Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gun sales are up...good economic news, but CNN's Rick Sanchez has a "Conspiracy Theory"?...

First of all...I've alway's liked listening to Rick Sanchez's commentaries, he does a great job! But what I heard out of Rick the other day makes me wonder if Rick need's a vacation? know...for just a couple week's to get away from the hectic office and studio's..go down to the beach or something...have a couple night's on the town. I understand...we all get under pressure on the job at times.

According to FBI stat's...gun sales and application's for screening and liscenses for carrying firearm's is booming! Between Nov.08-Feb09 there were 1.2 million more request's than the previous year in the same period.I would figure this would be great news! Why? Because that is added revenue's for the economy...I mean...they tell us they want us to spend...right? Well...were spending.

But Mr.Sanchez had that wild look in his eye's...and saying that this is because right wing folk's are on YouTube telling American's that there is a conspiracy by the Obama administration to take away folk's gun's..and that Fox News is behind this as well with people like Glenn Beck talking "Doomsday" scenario's about thing's like "2nd Amendment Right's endangered","Militia Ideologies","Tyranny","Totalitarian State conspiracies"...and supporting a bunch of "Hate Monger's" who are in part reacting this way...because we have a first minority President? And the danger of all this that we are not seeing? Geeeez, Mr.Sanchez...with all due respect are almost sounding like some "Conspiracy Theorist" and even maybe a borderline "racist" yourself the way your acting.He blames this talk for the slaying of the 3 Pittsburgh Police Officer's that were just heart and thought's go out to them slain officer's/families...but this guy didnt represent gun-owner's, he just had a few problem's in the head.

I myself just posted a piece in part on "gun confiscation"...but you must read the whole piece as to understand what I is not "doomsday"...I dont believe there is such a thing as a doomsday as I posted time and time again. Nor do I believe that our government or President Obama want's to disarm us.As a matter of fact during the campaign...I supported Obama 110%..and said that I dont agree necessarily on all his gun idea's...but that was only I said on assault weapon's...he never said he wanted to ban anyone's handgun's,rifle's or take liscense/permit's away...even US Attorney General, Eric Holder never said that. What I was commenting about in that post...was simply that those in power fear a scenario such as a massive amount of social disorder...and "IF" it came down to societal danger...they would have no choice but to try to regain order...and if that includes thing's like gun confiscation,curfew's,martial law, or anything else...they would have to be ready for it and deal with it...and may have to make some tough decision's to protect themselves and citizen's is all.Which is only "true"..there is nothing conspiracy toned about that...or doom and's simply, action and reaction is all.

But Mr.Sanchez is calling all this a conspiracy and "gun panic"... come now Sir, that's just silly. That's about the sillyist thing I heard since the 1980's "Satanic Panic" scare...where they thought there was an underworld of satanic cult's eating babies...which after million's of dollar's in investigation's by the FBI/Law Enforcement, over a 10 year span...they concluded was all a hoax...and these cult's never even existed.

This is all a positive move in an ailing far as sales of gun's and registration's...these folk's are having background check's made by the top pro's in law enforcement...the FBI themselves, and it's all being done out in the open...and great for business. So please Mr.Sanchez ...I love your commentaries...but take a break for awhile, have a lil fun guy.Sometimes we all get a lil too much pressure and work too many hour's.

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