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CHINA: the "Sleeping Giant" ( PART 2 ) ... Global economic change's ... and the next step of the Global Economic Transition ....

Since I am not a "writer" ... by what define's a well rounded writer .... much of this journal will be bit's and piece's of what I posted in my earliest posting's, simply taking it step by step ... not very well organized, it may not seem ... very captivating or colorful, stylish, etc. But it all intertwine's in a way ... such as in my earliest writing's about the global transition to come, and the unique qualities of this particular recession, because the global effect's this time will be different than past one's, etc. Again ... this is a look at the entire picture instead of what we only want to look at. And the reason it is wise to look at the entire picture... is to be ready for the possibilities and obstacle's to come. However ... it is each person's "choice" to create whatever reality they choose in their mind's. I dont have any stories to create, or an agenda for that matter, or am one who think's I am right or wrong, or take a side with the left or right, etc. I am basically "nothing" ... literally ... except a reflection. My only goal in this journal ... is just to get the job done ... nothing else.


I call China the "sleeping giant" because of the reason's I stated in my first posting called "China: The'Sleeping Giant' PT 1 ... Hu Jintao and his Technocrat's ... positioning to lead...". Why the focus on China? Because like everyone else on this "ball of mud"(dirt and water) ... they have alot at stake... and because of the size of their investment, and ties to folk's like even North Korea ... and the amount we owe to them ... are some of the reason's of interest's... let's just say.I personally like some thing's about Hu Jintao(President) myself ... he is a new breed, and with his group of technocrat's are taking the old hardline communist way's of China in a new direction, and this country has alot to offer as well, as long as they stay on this path. We all know that China has been watching/ spying on us like a fox on a henhouse for year's, and it's not just because of their quest to take a major lead on the globe ... but to be frank ... they MUST look out for their interest's ... they have alot of American dollar's ... dollar's that were made off us ... and the trade with this country is so strong ... that one slip in it could be devasting to all countries on the globe economically. And we also owe them enormously ... and rightfully so ... I mean ... did we not ( our representation ) accept these loan's and investment's/ trade from them? And in a way ... we taken them for a goddamn ride too! We are not the spit and polish saint's that we fantasize we are ... at least the representative's of us. And everybody on the damn Hill in Washington know's all this ... better than the Hell I or any other American does ... they just dont say a damn thing! And most American's dont want to see reality ... even if they claim they do ... actually most human's for that matter.

We are seeing sign's of economic recovery domestically now. Now I know you may say ... we still are losing job's. Yes ... we are ... but not as bad ... as I said earlier ... if and when this President get's elected ... he will do everything he can, and there are just thing's that he will not be able to do ... they must "do" themselves is all, and it take's time ... because what is going to change is the economic transition that I talked about. We have to do this ... because you cant just build a global market like this simply by announcing ... "We are all now one big happy family", etc. And it is importante to downsize these mega financial entities as well! For Pete's sake ... by now ... I would hope we have duuuuuhhh ... "learned" how the failure of one of these can put us into war and crash the world market's all in the same day! This is why I focused so much on this in my earlier posting's! So we are not gaining job's, and just losing job's a little less ... well ... it's a start.

And for these gambler's and tightwad's that are still waiting to see how low home prices can go before they invest ... well ... ya'll better consider jumping in soon ... dont press your luck! Let me explain a little better here ... if you have money to invest ... within the next year is the best time ... and you better look at the whole picture ... not unless you want to lose your ass like other's did. Buy now/ soon! ... the interest rate's are low by past and future standard's, price's are dirt bottom too ... and the time for car investment's is now too, as far as financing is concerned. Let your money work for you, instead of you working for your money is all I am saying. Because the way thing's look mathematically and looking at past recession's ... in about a year to two ... we "may" be looking at interest rate's soaring to ridiculous rate's, and inflation going through the roof as well, perhap's tax increases, etc! And because of all the tossing around of billion's to "stimulate" us now ... as we been doing, and future domestic need's like "MORE" infrastructure money, and this transition of health care ... I dont see how we cannot raise taxes, so look at the taxing of everything to increase at some significance. All this will create it's own ripple effect as well ... so other area's will experience loss and hardship's that are not feeling too much strain perhap's right now. Heh, heh, heh ... you can say ... there is a little bit for everyone ... just get in line and wait your turn. :) Are we all going to the "poorhouse" who are working class? NO! ... Let's just say... we will learn to live more economically and modest is all ... we will be a little more like EU countries in a way ... BUT uniquely American as well. Is Obama a socialist? No ... he is a man of the times is all ... and needed ... he is a boyscout in a way ... actually an old school type patriot at heart ... which may sound odd ... considering all he's been labeled as ... but he is one of them guy's ... that idolizes the old school crowd ... like Lincoln ... fascinated with our Constitution, etc. Actually ... one could have seen this ... if they just looked at this guy way before he was even a candidate for President ... but most are more interested in their personal agenda's ... and just wanted to trash the man ... and get other's to listen to them. He's a damn fine man, but no ... he is no miracle worker though.

Another thing ... we cant just be concerned with what every other country is experiencing economically ... focus more on here, we cannot save all the hardship's that will come and go around the globe ... no matter how big of a happy family we delude ourselves into thinking we are. Much will need to be done by us for us. A little nationalism wont hurt anyone on the globe at this time. Jeff Rubin for instance ... author of the book "Why your world is about to get a whole lot smaller" make's some interesting point's. And believe's that we may even see oil price's soar in the next couple year's to $200 a barrel (but who know's in this oil market today) ... and if this happen's ... we will also see a need for alot of domestic agriculture, and less coming into our port's from elsewhere's ... perhap's even see a revitalization to the rust belt area's (steel, auto, etc) up north. Why? Who can afford the transport/import price's? ... $$$$$ is why! We may see more increase to urban population's instead of suburbia as well, simply because of commuting expense's. This is also why President Obama been acting so vigorously on alternative fuel vehicle's as well ... not because of just going green ... or being less dependent on foreign oil or the other popular reason's you hear ... but because he see's what may come is all ... as far as how the oil price's will effect economic's on a very large scale is why. It's a matter of looking at the entire picture and being ready for the unexpected is all. You have to also consider this because ... our military is in high use right now ... and more to come ... and ... according to the last report I seen in 2006 ... of the "DoD" (Dept.of Defense) we are the largest oil consuming government body of not just the USA ... but the entire world ... our defense guzzle's oil ... at an incredible rate!

The recession being over talk ... this is needed ... not that it mean's that those poor worker's will be any better off ... but because ... we need to take the fear out of the mind's of those who have money to invest. Everyone is ratholing because of the fear ... the more confidence we can instill in them ... the more they will spend ... is the bottom line. And without this spending it would even be worse ... period. The system does need to collapse ... but it will over time ... through this transition that we are working on. The tax increases will actually help the working poor as crazy as that may sound (only because American's arent used to this as say European's) as far as social service's and such ... instead of a bunch of private gambler's and investor's playing only with our money ... a governing people's party will ... and make sure it is spent more wisely ... and less recklessly on a bet, and a little more domestically as well.


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