Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Washington wont tell the American People or the Globe ... and Why?

First of all ... anyone that happen's to stumble across this journal and/ or read's it, understand ... that this is not to talk about "Doom and Gloom", because there is actually no such thing as "Doom and Gloom" ... it is simply created by us in our mind's through "fear". At the same time ... "fear" is healthy and essential to our survival ... it's just because of our creative and unique mind's ... we sometime's take it beyond the limit ... which just psychologically impair's us with paranoia is all.

As I said in earlier posting's ... there is a flip- side to all this ... as well as greener pasture's in the distance ... the trick is ... how long to them pasture's, because it is only up to us, and how we handle the challenge's to come. I will give credit first to the President and to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, and to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner ... because of the challenge they have in this "no win" situation.

When President Obama tried telling the people's of America that this will be a tough one ... and thing's may get a little worse ... he got much criticism ... especially from the conservative's and big business, complaining of his talk of pessimism, and not being optimistic enough as a leader. When in actuality ... he is only speaking the truth and trying to put it as "mildly" as he can, while those who criticize him know damn well what the reality is ... but because of their political career's and investment's and association's ... they wont tell the people what they know in the back of their mind's. And what they fail to see ... is how this will backfire on them ... in the very near future. There is 2 more important reason's they complained as well ... which are ... because the talk from the President ... also becomes an obstacle for those who are investor's ... and those who borrow and spend ... us ... the consumer. We are also borrowing way too much from the Arab's, Chinese and other's which will have it's own problem's to come.

What we are doing as well ... is setting up for a decline in social order, not only in America ... because this unlike anything in the past will have a ripple effect globally as I posted, when I said that what will make this unique and unlike the Great Depression ... is that this will be global ... and they all know it. What the 3 entities are doing is simply covering their own asses ... which most dont really care anything about common society except what they can milk it for. Their primary goal is a continuance of what we have, and to make sure we are fed enough nonsense, moral's and pipe dream's to keep us in a phoney state of optimism about their action's, and making sure that we continue to populate at a high rate, keep borrowing and spending like there is no tomorrow ... and never get out of that cycle ... cause when we do, they will simply fall from power.

The reality is ... yes ... this recession will "formally" end ... but for those who are working class and the lower half of middle class ... thing's will not get any better, and only worse as time goes on.Forget about the American Dream ... because what you known as the American Dream will change ... the American Dream will for most become being able to keep a roof over your head and food in your belly ... and hope that these people who dictate to us ... will have some compassion or try to do something in our best interest. What they dont see yet ... is how this also will backfire on them ... because when and as peoples loose faith in the rubbish they feed the peoples, people will start to naturally consume less, and most importantly spend less. So their next action will be to inflate interest, tax, penalize the people's all they can to force you to slave for measley wages to return to them.

So ... how can we beat this system? Well as I said ... we have the tool's to do what we choose ... in my earliest posting's. They also say that knowledge is power ... but there is also a flip- side to that ... being knowledge and tool's are nothing if you dont act and utilize what you have. Do all you can to avoid their game and especially their taxes/ fee's, penalization's ... and even their mass commercial market's ... and especially being so dependent on their educational institution's and churches. Ignoring their churches will not seperate you from your faith in god, nothing can seperate you from that but yourself. Also alway's keep a clear head on the educational system ... that it's there to teach you how to be an asset to their system ... and to teach you how to make money for someone else instead of yourself. You have to pass through these system's to be accepted into the system ... but it doesnt mean you should trust it or believe in it ... do unto them as they do unto you ... which is ... tell them only what they want to hear ... but alway's stay on the defense.

Do not believe that if they fail ... humanity will fail ... again ... it will not! Only their empires will fail. And dont look for any of this to be a cakewalk. The threat's is what keep's us in chain's psychologically ... that if we dont do as they say ... we are destined for doom and gloom. What the reality is ... the less that we do of what they say ... will be our ticket to a better life. All these young mind's at work in their garages and homes on their computer's and such ... are the innovative mind's and entrepreneur's of our future ... and they know ... this can also be their worst enemy ... and their failure if they cannot feed them enough crap to keep faith in them and their system. They also say to "pull yourself up by your bootstrap's", this is really important ... because it will gain you more liberty and independence, and they will come to a time where they will wish that they never even told that to the masses ... because one day the people will.

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