after he was dead ... I feel was spontaneous, but not even premeditated. Why? ... Because it dont make sense to file a report after ... only a nervous confused person would do that, not one who planned anything, as well as the immediate bank account closure/ withdrawal's ... not "planned" ... if it was planned ... nothing would have been spontaneous, and especially thing's that stupid ... I actually "buy" the fact that her brain was "clouded" and feel she acted out of fear and desperation after the fact, and after finally realizing what she done. So I also feel very strongly that this was a case of self defense also as odd as that may sound, where Susan simply was in a no choice situation, I feel if he would have got away at this point, he would have killed her.

Let me present a scenario ONLY ... this is totally of my making and fictional to paint a picture I had ... and has no validity to being any evidence in this case at all, or to try to accuse Mrs. Wright of anything. But I thought ... what if this was calculated revenge and ended up a manslaughter that can be justified later as premeditated ... but NOT out of fantasy or sadism ... but actual fear? And say she knew he would come in the door intoxicated as usual, get a little rough with her, etc ... as routine. He was a big boy too. What if she decided to tell him ... let's play out a sex role thing ... and she wanted to bound and gag him or whatever and be in charge this time, just for kick's, and maybe they have played this game before, even exchanging role's, it is quite common with couple's ... also the candle wax on the victim's body is very consistent with common roleplay amongst so many couple's, even pop culture magazine's like Cosmopolitain or other's give instruction's on this sort of thing it's so mainstream. And say he went along with it ... I mean ... she is one Hell of a great looking gal too ... she sure as Hell wouldnt have to try too hard to get me to submit and do any damn thing as far as role play. He's game ... she ties him ... then ... decide's to really give it to him for all he's done to her ... get's carried away ... and give's him even more than she expected, just out of all the abuse she recall's. And before you know it ... the scene look's like that of a well calculated psychotic murderess, yet also know's that she went so far that if she did stop and release him ... from her experience, know's he would for sure kill her. Being maybe she planned to hurt him some ... but just lost it in the heat of the moment because of all the abuse she received and couldnt control herself in anger.

I also believe she was abused ... but just didnt document alot of it. Why? because I have seen too many women that dont document most of it, and usually when they start too, it's a tad too late. I have known too many girl's that have just blown it off as far as a hit here and there. And many time's when you do that ... he may not stop without incentive to. I have also seen gal's who will blow off abuse as just a fight, and think they were the fault of him getting angry ... but still love the guy ... or feel attached to him for some reason, the number of reason's for so many get back together's even is endless. You have to understand that in these abuse cases ... there is also sometime's alot of "love" and "emotion" as well ... even sometime's a feeling of dependency and/ or security, or home to live, kid's, obligation's of any kind, etc. Some gal's also like the man to be aggressive/ assertive to some degree ... thinking it mean's he must really love her (pimp's/ mack's used these method's alot) and is giving her his ultimate atencion ... yet ... sometime's it goes too far before she realizes ... it has went totally foul and became a nightmare instead of what she thought it was.

Do I think she is guilty of murder one? I cant convince myself looking at all the evidence at all ... I simply cant ... if I was a juror ... NO. Premeditated ... and manslaughter ... YES, but to a degree only, being very unclear and suspicious of premeditation and to what degree, too much was spontaneous here. Life in prison or execution ... absolutely NOT ... I just dont buy it as far as the well calculated murder sado explanation ... something is missing here, she dont even have a thing in her past that would support such aggression on her part, and no ... I dont think she just turned into a psychotic killer of such violence overnight. Despite those angry that she will be released in a few year's(3) ... I think the punishmnent was fitting. I can only imagine how tough it must be on the victim's father here interviewed ... but I wonder ... did he really know his son's private life and sex life?

And YES ... I have alway's supported the death penalty, even though I dont think it work's, but for the familia of the victim's only ... and I never had any problem with it being applied to either gender, or life sentence's, however I feel that the death penalty especially in Texas should be suspended indefinitely , because I believe that too many innocent's have been executed here, but that's just my opinion. But in this particular case .... NO ... I could not even give Mrs. Wright more than a few year's top's in prison at most maybe 3 to 5, and good time early release, counseling and probation if anything ... but not life or even 25. Also I dont see her as even a threat to her children even if released, and would support her in regaining custody of them, if they and her both agreed. I just see this case as quite a bit different than what it's been painted as ... that's just my opinion. Enough said ....


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

JANICE WELLS: Calls 911 to report a possible "Burglary in Progress" and is assaulted by Police ... (Police Brutality PT.4)


Janice Wells

Because of my commitment to what President Obama is working so hard to try to accomplish, as I strongly point out throughout this journal, the critical mid term election, as well as my commitment since day one of and to this journal ... I couldnt post anything over the last week, and was compelled by my personal commitment's to have the last posting as the first posting upon entering this journal until the election passed.

But this posting here is long past due, that I have followed since day one, which now is not news and a half year old as far as ... but belong's in this series to show the reality of one of America's growing problem's that plagues this nation. I especially want to focus on this because it is widely overlooked simply because of all the issue's that we face as well. This again will show how the race divide also in this nation is still alive and well ... but also more importante ... because of budget's locally in various part's of the nation as well as fear and stress on all ... how this has been allowed to grow with intensity over recent year's ... to where it had plagued not only crime ridden urban area's ... but has even went into the middle working American sector's to where even hard working tax paying citizen's and major community contributor's are falling victim to this more and more. It is something that is easy to turn away from for most especially in these time's, but still needed to keep on the front fire.


***** CNN: City attorney: Officer violated policy tasering Georgia woman ... (newread)

57 Yr Old 3rd Grade Teacher Tasered 12 Times By Cops After Calling 911 For Burglar ... Thanx to IDIOT BOX

Mrs. Janice Wells being a 3rd Grade school teacher College/ University educated and community contributor, as well as personally knowing Stewart County, GA Sheriff Larry Jones, show's just how widespread this can be. When Sheriff Jones caught wind that night of what was going down at the scene of the 911 call and went himself to the scene, even he was in shock as to what was going down. However, like many rural area's across the nation ... budget cut's and funding have been a contributing factor just like what was once almost exclusive to urban America ... being that police and emergency help get's spread so thinly ... and even now more and more rural and suburbia middle American's cant get the adequate protection that they need. Because of this lack of adequate patrol, Sheriff Jones was forced to call two seperate police department's to answer this call ... and of course officer's dispatched had no idea who they were dealing with or the community at all.

Sure ... both officer's Ryan Smith of Lumpkin PD and Tim Murphy of Richland PD are no longer employed ... but is this enough? In my opinion absolutely not. It is clear that this is excessive force and also another case of criminal assault w/ battery and I feel that the officer's should have criminal charge's brought against them, which were not. Understand when you just put these type's on administrative leave at desk duty, or let them off using sick pay, declining to take criminal action against them ... this simply send's a message to other officer's of what to expect. Especially the package's of severance pay and other benefit's they receive when they leave the department ... most of them also are almost guaranteed a future once in law enforcement to stay in law enforcement ... and are usually hired in other town's just month's later as the smoke clear's, getting new position's in other law enforcement division's. So this is another area that I feel Federal Gvmnt should step in to deal with. These officer's are unsatisfactory and should not continue these career's. Lawsuit's by the victim's as far as civil legal action's is not enough ... these officer's should be on a national database to never be able to work in law enforcement again, period.

Reading the testimonies of these officer's clearly show's again that their full of shit ... and just how easy it is to use what is termed as "obstruction of justice" to justify any goddamn thing that your mind conjure's up to act on. Even coast to coast now across America ... "resisting" as well as "assault" on an officer is more twisted than ever. Being if you just verbally question an officer it can be a charge on you of resisting arrest ... or if because of a pain from an arm or wrist twist (standard usage applied by officer's to maximize submission) that you try to complain or twist your own wrist for more comfort, that you can be charged with assault on an officer with obstruction, which is also a felony charge alone, coast to coast in America. I am also commited to this series because of all the personal experience's I have witnessed myself of this ... mostly in urban America ... and it is still focused largely on communties of color ... and white communities of lower to moderate income's ... so it is a class thing as well ... and the way that law's are made and legislation again here fail's the need's of the majorities of citizen's. This is also why there can be so much anti authority/ law resentment in many communities. A system so neglected in what's called the greatest democracy in the world, that these middle American's and even lower income citizen's, who never decline when it come's to their share of taxes and responsibilities, cant even get protection from the thug's that they are victim and prey to. To where if they call police ... the focus is more on them than the criminal's commiting the offenses against the citizen's.

This case above clearly show's that with Mrs. Wells ... you (officer) need to obtain this info "first" over the "offense" and reason of the call for "domestic violence" reason's? More BULLSHIT excuse's to cover your inadequate job performance. It was clear that the gentleman visiting Mrs. Wells was not a burglar, she made it clear upon officer's intitial inquiry, and there is plenty of evidence to back this. Did Mrs. Wells act irresponsibly? ... in some way's she did, but I cant blame her for her defiance at all ... why in Hell is she all of the sudden the criminal? ... because she didnt ID the gentleman in her home? or because she refused to get in the police car? No ... actually I commend her for at least standing up to this 110%. This kind of BS is not what our democracy is about, and you cant tell me that this 57year old woman made you feel in danger or harm's way ... if this was the case ... how in Hell did you get this job and keep it for so long ... and why the Hell did you apply? ... the fact that your "sorry" isnt good enough, period ... or because you never had any report's of trouble against you as an officer ... all that tell's me is that you may just not have been caught. Tasing and pepper spraying well over the training academy's limit's even, knocking her to the ground and such are brutality as well as assault/ battery and a show of lack of regard/ respect to the woman/ citizen ... she verbally submitted repeatedly as the video and testimony clearly show's ... and was frankly unable if anything to physically get into the patrol unit for that matter!