Thursday, June 11, 2009

MARK W. SMITH/ Constitutional Lawyer ... Want's to outlaw Free Speech? ... and Defusing the "Ticking Timebomb"....

What inspire's this posting on this heavy stormy morning (Dallas has it's worst thunder/ hail storm's in the summer actually), is all I been reading and viewing online while enjoying breakfast ... about this Holocaust Museum shooting in the bustling City of Washington ... and the usual question's as to why these folk's do these act's ... and how to stop them?

I first ran across an interview on CNN with the Constitutional Law Attorney Mark W. Smith ... who is on a campaign to I reckon ..."modify" the First Amendment Right of  "Freedom of Speech". "Mr.Smith goes to Washington"... to claim that (in his own word's) ... "We are too tolerant of Hatemonger's" ... and of course the way to crack down on this is to start to make a set of rule's as to what you can say and write ... and how/what context. Actually a very complex system which would be open to a schlew of various interpretation's and draw some confusing line's in the court of law in my opinion.

This is coming to light mostly ... the same as 2nd Amendment Right's opponent's do, because of event's like this Holocaust Museum killing which was initiated by a suspect by the name of James von Brunn ... who been supposedly on a warpath against Jew's, Black's, the IRS, the Federal Reserve to name a few of his favourite's. Mr. von Brunn was gunned down himself ... but not before killing a security officer at the location unfortunately ... yet ... last I heard is von Brunn was still alive, even though he is 88 year's old ... he's a tough ole cookie ... heh? He's one of them ole boy's that probably seen his day's are numbered ... and wanted to go out at least with a bang ... after all ... his book "Kill the best Gentile" probably didnt make the Jew (New)York Times best seller list? (many of these folk's like to call New York ... Jew York I've noticed in their material's).

Then you have this Roeder case where he killed Womens Health Care Director Dr.Tiller, both Tiller and Roeder are heroes now to their own supporter's. Basically Tiller was a baby killing nazi to his killer ... and his killer call's himself a baby saver/ hero. What's next out of these folk's? Perhap's to start a movement to oppose eating egg's for breakfast because of the baby chick's that are killed in the process of cooking the egg? Um, um, um ... perhap's I should shut up ... I wouldnt want to inspire anyone to do something so stupid, because there are plenty of stupid people out there who who would consider it! Personally speaking ... I think Tiller should have hunted down Roeder before Roeder got to him ... because of all the harassment and assault's on him and his business, that would have solved that! They also say that the 1978 book "The Turner Diaries"(another "Mighty Whitey" publication) inspired Tim McVeigh to bomb the Oklahoma City Federal Building .... uhhhh ... does Mr.Smith think that should also be banned? Perhap's the Holy Bible or Quran, since it also inspire's killing? I mean ... it is endless as to what can inspire someone to kill ... why not ban the 6 O'Clock News while were at it ... heh?

Having these right's we have ... also comes with a price ... freedom mean's just that ..."FREEDOM", on any level. This is why I say that most people dont truely understand the word. I personally am OPPOSED to ANY kind of modification's as to where the line is drawn on free speech ... as a matter of fact ... I think we are too tolerant of political correctness ... and indirect censorship for that matter. When I was a kid in grammar school ... one of the easiest way's to offend a kid in school was to insult their mother ... should we censor that as well?

All we are seeing is a ticking timebomb in many cases here. As I posted in several previous posting's ... we will see a rise of public unrest ... killing's ... suicide, etc. Simply the reaction to tension and the times is all. Everyone of us has thing's that we "hate" ... even the most liberated, loving, and worldly people, they are human too. If these hate group's need law enforcement to infiltrate, or need to have extensive investigation's done ... then they should get the job done ... period, NOT decide that they need to censor what we say! Do ya'll's goddamn job's! This DOES NOT defuse the ticking timebomb within ... it simply make's it harder to detect it by censoring our speech and thought's as a matter of fact. They keep it bottled up ... tell no one ... say nothing ... then just go off on a killing spree one day ... with no clue/ warning what they were thinking ... cause we didnt want to hear it.

What's even more nutty ... is Mr.Smith is even a conservative commentator ... imagine that!



Infidel753 said...

As usual, they're trying to solve the wrong problem. Any law limiting freedom of speech in such cases would be open to all kinds of interpretations by different groups that want to ban various kinds of things (and perhaps that's part of the intention).

Fortunately the courts have usually interpreted the First Amendment pretty broadly, so passing any law like this would require amending the Constitution, which the Founders wisely made extremely difficult.

Ranch Chimp said...

I would hope that wouldnt be anyone's intention, especially being a constitutional law attorney at that! Some of this political correctness is already nutty as it is.

Thanx for your visit and input Mr.Infidel

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing I'd like to point out... is that this is a young man (Smith) who is pretty sharp in how he sell's his package.It sound's to me personally that he doesnt want to change the First Amendment... but to create some type of "guideline-pal" of some sort to accompany it. Put it this way... I dont trust the SOB any further than I could throw him. It even sound's to me... as if Smith would like to see just the mere word's from a person, whether it's in literature or in a public forum or whatever... to be able to be enough to charge one with a "hate crime" of sort. Which could be somehow made into law without touching the constitution.... but.... the first amendment if that were the case could probably work in the defense of the accused. It's just when attorney's start talking like this... I dont trust them.We didnt even need to touch the constitution to create hate crimes to begin with, and alot of folk's kill behind hate...a spouse or neighbor,etc. The hate crime law to me is a little shakey. I mean... you kill someone in a rage of anger over some dispute... you are in a state of mind during the offense that is...well...."hateful", should that not be a "hate" crime/act? Enough said....

Prash said...

you talk about "free speech"... ranchy, trust me... you have everything you want in that country. Where I live right now, no big "free speech" (even in Hong Kong!). I am glad that I am leaving Hong Kong in one year. I can't live here all my life... it is so frustrating to live in a country where your BBC screen goes still when you hear the word Tienanmen or Tibet or Taiwan (I mean mainland China and not Hong Kong).

Greetings from Bangkok.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank you for your visit and comment Mr.Prash. Actually I had no idea that Hong Kong was so regulated. I mean... after it was turned over from the British back to the Chinese... I thought China was going to let it run as usual in the past because they didnt want to intervene with what has been working for over a century.

Your in Bangkok?! You lucky dog! (Arf,Arf!) I have heard some stories about that town from a couple people that been there. I am sure I would have alot of fun in a town like that from what I heard!

If you ever make it to Dallas,Texas ...look me up....I'll show you around. Dallas actually has one hell of a nightlife scene guy!(By US standard's).You seem like a guy who may like nightlife is why I say.And quite a unique city in it's own way, dont believe all the talk about it otherwise you may hear.

Take Care Guy.........