Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dr.George Tiller... and dealing with the threat of Domestic Terrorism ....

What inspire's this posting is first.... the death of Dr.George Tiller, and 2nd ... the outcry I been hearing all over the internet about folk's feeling there is a threat now of domestic terror.

I never even known of Dr.Tiller before this incident actually, so I been reading up a little bit on the guy the last couple day's, after his murder.Apparently,the fella was firm about fighting for his right's, and didnt scare too easy, already took a couple slug's some time back a gal gave him in his arm's,went through a bombing, going to work via armoured car, and his own armoured vehicle as well, amongst constant threat's for year's to name a few thing's he had to experience.... just to excersize his right's and do his job, being a Medical Director for a Wichita(KS) Womens Health Care Service's provider.

A suspect is being held without bond, by the name of Scott Roeder,and... he is innocent in this land until proven guilty.I know that he has beaten a previous case of possessing explosive's with the intent of pulling off a project he had in mind, on an illegal search technicality.But... since I am not on the jury and wont be... I can add my 2 cent's here. The evidence I see look's very conclusive... this include's testimonies from friend's,family, and supporting associate's as well. Last I read was he had a murder one count and two aggravated assault's.Kansas does have a death penalty... however... it hasnt actually executed anyone since 1976, and currently has 10 on death row. I feel that Texas could serve a more "fair" trial for the man. Texas has currently about 358 on death row(9 of those are women)and probably just executed someone in the last few week's or so... not sure... we move a little quicker here. I personally from what I see and know... would sentence the man to death... and immediately as possible.Why the urgency? To show that you are serious about getting the job done. Beside's...Mr.Roeder shouldnt have any problem with it ... he's a grown man and know's what consequences mean.

It appear's a softee defense is already brewing.All I hear about is, is he mentally insane? No... absolutely not... he is well organized and calculated. Is he doing this for God? Absolutely not... Mr.Roeder if truely a believer know's that God would strike down folk's like Dr.Tiller if he wanted to. Secondly ... this is not the spiritual world ... so Mr.Roeder must pay for his action's here... and NOW.If God want's to testify in his defense or whatever... he's welcome to show up in court. Now I hear some say that Mr.Roeder is only saving live's and the lesser of the two evil's.This doesnt matter either... the point is... he done what he done...was caught and should be executed in a timely manner if found guilty... none of this 20 year's on death row baloney. He is not protecting us from anything like tyranny, he is using death/terror as a threat to our right's as American's... he is a threat to your liberties... and using a tool that scare's people into doing what him and any associate's want.Much... similar tactic's of group's like the older KKK of America, and group's that we are fighting abroad like the Taliban or who have you.

I been reading, alot of folk's in America... are feeling now a threat of terror from those like this man Roeder or associate's... and trying to figure out what to expect or do? Well.... you do like Dr.Tiller done... you fight against a threat... that want's to take away your liberties... because this is the true tyrant.And if this is organized terror... you round up those committing these act's against American's... and you eliminate them through execution... and act efficiently and promptly, or else you will end up with the same stupidity we are having our troop's up against abroad.Some say murder is not the answer? Well... that's fine and dandy.... however... while you're looking for the answer... we need to get the job done... and eliminate the threat.

If you let anyone take any of your liberties/right's that you have without fighting it... your not acting very American or protective of what few right's we still do have!


Infidel753 said...

Mr.Roeder shouldnt have any problem with it ... he's a grown man and know's what consequences mean.

If he really believes what he claims to believe, he should welcome execution since presumably the Christian God would reward him. Christian fundamentalists don't do Heavenly virgins, but maybe he'd get 72 Bibles signed by the author up there or 72 TV evangelist shows of his own or whatever it is that they hanker for.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh...(chuckle)Well... I seriously agree with you on the "belief" issue here.This indicate's that he has already decided he is on some kind of mission for a spiritual world.It also mean's... if he is sincere... you better consider very quick on execution, because alive he will only gain momentum and build a following and inspire to continue his work, I know this for a fact, not unless you isolated him from all freeworld contact the entire duration as well as isolation from other inmate's/offender's.This is not some guy who decided to mug and kill someone at random. This man has a mission. This is also why I say that guilty foreign terrorist's must be executed as well.We dont have a criminal justice system in this country that would or could use the proper safeguard's to incarcerate someone like this... and be able to assure that they will not act during their incarceration.In our democratic system... he would have access to much and many that could be a threat to the population is what I am saying.

Thank You for your visit and input Mr.Infidel ............