Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gun Right's ... Judge Sotomayor ... and THINKING for YOURSELF ....

What inspire's this post is a conversation I had with a fella I know in a rural area west of Dallas yesterday, over American's right's being trampled, etc. Along with some other folk's that I have talked with about this. First ... let me say ... RELAX some. Yes ... I realize that right's are sometime's in question to folk's ... Hell ... my dad told me all this crap some 4 decades ago. The fact is ... that we are American's ... we have had more freedom than most for year's ... it is genetic you can say ... heh, heh, heh ... by now. And the reason only for all this sudden concern ... is only because of a sour economy, lay-off's, a few higher urban crime stat's and a few oddball shooting's/ killing's ... which are all connected in a remote way, simply a reaction to the time's is all. Nothing to get bent out of shape over. But so much for the sweet talk ... and let me get onto my goddamn job here! :)

This fella is warning me that I dont know Sotomayor from what I posted a couple post's ago ... and the threat she may be to gun right's, etc. Look ... I have been reading up on the gal ... and also I read about much of the controversy over her view on gun right's before I even posted that... okay? I appreciate the concern... No, I havent lost my mind ... and sometime's I wonder if some of ya'll may be too!? :) I am not going to get into every little detail I read about the Judicial nominee, but YES ... I DO know of thing's like her 2004 opinion that she joined that the "The right to possess a gun is clearly not a fundamental right". Look ... we can pick apart these nominee's all we want ... on this ruling or that ruling or what have you till your biting your damn nail's! Look ... you know what the goddamn 2nd amendment say's ... it is clear! I dont care how a bunch of bureaucrat's dissect it, bottom line is ... it say's what it say's. That's all that concern's me.

And I know the arguement's of folk's like Rush Limbaugh ... "Rush say's this ... Rush say's that ... etc ... " Heh, heh, heh ... Rush is entertaining ... but that's as far as it goes ... worry like him ... and you'll end up like him! I mean ... I seen Rush confront a public audience for instance year's ago ... face to face ... he was confronted by a fella face to face who was some geek looking guy ... half his size ... yelling in his face over some crap ... Rush backed down like a coward ... and took off for the stage ... I mean ... most folk's with any damn self respect would give that punk a tongue lashing at least ... or if he was any bigger and more threatening ... a slug! I like Rush's insulting humor for a laugh ... but he's not the kind of fella I would want making decision's for me if we were walking down a dark alley in a bad part of town ... or sharing a cell in the house of correction's or in a foxhole if you get my drift ... Geeez ... the guy is an entertainer for Pete's sake! And he get's a great deal of atencion and many listener's, and a great sale's pitch, but that's it.

Look ... your an American ... you know your damn right's ... are you all of the sudden going to let some stuffed suit tell you what in Hell you can do? Especially something you've done all your damn life? And something that harm's no one ... and is only if anything a service to your communities of protecting your neighbor's and families and country? It's not just your right ... if you love your peoples, family and country ... it's a goddamn obligation! As much or even more than fighting for some disrespectful middle eastern countries freedom on foreign soil ... that have no regard for us or our families, culture, or our flag! Wake up man!!

I thank the government for all their concern and effort's ... but dont worry about us ... we KNOW how to think for ourselve's, at least it's our nature despite ya'll's passive rhetoric and what have you. And if ya'll cant truely lead ... and focus on the need's of us who elect you and pay you these inflated salaries ... then step to the side ... we have plenty of our own who can lead! So dont worry about us ... just do ya'll's job ... and take one of them 3 hour lunch break's and discuss what color tie's ya'll are gonna wear next session or whatever. Or what insurgency group you will pay off next to be our friend's, if they stop picking on our troop's or other weasel crap ya'll do in the name of defense ... half of ya'll are a pathetic excuse for a strong American in my opinion! Hell ... some of ya'll couldnt lead a group of underage Girl Scout troop's without feeding them too a pack of lies to succeed.

I met a young man not long ago ... who is 22 year's old ... a part time student and full time worker ... a very independent and strong young man I may add. He told me of a new automatic assault rifle he just bought online that took .22LR ammo (smart and cheap too!) for only $200 buck's for his collection. He knew what the 2nd amendment say's ... he know's how to think for himself ... he didnt need to contact some bureaucrat to get a "rule book" ... or get a liscense ... or check with his church or anyone else ... he just simply bought it. Now whether someone in Washington think's he should have it ... or think's he should modify it in some way to not function as it was constructed to ... I frankly dont think he give's a rat's ass. He can think fine for himself.

Enough said ....

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