Monday, April 20, 2009

No need to let the "Credit Crunch" ..."Crunch You" .....

Again ...with all the "fear card" propaganda you are fed, along with pressure ... this enable's this system to keep your mind on a leash. Probably one of the biggest lesson's one can learn from any of this is....Learn to stop believing what you are "told" to believe. But... no one can make that choice for you but yourself. I mean...we know that "misery loves company" ... but some folk's feel they cant live without misery.

This post was mostly inspired locally in my community here in Dallas ... with the various folk's I talk with out and about. Many folk's are just plain in debt to the max considering what their incomes are or have been reshaped into.

A young couple for instance that a few year's back moved to Dallas from Detroit to the neighborhood... told me they are going plum nut's with all the collection agencies hounding them and having new challenges trying to keep just up with the active credit they still have...the debt is literally draining them... not just financially but psychologically. Alot of this unpaid debt goes back to the old neighborhood in Detroit when they first got married a decade ago! They have 2 little kid's... and just want to do the right thing, and live a decent,modest life. They have been threatened even with property seizure's,incarceration,wage garnishment's, tracking and monitoring everything they spend and know what I'm talking about if you been there. Their just plain good folk's and citizen's is all...trying to make it.

First of all ... stop listening to these bookshelf flunkies and collection racket agencies that are hounding you ... I tell them. Another thing... I dont know for example what Michigan's law's are on delinquent credit, and I do know that in some states... I believe Florida, and California,New York for instance are different then Texas as an example. But this is Texas I told them... so relax a minute.In Texas there is no such thing as this property seizure,wage garnishment,jail time or any of this other crap that they are fed...period! In Texas they can only go for your money on two condition's...which are the IRS ... or child support, and these damn collector/investor's know this! They tell them also they are taking them to court, get this.... some bank out of Wilmington,DE. I told them ...tell them'll see them in court and hang up. In other word's call their bluff. You owe $5K on a card and their gonna take you to trial? BS ...that would end their money making and they would come out loser's. Another thing ... on alot of this there is a 7 year statute of limitation's.

Bottom long as they keep hounding you...and the more delinquent you are to resolve it... the more they make.Now you may think can that be so...when you havent paid them anything and they are who loaned you the money? they must be loosing, heh? ...NOPE... heh,heh,heh... not a dime, amigo's! For instance...the initial loan that the bank made to you on that particular card...let's in this case talk about the 10 year debt to these folk's...this loan was traded,used, and played with in the market's like a day old whore! The bank has long forgot it as in the beginning they milked all they could out of it as a loss/default through taxes (tax monies backed by American's)then after they used her up...they sell it off to some other scam investor who call's itself a financial legal service or collection's agent. They purchase your defaulted used up loan from the last lender for pennies on a dollar...prop it up as a new loss under a new agency...and milk it for what it's worth through the same tax channel's...and then repeat the first action of transaction again and so on. Again... understand how this racket work's. Why do you think they would settle for "half" the amount you owe?'s pure profit, they already use the tax scam on the entire loan...that they only paid a small fraction for in an auction type setting...after the initial lender milked it's worth, then they milk it through the tax system for it's full face value...get you to pay half of the full value...and they just made off double it's worth... and your still stuck with a bad worthless credit report...and an excuse for your next lender to put your interest rate through the roof ...through some complex stealth agreement.

Relax...and feed yourselves and enjoy a movie or a night on the town this weekend instead of worrying about these clown's and what they tell you they will do to you. And the next time one of these bookshelf flunkies in India contact you for instance...tell them first of learn how to pronounce your goddamn name right before they are so quick to act like they are "real" hustler's... or go find a real job!

PS: This President has been all over this banking system like a cheap suit. While several from both sides in Washington been behind the scene's using public land lines/prepaid cell's and private courier/messenger's to keep Wall St. updated on behind the scenes happening's on the Hill. While Wall St. is scrambling behind the scene's with the info/intell they get from those in Washington with their legal and tax team's to try to avoid this gauntlet they secretly fear... at the same time will be scrambling to try to pay back TARP fund's as quick as possible,to try to get out before 2011. The next couple year's will be absolutely hilarious!

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