Friday, March 20, 2009

Capitalism(Capitol)Hill...more "stunning revelation's" than the Holy Bible!...

CNN this morning is reporting of these new "stunning revelation's"(in their word's) that are coming from Capitalism Hill this morning. Being that Rep.John Lewis(D-GA) revealed yesterday that his investigation found that 13 of the companies that have received TARP(Troubled Asset Relief Programme)money,owe tax money ... 2 of those companies owing more than $100 million dollar's each.Please dont laugh Mr.President, I almost seen you laugh yesterday at that electric vehicle facility in California you were speaking at about the condition of Washington(even though I know exactly how you feel sir...but I can actually laugh). }:)

Why would the President or someone like myself chuckle over all these so called "stunning revelation's"? Because it's almost like you want to sigh and laugh simutaneously...throw your hand's up in the air...and say "Heh,heh,heh...what's next?"...I knew for year's how this cesspool was operating and about all the freeloading,milking,and back patting that was going on...and you wanted to see it eventually get somewhat cleaned up and under some kind of order..and it all happen's to come out right when you just got hired to do a job..and your just thinking..."Well...what I dont get done today... will still be there tomorrow to do". This basically been running the same way that freeloading welfare recipient's work...just on a much higher level...or those who do invoice mark up's everytime they get a government contract. Believe me...there are folk's at all level's in this country guilty of the same thing's...even those who knowingly falsify info to mortgage lender's and the acquire goodies and fund's that they know in their heart's they CANNOT afford. So...heh,heh,heh...let's not just attack Wall St and Washington...when we get our candy taken away as well...many of us even citizen's havent been straight...and know damn well that these folk's are not straight...many of us are all part of the same hypocrisy...we made our bed... and the devil is asking his due's now! }:)

The one's who hurt the most from this are those who are "straight shooter's", those American's that alway's play by the their taxes...try to raise a decent family and shoot straight 99% of the time...which are million's! But America has a culture mindset as well as those on the Hill and on Wall St. Which is to not settle for less...and go for the's just when our natural instinct of greed kick's in...some of us cant control ourselves and over-indulge,let's say.And basically what we done in Washington was went up to Wall St...opened a 24/7 store that never closes...and half the time...had no cashier/attendant on duty...with a scratch pad at the counter that say's..."Sorry were out...just take what you need and sign the book as to what you owe...we'll send you a bill". So... Washington is "stunned" or "outraged"?...Heh,heh,heh...come,come now...who's been doing the legislation work...and watching the store, heh? Stop playing the naive victim.

Now...the reason that I say that the Hill has more stunning revelation's than the Holy because of what will come out in the next couple year's or so...will be enough to write a brand spanking new "Book of Revelation's". Heh,heh,heh...I'll just shut up now.

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