Monday, March 16, 2009

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke...and the face of cowardice and fear...

It has been tradition amongst those who run the Federal Reserve to not grant interview's...partly because it can have an effect on the market's as to what they say. This post is not to cut down Mr.Bernanke...but to show how the face of cowardice and fear has spread like a disease amongst civilised humanity. He is taking a logical approach to solving what some consider as a major crisis. Trust me ...the human race hadnt yet experienced "major crisis"...and the way we have let our mind's weaken, would be in for a rude awakening when we do have to actually confront a REAL crisis...which the species time. Be grateful a goddamn meteor or some catastrophy hasnt yet wiped us out yet to the point to where there is not even a trace of evidence hardly left of our once miserable existence! Crisis?...crisis my ass! Personally...I never did see the human species as "special"...nor do I think the earth will cease to exist without us.We ignore nature and the FACT...that we are just animal's at this point of our evolution. Which will change as we evolve. We should be respected as a species? We havent yet earned the right for respect.

This little skit of Mr.Bernanke on the tele series "60 Minutes" is to try to give a glimpse of optimism to the market's and the globe...that's all. This isnt about the American People' much as it's about kissing the asses of those who run the 3 entities that I describe as the world master's in my earlier post's. Our Government for instance wont give American's stimulus check's only because they fear we will do the logical thing and save it instead of spend it...and they may not see most of it. They worry about the People's Communist Republic of China more than they do you or your family and kid's, because China has a trillion dollar's invested in us and are worrying about their money! We are trying to bring the G-20 to listening to us dictate on what Western European countries should do at our request to solve economic miseries...when in actuality we shouldnt be telling these folk's what or what not to was American companies/government that created this goddamn mess...not our Euro allies! We worry about the Arab's and what will they feel about future investment's etc,etc...we do every goddamn thing but worry about our own goddamn problem's and spend too much time in other nation's business because of the system that run's the show that we have.

I call this a "logical" approach to this situation...because...what they want to do is basically restore the current "buy now,pay later" lifestyle and mentality that we have become so comfortable with...ESPECIALLY them! To get the "lending" practices flowing we can get back to business of usual...of chasing our own tail's through life...being miserable...and putting on plastic smiley faces to show our phoney happiness, etc. They plan to own/buyout outfit's such as AIG to try to sell off them piece by piece..and downsize them so that one company alone can't,as I wrote in the past,have the power to fail and bring down the rest of these monitary dictator's with them. Is this a "solution" that gain's merit? Certainly....if you want to retain the same as you had in the I wrote earlier...fixing this and pampering it...will only bring more of the same year's to come...which is war after war...and recession after recession, poverty,hunger,etc. Would we have massive hunger and/or chaos if we let this fail? of coarse we would....nothing is for free in this natural world would be more like "natural selection" taking place in our societies in a way. ....BUT...the payoff in the longrun...would be of more benefit to those of us who survive the storm...than anything we can imagine out of this current existence and system.

Of coarse...there is a easy way...and a harder way to handle this...and nothing comes too easy that is a great accomplishment. This solution...just is the easy route to insure a delay in what we will become. A time to come where the 3 entities will no longer be of any importance to humanity!

PS: For anyone that doesnt know what the "3 entities" are .... they are the mega-giant corporation's,government's,and religious institution's. They are all in bed together...and groom the species to their liking starting from childhood through the learning institution's,to the religious institution's,to setting the moral standard's of the family/group to all your investment's,health care,including your death.

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