Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu Blues News .... can get to You .....

I just had to add this to this journal... since there is so much attention on this now.This damn weather here in Dallas as I write this doesnt help... for 3 day's straight's just been rain,windy,and dark ... we just got done with one of them lightning show's...which I am looking out the window at as I write this...where the thunder was so sounded like all the car alarm's in the neighborhood went off at the same time.I got a good laugh out of that one! :)

I understand the concern of everyone with this flu/virus ... and the news certainly isnt going to give it a break, but it's no good to panic. Bottom line...just be smart...utilize the info you are given... keep the hand's sanitized... and let the scientist's and expert's do their job's... they ARE NOT ignoring this... they are doing what they can to get a handle on this...and they will.I seen masses of people gathered at some religious shrine in Mexico City(via video)and all praying to one of them statue's or what ever they are, this is NOT good! It reminded me of a Dr.Richard Dawkins video I once watched where he was visiting a holy water healing shrine of some sort...and all these sick folk's were playing in this water to get Mother Mary and associate's to heal them, I assume you could see the problem... Dr.Dawkins was pointing out...... duuuuuuuhhh. For Pete's sake...pray at home or away from crowd's... if you need holy can just take some tap water to your local priest...give him a couple buck's and he'll bless it for you.Geeeezzz

It's all over the news that a death resulted here in Texas from it... it was a toddler...and my heart and thought's go out to the familia. But understand that this was not a American/Texan ... this kid was from Mexico...taken to a hospital in Brownsville(Tx) and then transported to Houston. Some scientist's/disease control expert's are investigating a pig farm(American company)set up in La Gloria,Mexico, but either way...their working around the clock.All the video's in the news of people in Mexico City wearing face mask's can psychologically traumatize you as well. This is no reason to panic though.... anyone who been to Mexico City know's how big of a town it is...about 20+ million folk's... so this is simply precaution, which is all "positive" and a smart move on the people's. I personally am habitual about washing my hand's to begin with many times per day...simply because most of my life ..I had alot of contact with many folk's.

The best of the best around the globe are all over this like a cheap suit, and will figure it out ... or at least get a good grip on it... so dont let it ruin your life. I seen a news clip yesterday on CNN ... where one of these reporter's approached Paris Hilton standing on a street corner in LA ... he asked her if she heard about the swine flu? ... she said "no" ...he told her about it and asked her if she was worried? ... she responded and said ..."I dont eat that..." Heh,heh,heh ... I know that's not brilliant.... but I couldnt help laughing when she said that... and at least she wasnt bent out of shape over it. NO ... as I said.... "listen" ... you dont get it from eating pork! :) Folk's interviewed on the street's of Mexico City blame it on American's bringing it there.... and American's are blaming it on the Mexican's.... heh,heh,heh... this is silly ... who the hell is New Zealand going to blame it on?

Personally.... I think it's all a conspiracy to kill us all ... perpetrated by those space alien's that been hovering over places like Phoenix and Mexico City in them obviously fuel efficient mega horse power space craft's they fly in! :)

PS: Please dont take the last paragraph seriously...... And for anyone not familiar with the name "Dr.Richard Dawkins" ... he is a Professor of Oxford and Scientist, who is all over this internet...and well worth reading about and listening to.


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