Friday, April 3, 2009

North Korea's need to get a satellite into orbit....

Even though I am not a communist...I understand North Korea wanting to get a satellite into orbit. We have spent so much time and money trying to figure out why they are going to launch this rocket...and there has to be a more economical way in these trying times to handle this. Of coarse...USA and some allies are concerned if this is just to test a rocket for nuclear weapon's experiment's in the near future.

I am a simple man though...and most importantly.... a compassionate man...when I see that people in hard times are making an effort to help themselves out of the rut their in. I realize that North Korea is sufferng as well economically ... so if I were President of the United States of America...just to demonstrate our compassion, and our humanitarian side...and especially to give a helping hand to this nation who is getting a hard time for simply wanting to launch a satellite into orbit... I would reach my hand out to them.

What would I be willing to do? To launch the satellite for them...and free of charge at that....just to show I am a "good sport". Just spying on these folk's alone probably cost more then launching their satellite for them, and we all know what economic times are like right now. This way we both win...they get their satellite launched into orbit...we score brownie point's with the saturation of globalized liberal's...we dont have to worry about nuclear weapon's being launched ...and we save a bundle in intell simutaneously, and the Korean's dont even have to spend a dime. How bout that?! :)

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