Tuesday, May 5, 2009

War Strategies ... and Defiant Opponent's....

What inspires this posting is the new war's about to take place in the Afghanistan and Pakistan region's. Of course ... anyone that know's me personally know's this has been a concern of mine for over 5 year's now ... I expected this sooner actually ... but at least it's finally here ... and we will get to deal with it. My concern was Pakistan originally ... not so much Afghanistan ... but we just got two new brides for the price of one I suppose. And of course ... as we wind down in Iraq ... expect new insurgencies to pick up rousing up more Hell there ... of course our tax dollar's and Iraqi oil revenues combined will pay for added contract security forces needed there. We will still get financially milked ... just not for lives of our troops as much ... even though a much smaller number will alway's have to be there it look's like now ... just like with South Korea ... we never totally left.

I also want to point out ... is this is not to downplay any of our troop's or military personel. I had a few buddies who were career military guy's ... who spent over 20 year's in the Army and Marines, and love the strategies and art of combat ... but basically unofficially forced to retire ... and of course seem bored with civilian life ... so I understand the career soldier, and salute them for their service rendered as well.

I been watching particularly Pakistan for several year's now ... because year's ago I found out that Pakistani School's were bankrupt pretty much and fundamental Islamic separatist's have went in and volunteered to take over much of the school's, educating children only in the Quran ... and not regular academic's. It concerned me ... was because the Pakistani government welcomed them with open arm's at the time, and I knew this may result in a problem ... since Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal, so that's why I was concerned with this so long ago ... unfortunately ... it appear's my thought's are actually materializing ... and that ... I dont like much.

Our military personel and leadership who love the strategies and art of war ... are certainly going to have fun with this piece of cake ... cause that is what this one is! Not no jungle ... or a desert ... but rugged new terrain's, against a defiant martyrdom type opponent who moves territories and region's as often as the season's change ... an underground network if you will (al-Qaeda and Taliban). These opponent's know how to utilize little ... and are much more experienced and knowledgeable than they were 6 or 7 year's ago ... and much more widespread. And no matter what anyone say's ... Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is the jackpot! Neither side want's to admit it ... but no one is dummies either. And since even al- Qaeda screwed up the 9/ 11 attack's and failed their true goal's .... make no mistake ... they will try to succeed on their next project of magnitude.

I was watching a recent interview with a Taliban spokesman in Afghanistan, where he actually wore a bath towel over his head to avoid video identity (talk about a towel- head ... heh, heh, heh,heh, heh   : ) was all laugh's and jokes about America ... say's they are martyr's ... ready to die and fight ... and not to be worried about them, just because we are the most powerful military in the world ... he said to America, to make no mistake ... this will be our next Viet Nam, and assures us we will lose. They know about our weaknesses which they dont talk about. And that is ... how we will not attack, women, children, mosque's, hospital's, civilian's, clergy, etc.They also know we havent made a serious move as far as attack's since Hiroshima/ Nagasaki (Japan), back in 1945 ... time flies when your having fun ... eh? So ... the game has just begun.

I also watched an interview with Husain Haqqani, Pakistani Ambassador to the U.S., who when asked how we can be sure that nukes will not end up in the wrong hand's? ... responded and told American's to not ask them ... but ask our Intelligence and Military. And he was also asked what the Pakistani Government is doing to put down the Taliban in their country? His response was ... What are we doing about our job in putting them down in Afghanistan ... when we are the world's strongest military? Secretary of State Clinton described Pakistan as a "mortal threat to the world" ...and he denies it. I must agree with Secretary Clinton, she is so sick and tired of all the BS that she is actually speaking the truth on several avenue's these day's. But this character Haqqani is putting all the responsibility on the U.S. It was Pakistan who allowed them opponent's to gain more power over there long ago ... not us.

Now you can see why I never rule out the possibility of the use of nuclear weapon's. I realize that no one want's it ... I am no different. Most of us dont want to die either ... but there comes a time where serious decision's may have to be made ... I'll leave it at that.


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