Thursday, March 12, 2009

No#1 God of Humanity is MONEY? .... No#1 Problem of Humanity is RELIGION'S? ...

My dad (Thomas Hudson Pickering/ 3rd- RIP) once told me as a child around the age of 10/ 11 or so, that the No#1 God of the people is money. Since that time ... I havent seen any reason to doubt or dispute that statement. Not that my dad didnt believe in God ... he told me he did ... it's just his idea/ concept of God was a lifeforce that simply evolves in nature, and that intelligence just simply comes with it's struggle to survive and evolve. He wasnt very fond of, or trusted churches too much, and seen alot of their guru's as con artist's. That's just how my dad was ... and he himself was a hustler ... small investor and spent time at the casino tables and exotic/ erotic floor show's of Las Vegas for entertainment ... while his leisure hobby was horticulture, growing all kind's of plant's, veggies, and planting tree's. We had a home in North Las Vegas at the time when it was nothing but a desert and mountain's in the 1960's. He was literally planting/ growing there ... and swore he could do it ... some folk's laughed at him when he had an idea to plant a bunch of peach and nectarine tree's on our desert property along with massive garden's ... he actually did it ... and it worked. He told me with a little "ambition" and "will" you can do just about anything. I learned quite a bit from the man and miss him much.

Why cant I dispute what he's told me about "money"? Well ... Hell ... just look at what makes the world and civilisation go round. Look at the greed even ... the hunger, the war's and occupation's in nation's ... the homeless ... the economic condition of the present and what it led to. I clicked on the tele (TV) in the middle of the night ... seen one of them off the wall inde station's ... it was a ministry in Atlanta (GA) ... named some kind of "dollar ministries" ... and the guy/ minister was reading off donation's and who they were from ... it was incredible ... the amount of $1000 check's and all the town's from the USA to Great Britain to Canada being sent to this ministry. There was as much talk if not more of money than God actually, of course all needed to help the peoples of the world. I am not one to say that they are helping the peoples of the world or not, I am just stating how much the show was about money ... and of course if you send this money ... God will do miracle's in your life ... even if you dont reckonize them off hand. I just started to wonder ... if perhap's God will work some miracle's to stop some of the poverty, misery, starvation and such that we are currently increasingly seeing. That way of course ... it would be beneficial to these ministries so that they can focus more on the teaching's of Jesus instead of having to spend so much time talking about money.

I look at the many conflict's that we have in the world ... not only currently ... but a long history of it. And I see alot of religion's and churches instigating these conflict's ... I didnt say "god" .. I said religion's and churches ... if God is about love of humanity and peace on earth ... this show's me that these religion's and chuches obviously have nothing to do with God ... if anything ... they must be anti- god. I mean ... what kind of religion or church act's as a mouthpiece for God and decides what God want's? Even the prophetic christ figure Jesus the Nazarene spoke of the corruption and false prophet's and warned of such on many occassion's, and according to even the four gospel's of the Holy Bible ... this guy was a very outspoken critic of even the church/ synagogue ... so much that even when a civilised and somewhat reasonable Roman leadership couldnt find nothing wrong with Jesus or having committed any serious crime ... the church/ synagogue's hierarchy protested to the Roman leadership and demanded that they would free/ release a convicted criminal and murderer and torture and execute this man Jesus. Does that sound "godly" or reasonable, fair, or just, in any way? Nor do I see any comparison with this man Jesus to any of these churches or leader's of today, yet they all claim to be follower's of his teaching's ... and act accordingly ... really? Hmmm ... imagine that.

I look at some of the butchering that even is going on in some of these middle eastern countries of people, and especially women, and all the death, bloodshed, misery, torture, slavery, sexual abuse of not just children or women ... but anything human that has genital's. And this isnt just focused to any one religious sect, this is across the board ... at every level. How can you expect to gain and continue to have folk's support you or have confidence in your leadership if all you do is destroy everything that is human and breathes ... even your own culture and peoples? How can you say you support and protect God's creation ... if all you do is destroy it and exploit it? Everything ... from the earth to all life ... and the only thing it accomplishes is power to the few ... and total dominance and/ or destruction of all life and creation? So you may see many folk's eventually more and more questioning the sincerity of your movement's and institution's ... and simply having faith in God instead of you and your institution's or law's.



Infidel753 said...

If the #1 god of humanity is money, and the #1 problem of humanity is religion, then logically the biggest problem any person can face is the worship of money, therefore you should send all your money to me so that it is no longer around to trouble you.


Ranch Chimp said...

Heh,heh,heh....your too much guy! You would probably make a good preacher..well...if you were a "milker" that is...I guess it's a position that takes special qualities. Thanx for your visit guy. :)