Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Where the Hell is my Stimulus check?!!" ..... and small American bank's are doing well...

The reason I brought this to this journal ... is because I have had a few neighbor's and folk's in the street's ask me if I heard anything about "stimulus check's", and where they are or when are they going out, etc? And many folk's online are asking the same thing. There are also a number of folk's that are pulling scam's to get money out of people, and telling them how to get stimulus money, etc. I myself get a few phone messages a week on my home phone of people that want to show me how to get stimulus money ... by of course sending them money first ... DO NOT buy any of this ... these people are about as trustworthy and have the same integrity as many in our government and will only screw you. The fact is ... many vulture's come out of the woodwork at this time to try to get stimulus money.

I know that many folk's took it during the campaign that we were going to get stimulus check's, because in the campaign ... the politician's kept talking "stimulus" especially on the democrat side. The reality is ... dont hold your breathe. I checked the IRS and all where I could ... and there is nothing to make any of us think we are getting any check's in the mail ... and the only reason Bush gave it was to save his ass, and hopefully go out of office with some kind of help to American's on his resume ... and to try to jump start the economy when it started going sour. Nor do him or even any republican's give a rat's ass about the American people's interest ... except what they can milk you for ... and the democrat's are not far behind. President Obama does have some broad proposal's ... but understand also that those who he has to choose from to put in his cabinet are part of the old school and as you can see ... all the bickering between the 2 parties is already back ... and were pretty much back close to where we left off. Yes ... the earmark's are down some ... for instance ... compared to the last administration's spending ... this is down roughly $500 million (one half of one billion)... which is something ... but still not significant considering the amount we are being soaked for. And what is an "earmark" and by whose definition? In other word's, one's earmark is a necessity to another. It's a no win web of lies and milking's to keep a handful of financial leader's who take all the world's money to re-invest for their own benefit.

The reality is ... we just been "had" ... and of course got screwed again. The only thing the American people's can hope for out of this is some infrastructure repair and maybe a little break on health care insurance ... but the idea that health care will be nationalized or even some type of public option ... to me is not even worth trusting. Understand that the insurance industry is in bed with the investment banking industry ... they control everyone's health care and everyone's money, retirement, and even their homes and mortgages ... and they own more of Capitol Hill then any of the people's currently. The only way to get significant change and to free ourselves from this, is to abandon the entire system and let it all fail ... which our leader's are NOT going to let us do ... period. So we MUST take it upon ourselves to boycott and to protest ... and not let them get any money easy out of us ... stay away from their investment plan's and rathole every dime we can ... and shop on the net ... the black market etc ... basically seperate from our dependence on them ... and abandon their system to the best of our ability. Even the major religious institution's are part of this cesspool ... and have nothing to do with a person's faith in God ... they use religion and their churches to keep us in conflict and control our mind's. None of the prophet's of the past would even support these mega religion's of today ... because they are corrupt.

I stated in previous post's to NOT approve bailout's and let them all fail time and time again ... many people think I am a nutcase for saying this ... and it is only a recipe to have society relapse into total chaos or Helter Skelter, and that civilisation would collapse. I REPEAT ... it will NOT! This is all part of the programme ... it is all lies. I am so confident of this ... I would lay my own life on the line as a wager. I also know this will ALL collapse in time. Even our war's and occupation's of other nation's are mostly all staged by this system, to keep us at odd's with each other and confict and to keep the pool of cheap labour plentiful and slaves of their empires. The same reason they want us to over-reproduce ... lives make money and produce slaves and also keep's us dependent and in desperation ... chasing our own tail's like a dumb dog ... on a mission to actually no where but to benefit and keep the 3 entities I mention in my posting's on top. This is nothing new, these technique's were even used in ancient Rome ... and this is exactly why it will change and fall in time.

A perfect example of why abandoning the entities and financial institution's wont bring doom and gloom ... is ... look at the current banking industry in America ... not Wall St. or the investment banker's...but the bank's that many of us in our communities put our money. Technically we are in a recession ... but the reality is ... the small bank's in our communities are doing well right now ... as a matter of fact better than usual! Why do you think so many in Washington ... especially on the GOP (republican) side dont want to mail us a stimulus check ... even for just $500 or $600 buck's? And instead want to give us a tax reduction on our paycheck's of $10 buck's a week or so? They hit 2 bird's with one stone doing this. You see ... they dont want us to get a check like that and rathole it especially in a small independent bank ... because the gain would only be to us and that small local banker. By giving you only, like giving a child an allowance of $10 buck's or so a week ... especially while you are struggling ... they know there is less chance of you saving it or it going to anything else but spending it on Chinese import's or other item's. Although many would still spend the check's but it is not a guarantee to them. They dont want to just divy up billion's as well to give in more massive payout's ... because ... many would be able to pay off too much on debt's ... and a main component of the mission is to keep all of us in debt to them. Understand ... they only want small bank's to take our money to let them re- invest ... and not domestically in any of our interest ... but to their benefit only to have total global control. They dont want those small entrepreneur's they alway's boast about wanting ... but to take their idea's and to mass market it themselves. They dont want to nationalize health care ... because to do so ... would bring them less revenue ... and less revenue's amount's to less power. So ... look at the whole picture. The only thing that would fail by not bailing them out is nothing more then their existing empires ... not civilisation. As a matter of fact ... those small businesses would thrive and entrepreneur's/ small businesses would come out of the woodwork as well. This is all a snowjob and nothing but scare tactic's. And to keep all our small bank's and businesses in debt to them and under their thumb. THAT"S THE REALITY!!

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