Tuesday, April 21, 2009

China: the "Sleeping Giant" ( PART 1 ) ... Hu Jintao and his Technocrat's ... positioning to lead ...

Now .... I am sure that many Texan's as well as American's will despise what I say here ... and even may call me some kind of Commi. But Commi I'm not ... I am simply again looking at the whole picture and not deluding myself with popular domestic rubbish ... which is something America is oversaturated with ... period.

Ask yourself ... what do you do when you have a bunch of leadership ... that do nothing but ravish it's country and everything it's built, blemish your peoples image, reputation globally, and then need you to breast feed it to do more of the same? You discard it ... because it is a relic ... and unworthy to lead a pack of sewer rat's ... not to mention wipe it's own ass. And not worthy of a sliver of trust or respect from it's people. This is what has been slowly happening to America ... along with many EU countries ... including letting religious terror thug's control your societies with strongarm method's. Then we create war's just for special interest's, send our young volunteer's to fight these war's with one hand tied behind their back's ... and send them medical bill's when they get back home, missing limb's ... and trying to find excuses because of corporate interest's to misdiagnose any medical related problem's. It's shameful and pathetic. We have became largely a plastic face society of hypocrisy and lies.

While our Bank of America is showing/ blowing big profit's for the first quarter of 2009 ... and we are being told to wear our happy faces ... and fed all kind's of crap about how the economy is looking great ... by the same politician's and associate's that told you a year ago there was nothing wrong with the economy ... the actual citizen's are losing their asses big time financially and getting shafted more faster than ever. Which show's you their forecast's are nothing more than the same waste that comes from their bowel's and mouth's.

Meanwhile President Hu Jintao of the Peoples Republic of China and his Technocrat's are making their move to step in the Global Arena ... and take real action. And could very well end up the top dog of the globe. First of all ... China's 4 trillion Yuan Anti Crisis Stimulus is widely applied to the infrastructure sector (which China is in badly need of). 1st Qtr 2009 China GDP rose 6.1% ... 2.68 million job's created in urban area's ... per capita urban disposable income grew 11.2%, per capita rural cash income rose 8.6%. China also has much vested in this country ... we are in debt dearly to them. Last month China sold one million car's domestically ... and have the largest market for auto's worldwide. Even as GM America is struggling to just stay breathing ... GM in China's production line and sales are just exploding off the chart's! They are also becoming a very competitive auto manufacturer. So competitive that even Rolls Royce called to talk/ meet with the CEO of China's Geely auto maker, because their panties are in a bind over the new Geely GE ... which look's almost like a copy of the new Rolls Royce Phantom ... though Rolls Royce say's it doesnt bother them. Not just America ... but Japan and Europe need to watch closely on this as well ... at least ... if you want to stay competitive.

As time goes on ... China with it's new communist leadership and change are not just going to look attractive to the global business community more and more, but to even many other's. Why do you think GW Bush had such interest in China as far as trade and investment? Him and his dad both been sleeping side by side with them for decades ... as an "investment". If communism dont completely fall in China ... it certainly is going to get a Hell of of face modification, externally and internally in time. Let's just call it the new "Technocracy" ( Gvmnt where engineer's, scientist's, and tech expert's control decision making ) which is why President Obama stated that we need to have less of "number's expert's" ( financial manipulator's ) and more scientist's and engineer's ... he already know's it. Now I know China also has problem's ... but who doesnt ... heh? As far as their past ... of thing's like Tiananmen Square and human right's, etc ... that will fade just like USSR memories did. They even have the largest Army in the world!

I think of them as the "sleeping giant" ... because they are really doing something to change and even focused on a plan to bring stability and peace to the globe. And if they play their card's right ... they may become even a freer nation than most in the democratic free world.


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