Monday, March 23, 2009

What do you get from "Evil, Drug War's,Urban Crime, and Overpopulated Prison's?" ... a Paycheck...

All of these thing's amount to million's of paycheck's. Where would we be without the creation of "evil's"? law's of what we find wrong/evil so that we can legislate it...make it official...and penalize anyone we can catch violating these law's. Just the where would we be without not just these law's....but a surplus of poor urban citizen's who get imprisoned? ... because they dont contribute enough spending to the system/society.. so they are caught violating some drug law...made a deal behind closed door's of the court to plea guilty and do less the system can make $10's of thousand's a year off their incarceration in tax revenue's...telling the money citizenry that they are cleaning up our street's for their dollar's? Well... you would probably have an unemployment rate that makes this current rate look great!

We have the new Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano giving her assessment and what we are going to do on the current drug cartel's war going on, on the Mexico/US border, she say's her expertise is being a former Governor and Attorney General of Arizona... which is nice...and I am sure she has impecable credential's ... but with all due respect ... I dont think she has a clear picture of the reality here. The border fence thing is okay... to an extent...and you need a double fence as well. Why? because already where fences are up...the trafficker's have makeshift ramp's they throw over the hood's and bed's of pick-up's and use another vehicle to drive over them. Also small portable air transport coup's that get just high enough to make the fence,yet low enough to avoid radar detection. The video camera's they dont care the time anyone get's to the site...their gone and have vehicle tranfer's,plate transfer's,personel/carrier transfer's, all remobilized with pre-paid cell phones that are tossed after a couple run's. I could go on and on with more detail's...but my point is made.

Napolitano also say's that putting more law/military personel on the border with more check point's will help decrease the flow of gun's and cash going south of the border and because of the bad economy and unemployment...less illegal immigrant's will be trying to come up to USA because there is not enough job's for them. I actually couldnt believe what I was hearing from the Secretary...I didnt know whether to laugh,cry, or take a crap. Have we lost our mind's?! Where do these folk's "learn" this stuff? We want unemployment to be high so that less mules/runner's bring in stuff by foot? Do we realize that once we increase personel on the border to check all outgoing vehicle's into Mexico...the cartel's will ship the gun's and money out of the Northeast...or Northwest..or somewhere's else? And probably run route through another continent, then through someplace like Cuba, or Venezuela or a number of other places that dont give a rat's ass about us...and would love to make a buck? If we ban gun sales in the US ...that wont help either...Why? Because...they can get whole shipload's of gun's to come in from anywhere's at a great price...especially China... and Mexico,Central America and South America has more port's then you can shake a stick at. Is this what we learn in our educational institution's and from our high dollar intell?

Anyone with half a brain realizes in the back of their mind's that the drug war is a war that cannot be least the way we do thing's. People again dont WANT to admit what they subconsciously know ... human's love to lie to themselves and believe the lies that they tell themselves.I like to think of this as what I call..."The American Dream" ...because it is just that...a sweet dream after you had a nice meal and sex to sleep on.

The war on drug's is actually silly...and anyone who actually know's how the dope business work's know's that. What is the solution? An easy solution would be the legalization and government take over of drug's... and yes..especially cocaine,and opium/heroin. Another easy option we to just not use drug's...when you have capitalism and free market and a demand for dope and addiction to it...well... you will alway's have drug traffic. What would happen if we lowered ourselves and moral value's to this level? Well for one...we would have drastic crime reduction, less prison space need's...and addict's would live in regulated addict enviroment's. Would this make more young people want to use drug's? No...of coarse not.I have never met a junkie or dope fiend that likes being a fiend...or want's to be a fiend...and I have met many. The short term backlash would be...a mass loss of job's by those involved with these war's on drug's...from the court's to law enforcement to every curbside dealer...and the list goes on.

In the future we wont have to worry about these drug's...the new challenges to come in year's from now will be a whole new ball game...because we will acquire technologies that will be able to get a person high/intoxicated without the use of these natural drug's...where the technologies will be able to work the brain and produce these effect's without injecting needles full of poison in your vein's or burning and inhaling toxin's into your lung's. The reality is though...we are not in the future we have to deal with this current reality.

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