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GRACE JONES: ... "Corporate Cannibal" ... "Demolition Man" and "Love is the Drug" ...

This music/ art's posting will be to honour and have a taste of the work's of the multi tasking artist Grace Jones (which I will let this cover a brief history) ... and one past due for this journal. This woman's beauty alone is an art category of it's own, along with her trendsetting creativity in various art's categories. From acting/ film, to the fashion runway's, to music/ video, dance genre's, an icon of the New Wave boom, etc. Just an active and enormous career of 4 decade's and still on the front.

A few favourite's below of her work's as far as music ... and Thank You Ms. Jones for your great contribution's as well! Enjoy ....






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This PT.5 posting of "Veteran's Spotlight" ... will serve as a memorial posting, but to honour those as well who were not military/ veteran's, but shared this mission with our veteran's, the "Space Shuttle Challenger Crew" . This posting in particular I had to post because it is very personal to me and 3 buddies of mine at that time ... Joe Ruben Davila, Greg Martinez, and Steve DeRow, none of us will ever forget this one ... and I am suprised to be writing this on this cyberspace network system a quarter century later for that matter, something I have never imagined that day or soon after. Joe and I were talking about this just a couple day's ago. So it is a MUST for this journal.

But again ... these werent just vet's, but other's that showed the same bravery, dedication, and ambition it take's of those special and truely elite type's of our society ... that are those who tackle mission's at whatever cost, and get the JOB done, and this also display's the versatality of mission's, of our veteran's . A brief summary here from NASA of these heroes , which was a very diverse crew as far as background's too. Ya'll are the bedrock of what America represent's, Thank You!





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CPL. FRANK BUCKLES/ PT.1 (US ARMY) : ... 20th & 21st century, Guardian of Democracy and Veteran's (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT 4)

This Part 4 of "Veteran's Spotlight" will be to honour a patriot of America and guardian of democracy and veteran's, and lone known living US Army WW1 Vet, US ARMY CPL. FRANK BUCKLES. Cpl Buckles also still on the front, pushing for a National Memorial in Washington, DC to honour WW1 Veteran's till this day. But there is quite a bit of history as well to this 20th & 21st century hero. A few video's below of the man, and his war era. Thank You Sir!






POST NOTE: As far as the long fight Cpl Buckles had to endure at over the age of 100 just to get a National Memorial in DC ... this shouldnt even be questioned or allowed for that matter in this nation. Just the monetary gift's alone, the pay- off's, earmark's, etc of only a handful of our so called representation could cover such cost's. Yet most of these representative's will be there for their photo- op's with our veteran's. Folk's like Cpl Buckles are true and a valued asset, much of our representation are of not much value or integrity, basically worthless, certainly not worth the pay they receive.


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INFIDEL753: ... "BEST OF THE INFIDEL, 2010" ... (INFIDEL753 PT.1)

This posting will be to serve mostly for a reference link of this "2010 Best of series" of posting's for a blogsite that I have frequented since online almost 3 year's now, and I known for several year's prior who spent two week's here in Texas with me visiting, I also showed him around a 1500 mile area of the state. This Guy located in USA's Pacific Northwest region goes by the pen name of "Infidel753" , an experienced writer, who cover's a wide range of topic's ... who I call "INFOdel" instead, because he gather's quite a variety of topic's and issue's as well. So I just wanted to have this on file for this journal, and to take a look at his work here.

He also has a sort of weekly report that he call's a "Link Round- Up" ... of an assortment of link's that he gather's weekly from all over and publishes, sort of a weekly magazine report if you will. Thank You Infodel!



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KEITH OLBERMANN, CAROLE SIMPSON, LESLIE PARSLEY ... a Look at Journalism/ Media in America (Nation of BS Part 5)

This Part 5 of "Nation of BS" ( Nation of BS Part's 4, 3, 2, 1 here) ... will be to take a look at journalism in America. For one, because I dont know much of anything about journalism and/ or how news coverage is chosen by those who run the show's. Dont get me wrong though, I have alway's tried to keep an open eye, just out of skepticism ... but the whole media's thing is really much more complex than I have imagined ... and until just a few year's back and being online, I never really had any view's toward's journalism, I mean ... I watched the tele news and read the mainstream paper's, but was more naive than I should have been. But also found this outstanding insight on this subject via a blog that I frequent "Parsley's Pics" ... who is an "actual" writer ( I am not an experienced or actual writer ), and has some in depth knowledge of this, and Thank You Ms. Parsley.

Bottom line is I have to wonder how much news is tainted more than ever it appear's. Alot of this is manipulated by politic's, political correctness, and so forth it appear's, but too, I feel that corporate influence, and even mega religion's are much influence ... but I wonder where are we going when everything that people say has to be analyzed first for it's content? And even though I am a democrat voter/ supporter ... I even feel this way about those right wing journalist's, who are quickly just labeled racist, nazi, or similar for everything they say, I frankly dont want to shut up especially any of these MSM professional's or inde's ... regardless of how much I may not agree with it ... if I do ... I dont get the whole picture and feel short changed is all. But I also have said over the year's, that free speech is alive, it's just a matter of paying the consequence's for what you say. It is just disappointing to me that this even goes into the blog's today, forcing many of them to have to follow with this apparent disease. No ... I dont know enough about any of this to have any solution. But found it to be a topic of concern, so wanted to take a look at it. So here are 3 view's of the reality of this mess. Video's below concerning the boot that just went out to Keith Olbermann of MSNBC (who I think does a great job, being in the MSM, opinionated? sure ... isnt everyone?), then some view's from the mainstream journalist/ reporter Carole Simpson , and the analysis above from an independent writer Leslie Parsley.

***** CNN: Keith Olbermann signs off from MSNBC ....

***** 3CHICSPOLITICO: Carol Simpson Tells Howard Kurtz: "No One Is Talking About the Lack of Diversity in the Media" ....


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"PORTLANDIA" ... "Portland (PDX- OR) ... Last of the Great American Cities" PART 2

This Part 2 of "Portland (PDX- OR) ... Last of the Great American cities" will be to take a look at a new IFC cable tele series of comedy called "Portlandia". I dont keep up much with any mainstream tele or film's as I would like to, but had the opportunity last night to catch the debut of this new show on IFC ... since PDX is one of my favourite American town's. But it was really cool and tasteful, and well worth viewing, so I wanted to do this posting for a taste of it.



Portlandia: Dream of the 90s (HQ) ... Thanx to NIKITA ANTONOV


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MEREDITH WHITNEY/ "CBS 60 MINUTES" ... on America's $3 TRILLION "Municipal Bond's" Market ... and ... "How to Privatize America PT.1"

What partly inspired this is in my last posting about China, where I had a lil concern about the municipal bond market's. But this isnt because strictly the analysis of Meredith Whitney only, but I did catch this video below the week of Christmas 2010, which also gave me concern, and the reason why, is the reason I done so much whining and bellyaching in the beginning of this journal over former Treasury Secretary Hank "Bank of Hank" Paulson and the bailout money he was trying to get locked in before the last administration (Bush/ Cheney) left office, and Hank's Xmas Drive for the Needy , which they succeeded at of course. I was at that time whining also, that we should first give the State of California at least $20 billion in stimulus ... and I know how insane that must have sounded ... I mean .... why bail out a state like California who clearly has went on an over spending spree for year's, and would probably waste it? (more of the fiscal conservative mind or response) ... but I was looking at how importante the State of California is to our nation, and figured they learned also a hard lesson, and would use it wisely from their experience ( alot more wisely than investment banker's would offshore with 5X time's that amount ), and I still feel that way till this day. But also Wall St sure didnt like this analysis of Whitney either to say the least, calling it basically rubbish. But I do know that Whitney has been fairly accurate on some warning's she gave as well, maybe not pin point accuracy, but enough to consider looking at certain issue's before they arise and/ or take shape. And of course alot of Wall St folk's are going to hate any talk like her's, as much as a person standing by a gambling table on the Vegas Strip who would tell people that they are mostly pissing in the wind, and that the game's are designed in the house's favour (you can bet that security will escort them from the casino).

You see .... what upset me most about the bailout money ... was because it was only going offshore to make good only with those who hold our debt's such as China, Japan, and U.K. ... which I understand is fair to those countries, however ... it wasnt America that created this credit/ borrowing debt with those nation's ... it was solely investment banker's and associate's, that let hedge fund's run wild off of it, and insurer's who couldnt cover thing's like when the housing market burst. You had people gambling and trading off paper that didnt have any capital yet in existence ... the thing was so deep and a mess actually after studying what the Hell went down, bottom line. So when this bailout came up, I was pissed basically, despite covering the asses of those who made bad move's in the market's, because this same administration (Bush/ Cheney) already had used all the nation's surplus, which also mostly went offshore, at least $20 billion of shrink wrapped cash till this day is unaccounted for that went to Iraq, when the bank's were inoperable because of the war, then the SSI fund's were also being dipped into for emergency wartime need's ... so I was totally against what was going on in all of that.

Basically what concerned me was ... if we distribute all our collateral/ revenue offshore, what happen's if we have a domestic crisis here financially? Where do we get money from to cover it, and who if any country, will we have to get to bail us out? or will they even do that to begin with? I just had a Hell of alot of question's. I wasnt totally against bailout's ... as a matter of fact I did fully support funding General Motors US for instance ... and reason was because their China Division of GM was booming in production and sales, but wouldnt give any of the fund's to the GM America Division, although it was the same company ownership. So this issue here below was a concern to me, because of how many folk's portfolio's and retirement's in this nation are full of these type investment's, that their portfolio management investor's prepared for them, and of course if they lose money, they still have to pay the management fee's, because they hired those investment planner's to handle their retirement investment's, because most folk's dont have time or even some knowledge on what's best to get into. I didnt want to see another hit like this basically, after so many took such hard hit's here in USA during the 2008 recession ... some losing up to 50% of their retirement account's/ investment's ... I personally know a few folk's who lost 10's of thousand's myself. Plus also I see this slippery move that now is going to be pushing a privatization of Social Security in the next couple year's, which will be top's on the Republican's agenda once they figure out a package that dont present it as what it truely is, if they can figure out a way to do it. So again ... I have many question's only. I dont look at Whitney's talk as doom and gloom talk, but talk to at least bring some awareness and to inspire discussion, planning, and problem solving is all.

What Whitney talk's about below though isnt just about the retirement's and investment's that I talk about, but also a look at many cut's, from service's, to employment, and a list that will create itself if any of this fail's with it's own ripple effect. Of course Whitney is correct that folk's only pay atencion to these thing's basically when it hit's home. You sure as Hell wont hear many politician's talking about this either. But it is something that folk's should be aware of, especially those who invest in these bond market's, that your told are the "safest" investment's these day's (which of course, they are NOT) cause those who make a living on managing your portfolio's/ investment's are not gonna mention a peep of these possibilities either ... it put's skepticism in folk's investment confidence into their market's is why. Then maybe this is all paranoia, and not a thing will happen, and everything is on an uphill swing (which I still dont feel much confidence in, still 3 year's later looking at the current math) ... however ... I would look closely at what you invest in these day's anywayz ... and listening to Whitney doesnt hurt a thing. You see, whether Whitney is correct or incorrect in her analysis, it is importante to openly discuss these issue's right now, before they even materialize as a precautionary measure. In other word's ... have some plan's in place, as you would for a fire drill, or any other emergency or catastrophic issue that could come up. But we avoid these thing's in our culture and government even, usually for political reason's or correctness, it become's difficult to talk about. But by pushing these issue's to our rep's, it force's them to deal with it, especially when it come's time for them to take vote's on what money/ fund's go where.

But another reason why I am not confident that we will get bailed out of any of this, is for one, this will create a massive political gridlock, and nothing will get agreed on ... also the whole agenda of the "right wing" (their already banking that they will have full control after 2012) in this country for instance is to try to privatize as much of everything that they can, being that "if" push came to shove and we couldnt get money to our state's, the state's would be almost forced to privatize everything that was government or public, from education down the line. And of course for your mega investor sector's and Wall St, investment banker's, etc ... that would be a dream come true, because they would then control everything through the market's only. Resulting as well ... as the people having nothing left, but to depend on them for a lifeforce, without no more voice left at all in government. People would have to drop their wage's, retirement's, and many other benefit's just to even have enough for the necessities, at least for million's and million's of working class citizen's ... and it would effect even those in higher wage categories. Or you would have to have a historical tax increase to just stay above water.

Which is also the other twist to this, like I was talking about in an earlier posting, that the way for instance that you can definitely privatize social security would be to make it fail, then it would have to go to private investment's. The same here applies, if so many government service's were to fail, with a population like USA, what other way would you fund these service's? My point is ... when all of our revenue's, surplus, were soaked and taken out of the country, it left us with nothing, meaning that the government cant possibly function or take care of what it need's, to what capacity we need. Now that would be a Hell of a conspiracy story .... that we were purposely milked not just to pay off foreign debt's, but to get the money and to cause government service's to fail so that the private sector could take it all over. After all ... ... what do conservative's of today say they see as the answer to America's problem's (Tea Party or any other)? Exactly ... to reduce government and let the flow of business take care of everything, and what they term as free market, except ... it really isnt free market, but more of a monopoly of sort, get my drift?

***** UPDATE 12 March 2012- CNN/ MONEY: Meredith Whitney was right

To my suprise in this video, the frame at 3:26 of the view of Chicago, is the neighbourhood that I lived in, seeing the old apartment building I lived in, and the L-Train I used to catch daily to go to work down in the Loop! :)

State Budgets: Day of Reckoning ... Thanx to CBSNEWSONLINE


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CHINA: the "Sleeping Giant" (PART 3) "Trick's of the Trade's" ... CONGRATULATION'S PRESIDENT'S Barack Obama and Hu Jintao

First of all ... this Part 3 of "China: the "Sleeping Giant" ..." will be also a commemorative posting and something I was commenting on doing in the last posting to a fellow blogger "Beach Bum" . But this is something I been waiting for, for awhile as you can see in part's 1 & 2 below, and it is really importante for the next step of our transition. So to me it call's for a lil celebration in these trying time's ... and a BIG CONGRATULATION'S to President Barrack Obama and also President Hu Jintao! And to President Obama ... this is your moment to shine Sir! (play your hand well Sir) ... like former President Reagan did with the former USSR! Especially with all the souring relation's there has been between us rising in recent year's, and President Obama's last visit to China, not going so well ... but this show's that China want's to at least try, and is at least a decent first step. And bottom line, whether we like it or not ... China has been positioning itself and has the clout to do so, we will either play together as a team with China accepting us as so, or China will turn on us completely, we need them as well, and at the same time, we are their biggest client/ customer. I just would like this to work out better than past dealing's is all, and this is "opportunity". A couple link's and video below, then a few word's I will toss in.

POST NOTE ADDITION: China is one of 3 countries that I am concerned with, regardless that they are a "communist regime", we dont like it, but we didnt choose and create it, it was other's who invested for long into China, so all these especially Republican politician's bellyaching about human right's issue's all of the sudden is silly, and strictly political, it was their supporter's too that were your primary investor's, so dont lay this mess on President Obama either. Those 3 countries that I am concerned with is for the same reason's. Your 3 countries that are the largest holder's of U.S. debt as of Oct. 2010 are China with over $906 billion, 2nd is Japan with over $877 billion, 3rd is UK with over $477 billion. What's next that the GOP will whine about ... China's emission's? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... your 3 highest carbon dioxide emission's output countries are China, USA, and Russia ... so put the political nonsense to the side and let's talk real business ... especially who supported and done what over the last decade alone.



**** A FEW UPDATE'S/ VIDEO'S ... PRES. OBAMA ... NICE JOB SIR! **** (There's alot of opposition here as well to this in our political circle's already you can see) ... IT'S REMARKABLE HOW MANY REPUBLICAN'S SUDDENLY TURNED INTO "HUMANITARIAN'S" OVERNIGHT, IT SEEM'S. :)

I know, I know .... why would I be so happy over the rise of China in this ... well as you know ... there is a "flip side" to every coin ... and even other angle's to look at that coin as well ... there is never one absolute side in these type issue's, and frankly despite all the talk that will come from many, especially those American's that dont like this President Obama and worry about the Chinese taking over the world, but understand, China will play a major part in the world any way we slice it ... they should be especially having a sigh of relief on this one. Look ... America right now is in a very tight situation, and we have took a major hit financially, what's done is done, our country was sold out year's ago by our rep's and the special interest's, we are in a lower position than what we were at a point in our history ... if we continue to hold grudge's on what's been already done and what we cant change ... we will fall more (economically speaking). Right now looking at the world market's and all the math, I want relation's between our two countries especially to be better, so we can address issue's at the same table without grudge's, and since they have so much clout and investment's here, which we cant change. I mean ... all us working and middle classes as it is cant even go in a mainsteam store in this nation without having to buy China good's, our bloody loan's, mortgage's, investment portfolio's, and so much else is backed by their interest's and trust. We put ourselves in the position we are, like it or not. And President Obama know's this, and is why he is trying so hard as well, because of the importance of this, to yes ... even us in the long haul.

I am very concerned over China more than any of these countries were in battle at ... Iraq or Afghanistan ... because it's too late to turn back the clock ... China is a big player ... they are also one's who will not take a shaft, or back seat on the bus ... and they own alot of us as it is. I could care less about being enemies with Iraq or Afghanistan ... I do care about being enemies with China, to make our global economic transition more easy on us ... they have alot of power in this. Yes ... human right's is a very importante issue, and China frankly dont have the same ... let's say ... moral standard's on those thing's, but we all knew this year's ago when we kept voting over and over for the same deadwood politician's that was letting special interest's control it ... so our position/ situation isnt because of China ... it's because we ignored taking care of business different in the past, and this is a result ... we were asleep at the wheel, while China was positioning themselves to move ahead in "their" interest's, we are the one's who supported all those who represented us in the past. No ... I dont want to do business with a country that has horrid human right's issue's of past, but this country basically "own's" so much of us as it is, so maybe we can reach some common ground and change this by working our two culture's of younger generation's side by side.

Let me explain here ... Yes ... it has been very frustrating in these time's and for year's, all the unfair, and unbalanced trade practice's with folk's such as especially China. It has also been depressing that so much of our country was up for sale to even folk's like China, the human right's issue's that have plagued China for decade's that we didnt like, the list goes on, but you cant change the past ... you can change the future, and it's best to let the past stay in the past. At the same time ... these major corporation's also played a helping hand in making this possible, because this has been in the work's for a couple of decade's, so it's been a long and sometime's frustrating wait. This is just the start, so there's still alot to iron out ... but a GREAT start ... and as I posted in the earlier part one, I also admire President Hu Jintao and his "technocrat's" for the new direction's/ horizon's they seek to explore, which will change the face of this "sleeping giant" for the next generation, from the old way's of China ... but ... there will be some distrust at first as well ... and I dont blame China one bit if they distrust more than we do, they have a Hell of alot at stake as well. As I've said earlier ... they may still be a communist regime, but this will certainly change the face and especially the direction. Yes ... there are some serious trade and currency issue's as well ... since the "dollar" has been the currency of choice for year's in the global market's arena, and China want's to change that and make their currency a stronger player, their currency hasnt had fair value, which is fine, as long as we can get by the trick's of the trade's.

The importante thing for America as odd as this sound's ... is not about walking around with this sign on our back about being No.#1 ... but taking a vacation from babysitting the entire globe and letting some other mega power's take a more active role. The next step of importance to America ... is to make sure in these transition's ... we are competitive player's in the arena and strong ... these hard time's we are having are mild compared to what it could be ... so dont worry about being 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place, and have more concern on doing for America and holding our own, so that we just dont become a new 3rd world country and dumping ground just for immigrant's that are sent here to get rid of elsewhere's. China want's to make sure their way's are respected ... and we also need this. Also another step is to be more interactive amongst our culture's ... and when China benefit's ... we will if we play this hand right. When the new huge middle class of China start's to emerge ... they will also challenge and question their own government's domestic policies more, and slowly this government and our's will have different view's than of past toward's each other and the people's. Another thing I'm grateful for, is that this government isnt controlled by bloody fanaticism religious element's (geeez ... what a blessing!) ... they are "technocrat's" ... and I frankly think most of them could give a rat's ass less about religion ... or worried if their politician's attend church or if their muslim or christian.

One of the best thing's about this ... is that ... both side's want to see a little more downsizing of this "too big to fail" corporate icon's that have jeopardized both our economies, which can also play as reason to be more regulative of these institution's now being one of the same economic coalition and entity "officially", and encourage downsizing some, more oversight's and such, to collapse this old system and change it, and making it so there are more incentive's and reason's to do so. India will also be a big player to come, and this is also good news, especially getting just China and India to agree to sit at the same table in this ... believe me ... this will all change the old way of doing economic's and will be a huge help to us as well ... we have been taking on more than our fair share of work and responsibilities in the world for long ... they will have to be more active ... and they will have too much vested interest's here to ignore our experience and participation and/ or advice where needed ... and this is also a blow to terror group's across the world! Now also we will have to make sure Russia will play ball as well, and not start to instigate conflict's with China too ... because Russia is more concerned in their role as well than we may realize, which if both these side's dont compromise with each other and share common ground's and goal's ... it can be a large conflict to come between these two (Russia and China) ... so there is alot of work ahead for all too.

Yes, China has been sponsoring enormous mining project's, including Afghanistan, and domestically in new coal plant's ... BUT ... they were actually pushed into this as well ... as their part to offer, but they are also investing big time in green tech's, infrastructure, etc. One of the other major importante factor's in this ... is this threat worldwide of fundamoralist's in religion's, because they hate capitalism, democracy, etc ... and we have been target's more and more of terrorism ... so this is also going to obstruct plan's for these group's ... they hate unity of any kind of their enemies. This also will make China have to change some of their position's on issue's dealing with some folk's such as North Korea, and other's ... after all ... it's new business measure's that need to be in place for all parties best interest's. We also had problem's, because China had so many US dollar's ... and oddly we were getting credit from China to loan to us, so that we can spend it on a mass of their product's and their own investment's ... kind of like an in- house credit line to a store to buy their good's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... their loaning money to us, to spend on them and getting their loan's back in "dollar's" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... so of course their (China) worried about the "dollar" and how much they have and what value it will sustain, and worried that they may get screwed in this new game their engaging in ... in a way ... even though it was frustrating and complicated ... it was also hilarious of the idea we been operating this way! :)

But enough said for now ....

POST NOTE: Look ... I know how some American's feel on this ... I mean, we get the shaft for year's as far as trade and such, then this happen's and were having to "kiss up" ... I dont like it myself. But this isnt some po- dunk country we drop a couple billion on a year to have some strategic/ defensive advantage regionally on. This is a country that has over a billion population more than us, that was probably our largest trade source for year's ... they have so much tied into our financial sector's, manufacturing, etc. They were targeted year's ago by big business for investment reason's ... as a big future business client, they had cheap labour galore, too much poverty and problem's, lot's of potential consumer's if they took the more popular capitalism trail, as far as potential progress, investor's wanted them as much as they wanted India, plus it help's defense situation's as far as alliance's. Unfortunately they are too big to fail in a way. The last thing I want, is to be enemies with a country that hold's so much interest's with our investment's/ finance/ trade ... and being on such a positive growth path after year's of deteriorating infrastructure, poverty, and a real mess. I'm a salesman type, I want you to have progress and be a partner so we can do as President Obama said ... work and compete together. Nor do I want this country to especially fail in these time's and fall back on the decline, because they are too financially woven into our system ... they start to go back downhill instead of uphill with a population like that, we cant do nothing but feel a financial and trade ripple effect on us some how. And right now is not the best time to get hammered with more financial misery ... I'm concerned as it is that we dont take another hit in 2011, if some of the municipal bond's and other investment's take a hit, so many of middle American's has money in and their portfolio's and retirement's depend on ... some already took a hit and lost up to 50% of their investment's back in "08" as it is, then having to pay additional management fee's out the ass to those managing their portfolio's and investment's, because they didnt have time to, we sure dont need any more.

I dont even like having to try to figure this out ... I had a bloody mess all week alone trying to race the clock and figure out who to put money on for the Super Bowl as it is!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MEGA MINING: ... It's all about JOB'S and putting FOOD on the table? (Global Gold Rush Part 2)

Part 2 here of "Global Gold Rush" will just take a look at the mining of gold being done now ... but just all part of what has become "Mega Mining", so this isnt just about gold either, but the massive mining all over the globe being done, including what's about to come once we stabilize Afghanistan (for the Chinese) ... and of course ... British Petro ... yep ... the same one that had that accident in the US Gulf of Mexico, because they were trying to maximize profit's (ended up rather losing profit's as a result) ... are in Russia as well with plan's to move on the Artic Region's next for new drilling. Even the former Tony Hayward CEO is at the top of their list to run thing's ... of course he's still hurting from the tongue lashing our representative's on the Hill gave him last year ... you know ... the same rep's that marched the other bunch of billionaire investment banker's to the Hill questioning bailout money, then using billion's of our tax dollar's to pay them off too ... look's like getting marched to the Hill for a tongue lashing is well worth the pay off, heh?

I am not with any enviromental group, I am very pro business even, nor have I ever owned one of these inefficient overpriced electric car's, which we are told will save the enviroment ... in fact the only folk's doing a bloody thing about enviromental concern's is the people at that, yet we pay still for everything, and those who yet do nothing keep reaping the reward's for the most well paid occupation's in today's world ... doing nothing. I brought up before about this gold rush thing over the last couple year's from time to time, because of all the effort's being done to get folk's gold now ... oh ... they will pay you cash. Cash is nice, but gold is nicer, rest assured, and no one can say what the dollar is going to be in the next few year's, as far as value or exchange rate's, etc ... and the dollar been for year's the world market's currency of choice, however ... you can bet China and even Russia want to change that, or where inflation is going because the economy is still not stable despite all the talk. A buddy the other day here in the neighborhood was looking at a new cash for gold joint down the street with all their advertising ... and said "Great! ... (he just got laid off) ... my wife has alot of familia gold we can sell". I told him I would wait and not be so thirsty right now (sell back some of the cheap electronic's from Asia he spent a fortune on over the last few year's, dont give them actual valuable's, but the same junk they sell to us in bulk), he asked why? So I explained the market show to him in detail, but of course, it's their gold and their choice. Speculator's in the market's are telling folk's also to invest in it (speculator's being the one's who are buying it all up, and taking the lowest grade's to market ... not all gold's are the same, do your homework if this is your thing) and some forecast that the price will even go up to $5000 (per ounce) in a couple year's ... I wouldnt buy that at face value either ... although I would expect $2K or $3K possibly, and then if and when it got to that I would consider maybe selling ... I'm not over greedy.

And this isnt to attack this mining company or any company, but the hope's that soon (which frankly couldnt be soon enough) we will be able to get rid of our way's, and those who run thing's now with their excessive greed, and new generation's of leadership and coalition's to put a stop to alot of this drilling and mining of an earth we have treated with so much disregard for too long with the filthy way's of our species and overall mindset. They will tell you it's about job's, which it's actually more about spending $300 per ounce in employment/ equipment to mine it, and getting $1400 per ounce payback and even a rise to come, so it's substantial profit considering investment ... usually getting their miner's/ worker's to make public announcement's how they couldnt afford the crap plan insurance they sell you for their familia's and put food on their table, send their children to school, etc, etc ... the list is endless of why we spend decade's debating over the same thing's, our excuses, etc. now you see why all the wealth is where it is, and we are where we are ... "motive". There are many new green technologies that are going to be sure winner's in the market's in year's to come ... you could invest in them market's as a future investment and still profit and create job's ... but they dont want to do this ... all they want to do is rape the earth inside out until there isnt a damn thing left to take. And to keep the masses in debt, worried, hungry and stuggling to catch up with their tail's, and be more and more dependent on them.

But the more we give, the more they will take ... that is why you have to draw the line and make new rule's to fit the time's and condition. And I feel we should be far more restrictive across the board on who can tear up/ apart what of our earth, forcing them indirectly to invest elsewhere's. The first video to me below is nauseating, because it is in our country (Nevada) ... since some other's ran them off. But also because this isnt even about energy need's or any need's beside's ratholing all the gold and mineral's on the globe at whatever cost of damage to the planet. Some believe there are enviromental hazzard's , and of course rent- a- scientist's of the corporation's will make up a term for you like "clean coal" or some other smokescreen technology that save's the enviroment by doing this, even have a dress down day for their employee's to wear their printed t- shirt's and jean's to work displaying how they are a "green" company ... when actually they are a "greed" company only. Whether your going 5 mile's into the ocean's or 2 mile's into the land ... there is nothing healthy about this for the enviroment any way you slice it or spin it. The 2nd video below that one is from 2009 (video updated because original video was deleted), in a small Argentine community, where some women with an enviromental statement and warning, blocked a road way for the mining company to enter to tear up their land ... only to have the men of the mining company with some government employee's, kick them around on the ground and manhandle them ... wow ... that's really brave, heh?

This posting is dedicated to my grandson's ... Jeremy, Jason, Jerome, Justin, my granddaughter Sharmaine, and their friend's.



"GLOBAL WARMING SERIES" (Part's 1 thru 7)

Digging for gold 2 miles deep ... Thanx to CNN MONEY

Massive mining protests spread in Argentina ... Thanx to PRESS TV


Friday, January 14, 2011


This posting is to address some change's that will be made to this journal. And this posting is also to any reader who may have commented as well, and been sincere about their comment's and taking time to place them here, to explain to them as well this change, and also Thanx to those as well for their comment's. I dont "like" at all using comment moderation's, or like any censoring, I never had much of a life of that, but I have not too much choice here online unfortunately. I wont use any of the service to do it (only if necessary and/ or recommended, so I'll avoid as much of this as possible), instead just randomly, and/ or as specified, as I posted in my profile change's as well. Some other slight modification's will be also made to this journal that were advised and recommended from an outside source as well, as of today, although this source/ advice has nothing to do with topic's chose for this journal and/ or any opinion's in this journal, nothing more than some advice where needed is all. Any change and/ or modification's will be updated, posted, with supporting link's if necessary so that whoever read's this, since it is in a public forum, will be informed and not in question to any of it, basically for the reader's convenience.

Part of what inspired this change such as in comment's ... was in a couple posting's back for instance ... of an "anonymous" person, who simply will comment to try to engage me in argueing or whatever, knowing that of course, I cant see them or confront them face to face, that I cant do much of nothing ... which is true, I mean ... they "hide" and do this. Nor am I very computer savvy or have time to play around, and it's pointless to just get angry at them ... I mean ... you have a fictional anonymous voice in hiding. But this anon character has also been commenting as the same person assuming different personality trait's I have noticed over time on other blog's that I visit ... also in my case for instance ... using word's or phrases that has became kind of a trademark to my writing and talking (choice of word's, punctuation's, etc)... I would assume to make the blogger suspect that I may be this "anon character" leaving these comment's even. They also show up in different personalities as well, a mix sometime's of various, I would assume depending on what blog they visit and the writer of that blog, they want to cater to. But NO ... frankly I never even commented or even used the "anon comment response" on any blog ... that's just not me, nor ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) ... would I even know how to do it so far, I never tried. Frankly, I'm not even as well educated as this anon, far from it at that, I have noticed that they are very well educated, far from any person like myself that came up from the street's and/ or with limited formal education, but they also mispell word's "purposely" as well. :) But I am basically what you see here ... and would never be an anonymous and/ or pose in some fictional character sense ... if I cant say what I have to say without hiding in other word's, whether it's here or on another site, I might as well just not even say anything as far as I'm concerned, that's just me, and those who know me, know how I am as well. Also this is not targeted at those ligit people/ blogger's, that do not use their identity or name's on their blog's, I understand on their blog's of wanting to be anonymous as far as their name, location, etc, but this what I'm talking about is different. What you see in my profile is NOT fictional, that is me also in the photo with one of my daughter's, and/ or any other thing I post. Also I have reason to believe that this anon is also creating fictional blog's of people that dont even exist as well ... they certainly must invest alot of time in these prank's, endeavor's, project's, I would figure also.

Another reason for deletion of comment's is because some previous posting's for instance that left comment's like Chinese lettering, when you click on one of the letter's ... a nude Asian girl appeared in some ad, or similar sex ad's ... I assume to sell some kind of sexual service. Or those who tell me in a comment that they have been following my blog and like what they been reading or whatever ... I go to their link and click ... and it's to sell me product's ... different thing's from piano/ guitar lesson's (I could use actually :) ) ... to musical instrument's, plumbing service's to auto part's, etc. :) You have so much going in this cyberspace or blogging arena I learned over almost 3 year's now ... just picking up tidbit's here and there. I mean ... whatever a person is into ... that's their business ... but no ... none of this is what I am into or wish to play in, any more than all the email I get from political group's, or all those who tell me I won something, I have also been sent a number of email's saying that I won lotteries too. No ... I dont even open none of this stuff (advice from my daughter, the first day I got my first computer) ... I discard them as well. Or these gal's that want to meet you for a dating service ... I mean ... I never used this kind of service in my life for dating, but I'm not against it, to each their own, it's not me. Beside's, you can just go to a social club if your date hunting, and have the real thing for that matter, or whatever other way you wish. I bought this computer 3 year's ago April ( on my 3rd monitor already ) ... before that ... I never cared to even use a computer frankly ... beside's going to the neighborhood library to Google some info or whatever. And those folk's that I see daily here around town, the neighborhood, friend's/ familia, that may drop by, but dont leave comment's, dont even blog themselves, but read a posting of mine time to time for a tip or whatever.

As far as the posting's that I have deleted in this journal ... well ... one day I visited the "edit post's" page ... seen there was well over 700 or so, didnt realize I wrote this much stuff ... went down the line ... and clicked well over 200 of them just browsing at the title's ... and deleted them randomly. Of course comment's went in the trash bin with them too, but it wasnt to delete folk's comment's in that case, but just because I had too much, and it just seemed to be a clutter of posting's ... kind of like cleaning house or something. For all I know, some of them posting's may have had some worthwhile point's ... but I'm not really a writer, so they didnt matter that much, beside's ... I can just write something else. So this is why I just tossed out posting's from old or whatever. It isnt that I lack commitment to this journal either ... it's commitment that this journal isnt just oversaturated too. Many posting's also I deleted because I had link's in them, that vanished from other site's and/ or video's that the whole posting's story was based on, which is another issue on here, cause how some video's and article's/ link's get dropped here and there, leaving the posting incomplete and obsolete without the link's. I will continue for instance to point out political scam's and so forth, but I had way too much politic's in here, as well as religious stuff, so to focus on cutting down on that some too. My belief's dont matter, since they will do no one else a bit of benefit. But yes ... space to/ for/ on organized religion's and politic's will also be limited more than they have been ... but again ... this is only because they have cluttered this journal too much.

I sure as Hell am not innocent of even making bold statement's on other people's blog's when I commented, I have used even language that wasnt fitting on some folk's blog's that I commented on, of course using my real identity though, which I should also refrain from doing out of respect to them blogger's and/ or their site's, or not even comment myself. So if one were to delete my comment's in these cases ... it's understandable. Like I said ... all this computer stuff and dealing with folk's online has been a new experience to me, I have been such an "in person" type guy my whole life ... so I still am in training in a sense. My comment responses in this journal as well as other blog's I have commented on were also way too lengthy, which I already known, but didnt have writing experience as far as making the point in fewer word's, but this was recommended to me, to consider changing as well, so I'll have to improve that too.

But that's about it ... just to point out some change's in this journal ... and also point out that these fictional character's, anon's, advertisement's, dating service's, or whatever else isnt really sincere as far as comment's ... I'm not going to spend much time on, debate with, or even keep posted.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This posting will be another political posting, but only to take a look at the reality that is increasingly more evident ... not posted to evoke sadness or misery, but to bring enlightenment actually through awareness. And credit to CNN and Anderson Cooper who get out these nitbit's here and there to so many million's of people too! And of course these type's of action's in recent political war's and desperation, especially from these neo right wing crowd's of current (and no ... these type's are not truely conservative either) , are so plentiful ... there are enough for the "Public to pick an Option" on, as per "what lube do you choose?" :) Another example of this "political virus" . And I dont take pleasure at all in writing about this political or even religious scene ... I would rather post art's/ music and other thing's more ... but do this as a personal commitment of this journal, and to give something back if I can to a society/ democracy that has done for me as well, and been more than fair to me, by exposing in my small way these thing's and/ or tip's is all ... not to gain a thing. I can honestly say that any miseries in life or hardship's of any kind were brought on by my own action's, not government, churches, or anyone else.

As far as any "change" were getting as President Obama tried so sincerely to do since he took office ... is great, but minimal compared to what we/ he could have accomplished if there were not so many people out to attack his proposal's and team. These puppet master politician's ... who are only mastered by the puppet master's of special interest's ... have been what so many folk's in America are beginning to get a clearer picture of, thank's to all the new communication's technologies too, which if were not careful, they will take further control of as well, such as our ability to make usage of internet the way we want as example ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... which they will disguise as another move for the "good" of all ... and they will probably even figure out a way knowing these tightwad bastard's, to try to charge us an additional fee for doing so at the same time! :)

But this kind of news is also enlightening to show us who is actually the enemy of progress in our nation as well ... many who may not be intentionally out to tear apart America, but thinking their actually saving it, whether they belong to a TeaBag group or whoever ... but simply been brainwashed by these master's, not just of the puppet's, but master's at propaganda. These small individual move's and action's let's you know through living proof who stand's on what and for what ... that they dont even realize how they are exposing themselves, and even damaging themselves as well, they are so desperate. But indeed as in this video below, this is shameful that those who represent us would resort to this lowest of the lowest. Frankly showing themselves as nothing more than a virus, than any representative of America or even agent's of so called change that they paint themselves as, and of course the various gift's and even pledge's you will receive for your vote . But it's importante to be aware of these move's, especially in time's as now ... I never even read much political stuff for year's, before I got a computer almost 3 year's ago, and didnt have much time anywayz for much ... I would just simply vote straight party, without much concern in the candidate's I was voting for. So it's not hard to let this blindside you, especially with all else your distracted with, and have to do.

***** CNN: KTH: Capitalizing on Tucson shooting tragedy? ... (newsvideo)

As a sort of theme song for this posting, it would have to be "Master Of Puppets", which of course partly inspired the title. "Metallica" , a great icon and truely unique as well as genius in the category of Heavy Metal, who have been true trendsetter's and influence to so many of today's musician's/ artist's even. I had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with over small chat, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, and former bassist Cliff Burton (RIP) many year's ago when they were just a bunch of enthusiastic young men, who were thrilled in them day's, to just be a third in line bottom opening act for any major band ... they were full of talent, hungry, with not much money :) ... man oh man guy's ... look where ya'll are today, even in the "Hall of Fame" ... reckon all that hard work paid off ... and no one deserve's it more! Cliff by the way, unfortunately died in a tour bus accident.

Even though the music here is certainly a classic and masterpiece, more importante is the message to this in the lyric's (which are here if difficulty understanding in video) . The piece called "Master of Puppets" and this shoot/ video was in 1989 Seattle, I believe the song was first released in 1986 if I recall correctly. Enjoy!


Friday, January 7, 2011


This "Sexploitation Nation" series will be another mini series for this journal, to take a look at the issue's surrounding sexuality and how our society respond's to it. This posting here is not to attack the organization of NOW , nor the great State of California either, but to take a look at the condition of what is happening even all across America, and the fact that Hooters has been a target of NOW in this state for some time. But two week's ago when this first came up (Dec. 22, 2010), my daughter couldnt believe this ... and she had some word's to express of her own on this, because ... well ... she GOES to Hooters ... and describe's it as ... fair food, very familia type oriented, the place to take in a sport's game and a few drink's with friend's and/ or a place to bring business client's to for a more laid back and casual setting. I have never once been to Hooters ... but not because I'm against it ... I simply never got around to it, and Dallas is saturated with restaraunte place's, and sport's bar's/ eateries, etc. ... Yes ... including ... Hooters, which it is also known in the Dallas Area as a familia type place. A video below from CNN ... then some word's of my own on this.


And if you think this is really out there, you hadnt seen nothing ... just check out this "Sexploitation Nation PT.1" , where kiddie doll's are attacked ... YES, DOLL'S.

HLN: Should children be allowed in Hooters? ... Thanx to HLN

I have never really followed the agenda's of NOW much ... but just thought of them for all the great thing's they done for women's right's ... such as backing women who had wage or harassment dispute's, etc. And we know how sex slavery, human trafficking, child porn, etc are really serious issue's. But at the same time, I actually credit alot of sexual crime's to how we simply treat sexuality. If we had legalized and regulated/ zoned prostitution for instance as just one example ... you could have controlled enviroment's, make taxes instead of spending taxes, clean up alot of the drug issue's, jail's, STD's, and get real protection for gal's and young men who are victim to these slave market's, as some I point out here . This nation especially has such a hang up with sex across the board ... I mean ... you get it from the left and the right both ... and everything is a lengthy issue, that get's hammered like to the max, over some of the most simplest shit ... like this. And this series will definitely focus on that.

As far as the kiddie shirt's or clothing ... for Pete's Sake ... my daughter describe's it as nothing more than simply a novelty item of sort, that you buy simply like a T-shirt saying that you been to a certain place and/ or some simple comical remark's on it. The list is actually endless of what you could attack if you really were compulsive, annoyed, and disturbed enough over sex to do so. Where does it end? What's next? For crying out loud ... the swimming pool 20'ft or so from my front door ... has ladies and girl's dressed in a Hell of alot less than this during the warmer month's ... including ... yes ... my own daughter who I live with. I can turn on the tele, and get more than that ... or walking through a public park ... should we attack the network's, the park board's, etc?

I'm sure NOW President Bellasalma is sincere here ... she seem's truely bothered over this ... and I can understand concern over children, being a father of daughter's, I mean she really sound's sincere and frankly look's quite miserable and disturbed talking about it. But I have to go with Vice Pres of Hooters Mktg here McNeil and agree with him. Also note that in the start, Pres. Bellasalma clearly state's that Hooters "definitely" sell's sex to children (accusation's that this enterprise has acted knowingly/ willingly in/ and/ or crime's of pedophilia, and not in compliance of state law's also as far as selling in the adult entertainment industry) ... now mind you ... this is national tele/ news accusing this business enterprise of just that ... I mean ... that statement alone is solid ground's for a serious lawsuit against NOW, from a legal perspective of course. As the lady who called in pointed out, about having beautiful women who may not all be covered to what folk's may find "proper" or whatever ... what do we do? Should we just make thing's like some Taliban requirement's in Afghanistan or elsewhere's and just throw a bloody tent over women head to toe? Yet the hypocritical part to all of this ... is how we also market to women the item's that they demand to enhance their beauty and dress as well .... which they obviously want ... or the companies wouldnt be in business. Look ... it's quite simple for me ... if you dont want to work at an establishment like this ... dont apply ... if you dont choose to dine there ... dont ... if you dont want your children around there ... keep them away. Nothing is forcing anyone to do business there. These folk's like Hooters are not trying to corrupt little girl's with a conspiracy of sort to do so. If you want to really do some good ... attack those who prefer to marry 8 year old girl's because of culture/ religion ... and torture them, beat/ assault them if they decline to go along, girl's who are even denied a basic education for not going along. Geeeezzz ...

Enough said ....


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FOETUS/ J. G. THIRLWELL: " I Hate You ", " Wash It All Off" & " Descent into the Inferno "

J.G Thirlwell

This music/ art's posting will be to take a look at the great work of Mr. J.G. Thirlwell ( aka Clint Ruin ) of the group/ project called "Foetus" (also known as several other title's with the name "Foetus" incorporated). Another artist way past due for this journal and an exception to the standard of popular music as well ... and enormous versatility and longevity, production studio wise as well as "live" ... just all around great work's. Probably more known in the circle's of post modern industrial ... though at time's the music for me is difficult to categorize, as well as Thirlwell's unique flavour and vocal abilities. But I have quite a bit of their music in my home collection, and had the opportunity to catch them "live" twice back in the late 1980's ... first in Dallas and later in London. They also had to be one of the loudest "live" group's I have ever seen as well ... but great venue engineering! And Thanx ya'll for all the great piece's. Enjoy!

1) Foetus- I Hate You All- Damp (2006) ... Thanx to PEERINGTHROUGH

2) "WASH IT ALL OFF" ( from "Wash & Slog" 1985) ... Thanx to VINKWICK

3) "DESCENT INTO THE INFERNO" (1985) ... Thanx to L3DTUBE


Image result for foetus band


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OWEN HONORS (US NAVY) ... Honour's to Honors ... " I'm asking ... Please tell " : ) (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT 3)

"Veteran's Spotlight" series is not just for Vet's/ Retiree's as I mentioned in past posting, it will also include active military personel, reservist's, Vet's of any of the war's, etc. This Part 3 of the series will focus on Capt Owen Honors US Navy, who has recently been all over MSM for his video's he was making/ showing on some show that was for Navy personel only ... and this was back a few year's ago ... but their coming to public atencion and criticism today ... and of course many folk's are really upset over this. But my posting on this talented gentleman and Navy hero in my opinion will be to give Honour's to Capt. Honors only. A video compilation below of his, which I thought was great work for a amature/ rookie, so this Vet's posting will also be sort of an "art's" posting combined. Then some comment's of my own.



The first video here I posted was really censored as far as language,etc ... like heavily ... but it was what was available I found on YouTube. Also I thought it was pretty good work here in the opening where he has 3 of himself sitting side by side interacting.

Captain Owen P. Honors Jr. Relieved of Command due to Leftist Subversion ... Thanx to Hayes Thomas

This is just one that I knew nothing of ... found all this out in MSM a few day's ago and been reading up on it, and viewing some video's, because many folk's panties are in a bind over this. And I realize that some may think this is not proper to post this man in "Veteran's Spotlight", because some look at him as shameful to our Navy. But after reviewing in depth this man ... I found him as a sort of hero in an odd way, especially in time of war's. And I found his entertainment and art very tasteful and hilarious.

There has been alot of talk also about so called "anti gay" remark's ... he of course used the "F- Word" both No# 1 and #2 ... which today would be "Fuck" and "Fag". But some are painting Honors to be anti- gay or whatever ... I reckon the kind's in the video he tell's to "Go hug yourselves ... cause you'll be offended ..." (similar wording). What I dont think some of these folk's looked closely at was all the content ... just jumping into a state of pop culture rage hearing the term "Fag". But if you look at the video's ... he is calling himself a fag too, as well as even dressing in drag ... which in a funny way inspired the title of this posting ... "I'm asking, Please tell" ... after hearing month's of the fight's over the decade and a half "Dont Ask, Dont Tell" policy that took so long to eliminate. I wonder when's the last time some of these folk's been in a gay bar/ social club?, where even there, gay men are alway's joking around calling themselves fag's and queer's, even in Dallas gay club's, as well as other's in the country ... playing and doing Karaoke of the classic from composer/ songwriter/ producer Al Jourgensen's (founder and composer, lead vocalist for the Ministry and 13th Planet Production's, El Paso, TX) creation with the Revolting Cock's, "Beer's, Steer's, and Queer's" (focusing on Texas being just that of course). I'm not saying Mr. Honors is gay either, I am just pointing out fact's here concerning the video's.

But I understand how being a commanding officer, this is unacceptable, and does not reflect the higher command's, nor every member, and especially our over- hair sprayed, over- dressed, pop culture corporate owned government representative's who will also jump all over this if they need to ... to get your vote of course. :) But I dont see Owen Honors as being out of order myself ... but bringing high spirit's to those who may spend long duration's out at sea, and who are alway's on alert because of the war's going on. It's like getting some unofficial R&R in a sense ... and many of our military personel could use some, in these time's. Also I hope "if" Capt Honors is dealt with too harshly, and his career is ended ... I wish him the best in civilian life and think he can get a contract somehow to maybe continue his entertainment. But Thank You Sir ... for entertaining those who needed it most ... and you put together some great stuff!