Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why it takes so long to resolve our problem's.....

Actually what inspired this posting this morning in this journal...was the posting today of taxing pot and prostitution by the blogger Infidel753 ... a blog that I like to frequent as long as I been online. The man simply made a point...and he has said he is not one that participates in any of these vices as well. So why would he support something he dont even participate in? Well...probably because he see's that you cant just look at thing's from one perspective...and have a rational view.But that's just how I see it... I really cant would have to ask him I guess.

Nonetheless.....he certainly made a good point...whether I agree or not with whatever he may say....and to what degree. He like other's....make me think is all. I myself have pointed out in this journal the benefit's of legalization of marijuana/pot ... but even went to another extent on the legalization and government takeover of cocaine/heroin ... as well as the legalization and regulation of full scale Vegas style gambling in Texas...and legalized/regulated prostitution. It has nothing to do with choices of mine...or vices of mine.It has to do with simply getting problem's resolved.

We take ages to resolve some of the most simple problem's...and because of our culture's,moral's,phobia's, which are no problem with having to me....become a problem in themselves when they put up a roadblock to resolving problem's that we have in society. Problem's that we shouldnt have a problem solving...since they were constructed by us to begin with. I am not no different... I too have my moral's,culture and phobia's. There are thing's I dont particularly like, but because of the times and these unique set's of problem's I have to look at various angle's....whether I agree with them or not. For instance...I may not like abortion or nuclear power...but I see how they are both a necessity. Even if you are a fundamental religious person....say a christian for instance...and I have known alot of good christian folk's in my life,sometimes you cant just deal with a problem the same way one may have thousand's of year's ago in a foreign society.Remember, those who wrote them inspiring pieces...had a whole different set of problem's they had to deal an era and society that was nothing like the current society and era that we are in... so we cant alway's use those writing's to resolve our problem's of the current. Or even some of the morality we cherish...or even our culture's. As the centuries go on...we alway's face new challenges/problem's...some of which require new approaches to resolving.

And when we clash our moral's,cultures,phobia's together in our society in decision just becomes a whole new problem, and we may end up with more war's, disease,social problem's,or a number of other thing's that dont not only resolve our problem's...but dont even serve our best overall interest's. An example....look at the length of time...and the bickering it takes to get anything done in Washington, and it's only because we have two approaches to handling issue's...which are left or right. This is why I voted for this President we have for instance....not because I liked his suit's or smile or many do....or because he call's himself a democrat or liberal,'s because of his approach and thinking. I also knew putting him in this position would be a hard sell....and many will oppose him, because they simply will not understand him. We fail to use the best of the good,the bad and the ugly,is all. We fail to truely understand the meaning of bipartisanship. We dont alway's think as rational as we try to make ourselves think we do, and sometimes making our decision making quite irrational at times.

I dont want to be a dope fiend or a pothead... or to spend my paycheck in casino's for instance. But I dont want to spend my entire life fighting folk's vices and human nature either. I would love to have more time and money to spend bettering our living standard's/quality,raising our children,cleaning up our planet...since we have nowhere's else to go at this time...having less of our military in action in pestilence infested countries...and more time exercising here at home...with less chance of getting their damn limb's blown off by some neanderthal minded ragtag group.I could go on and know the problem's that we have...because it doesnt stop there either...just look at how we deal with these financial problem's and thinking by just getting thing's back to the way they were and expanding the same entity that created the problem will resolve the problem.

You cant simply "change" and move forward...without changing and trying to move forward is all I'm saying. Sometimes problem solving is not a matter of right/wrong or left/right...but maybe a new angle or method.


Infidel753 said...

Part of the problem is that the people who have a taboo about some issue tend to have more intense feelings about it than those who don't. For example, the majority of Americans are basically pro-choice on abortion, but the minority who are against it tend to feel so strongly about it that that one issue has a huge impact on how they vote, while the pro-choice majority is much more likely to let their voting be influenced by other factors. So it's often more dangerous to a politcian's re-election chances to be pro-abortion than anti, even though the antis are in the minority.

I haven't seen any polls about marijuana legalization (though a ballot measure in Washington DC did pass years ago -- Congress squelched it), but I suspect the pattern would be similar.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good point Mr.Infidel...Thank You for posting it.