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DEBORAH JEANE PALFREY: (DC MADAME PT 2) ... A Tribute to Ms. Palfrey ... Alaina, Danielle ... & "AMERICA'S PROSTITUTES PT.1"

Deborah Jeane Palfrey

I havent posted much in this journal on the subject of sex, but have stated in a recent posting that I would do a tad more on this subject. The reason was simply because it never was much of an issue to me, not because I am against discussing it, and also because it is such a touchy subject with many. So this posting will be mainly as a tribute to Ms. Deborah Jeane Palfrey , because she is not news anymore, since her suicide death , and many of our society like's it that way, especially in her case some of our political representation, and those who just love to keep her and her type in the closet. (DC MADAME PART 1 HERE). It will also pay tribute to America's prostitutes in general, as well as to two in particular who were sort of reality and philosophical mentors to me as a troubled teenager, named Danielle and Alaina, who still remain in my heart and thoughts to this day. I look at these and many other folks that I love to credit, as folks in my earliest years who made it possible that I am alive and well today and able to think with a free mind. So first a little personal testimony here, as to why it may seem that I sometimes favour those who are prostitutes ... there certainly is reason for me, and it hasnt a thing to do with sex actually. Prostitution I wont even define here besides that it's a business and legit as far as I'm concerned, and it is a word/ title that has as many different meanings as opinions on it, besides, to each their own. But it is strongly frowned upon by many in our country, although ... one of them things like drugs ... where it's always talked down on in public ... yet ... many folks statistically are indulging in.

My part starts in my mid teen years, being a juvenile fugitive from the law, not because I had bad parent's or such, but because I already been locked up in detention/ correctional places for one reason or another, and I simply assumed, that they would continue to do so from experience, so I left home, school, etc at a young age, and refused to even go to any of my other court dates, even for a bonding I was out on, on a couple other things. I didnt want much or ask much as a kid ... I liked hunting (guns, archery, throwing knives) for sport, and simple things like football and hockey ... and frankly for me, school was just boring as Hell and made me restless (schools today are much better and different), the only subjects I actually liked were geography and science, yet I always scored highest on one that I didnt like, which was math (odd, I cant explain that). But I had planned since around 12 years old, that I couldnt wait to turn 17/ 18 and join the Navy to see the world! : ) Even though there was a war going on ... I didnt give a shit, I was gonna enlist anywayz. :) Also I want to point out, that before this posting I was reluctant to even mention this and what city I spent most time in, when in Canada ... only mostly referring to Toronto, also because I have familia there (Toronto), and always avoided talking much about Montreal because of this. But now, being it's been so many years ... felt okay talking about it ... besides, without it, I couldnt write this posting. I also will add, that the entire time of my leave from home since a young age, I had always kept touch with my mom and dad/ familia, who were most understanding and actually supported me making my own decisions, even visiting them in various cities around the country annually as well, just not in New York State for about a decade because of pending bench warrants that were not only from juvenile but adult as well.

After obtaining a phony identification/ driving permit, with a slight name change, it was a long bus trip through the cold night (roughly 400 miles or so?) from the Port Authority in Manhattan (NYC) to downtown Buffalo, New York to some friend's and familia, there a few days later I boarded a tour bus for Niagara Falls and some nearby attractions on the Canadian side ... I actually since I looked young ... stood in line talking small talk to tourists I didnt even know, to make it look like I was with them, when Canadian Customs officers simply asked place of birth, citizenship, and reason for coming to Canada, they didnt even ask for the bloody ID it was so easy and smooth. Then went on another bus from St. Catharines, Ontario to Toronto, had a contact of a friend in New York to talk to ... who set me up with a Canadian truck driver I paid cash to, who drove me to Montreal, Quebec (I actually had more cash on me than most teens would even dream of having, and enough to where some may have killed me for it, and never thought about it until this posting, but was I technically an illegal alien? : ) . A guy that I knew originally from NYC, had told me of a place to go as a sort of "safe place" in Montreal if I made it there, however ... when I went to the place ... it was demolished from a fire. So here I was in Montreal, Quebec ... I didnt know a soul, didnt trust any damn one, and didnt even know what I was going to do next. Another problem I didnt even anticipate, was that this town was like being in France, and almost everyone spoke French (much different than Toronto) and Hell No ... I didnt speak French!

Anywayz ... not having any place to spend the night ... I went to an all night diner to endlessly drink hot chocolate, munch out on some food, and sit looking out the window into the cold night of the city (It was about this time of year and felt brutally cold out!) and debate if I should try to rent a hotel room, and what if they check my ID?, what if the cops stop me and question me being so late in the night? etc. So I decided to stay low there as long as I could to wait for daybreak before I went out to the street. Around 3am or so ... two women (named Alaina and Danielle, I found out shortly after) who were getting some food to go orders made up, were looking at me odd sitting in the booth next to me, one made a remark to me as to what's up? I knew now that they sensed something was wrong or such watching me stare out the window, which made me a tad uncomfortable, but I tried to play it off, like nothing was up, they just thought I was young and it was strange seeing me there alone at this hour. We had some brief small chat, and I told them I was looking for a room, etc. The girl Alaina sensed I was in trouble or something I reckon, asked if I needed them to call someone?, etc. (Hell No .... that was the last thing I needed) Then ... she said she can help me with a place to go until the next day. My first reaction was thinking she was with the law enforcement or going to rat on me ... she just came right out then with a laugh, and said ... "You think were police? ... were prostitutes sweetie ... do you know what a prostitute is?" (similar wording, she had a habit it seemed later of calling guys "Sweetie" : ) ... I just said something like "Yeah, sure", even though I didnt know much about it, besides hearing of it, but not participation in any of it. Next thing you know ... I was in a taxi cab going with them to where they live ... I didnt know a thing about them at this point but that.

When I arrived, there was a few other ladies there (all had to at least be 10/ 15 years older than me?) ... it was such a big house to me, I was amazed, it actually had 5 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms, 2 story old brownstone brick place, clean, warm and pleasant, very homey type place. It had to be at least 5am by now, and they were about to go to bed, and told me I can sleep on one of the sofa's downstairs ... I must have been tired, and slept long ... waking to a bunch of chattering and noise sometime mid afternoon ... folks running up and down the stairs, folks dropping by, etc ... not even paying any atencion to me sound asleep it seemed. When I woke Alaina directed me to the bath, then some cereal in the kitchen over small chat with her and her lover who was the other lady named Danielle, I reckon they were bisexual, since they also both dated guys as business, but shared the same bed and room at home, and clearly ran this house and everyone in it, as well as had a relationship with each other. Both were also from French familia backgrounds and fluent in the language, so it was common as household talk too. Oddly ... a few weeks had went by ... and here I was still staying there and now slept in a room upstairs (alone I may add) ... they were now calling me all the time to help around the house with small maintenance things, changing light bulbs, cleaning, to running errands to the markets, to answering the door and phone, etc. Even taught me how to mix drinks/ cocktails for guests/ clients. Next told me that they needed to do something about my hair and my awful taste in clothes (they acted like my mother at times, even having me take medicine when I had a cold) my usual dress was a t- shirt, some jeans, and I had hair by then so long that I had put it in a tail with a band around it. They also loathed the rock music I bought on record albums ( this is the first group I turned them onto with a new album, which Alaina jumped liked she got struck with a lightning bolt, and freaked out, when she heard it, hilarious, I'll never forget that! ), they liked that Top 40 and bubble gum music. Alaina had me visit a client who had a hairstyle shop (no ... he wasnt gay) who gave me a layered hairstyle, then like a dress up doll, Alaina and Danielle took me to what they called "helping me learn how to dress better", to one of them pop culture clothing stores, where now I had started wearing more clean cut type clothes, that they suggested I wear, telling me it would bring out the true me or some shit. The way they were picking out shit to wear for me, I felt like that damn Ken doll (of Ken and Barbie doll set) with two women acting like kids with dolls again dressing me up in shit I never thought of dressing in! ... but it did make me look cleaner cut I reckon.

Well ... several months more passed, and by now everyone knew me in their circles, I was depended on now even for picking up some clients, more taking and picking up the girls who went to the clients location, helping them with the books for their regulars, setting up appointment times, even house chores and I even planted a little garden in what little yard those places up north have, making bank deposits etc., I was never told to do these things, but it gave me something to do, and made me feel like I was earning my stay, so didnt mind, I had plenty of cash of my own, and was never asked for a dime in rent or anything. It wasnt high scale as the DC Madam by far ... but it wasnt actually a low budget street operation either, they had a strong regular clientele as well of alot of business owners and other locals, most of the guys were married actually, and on tight schedules ... and many didnt have time to try to date women otherwise, they were so busy, and had families too, so wanted to be very discreet. I learned so much about life from these women as well, who seemed more sharp and intelligent than the teachers of school for that matter. They taught me alot about scams even, and how to avoid getting ripped off, the business and much more. There was up to 5 women staying at the house at a time, from different backgrounds too. And they knew everyone else in town in the related business it seemed. But it was like any other business and operation actually, there wasnt even any heavy drug or alcohol usage, maybe once in awhile a snort of cocaine or smoking a joint of marijuana, a social drink at most, if there was an event and folks coming over. They taught me things that kept me from harms way more than once, and most importantly, helped me that one night out of the cold in a strange city where I knew no one, and took a chance taking me in. The next year after that late in the year at winter again, Danielle and Alaina started having problems with local law enforcement, that stemmed from a couple clients. And I couldnt take the heat, and Danielle and Alaina knew it, because neither could they if they were connected with harbouring me. And through some advice from friends/ clients, was told that Texas was a good place to go in the USA, and a client had a small business in Houston even, who told me that Texas was actually a place to be, which I never even would have thought ... I mean/ thought "what? ... Texas?", but remembered some talk in New York about folks coming to Texas to avoid extradition, and having easy access to Mexico and very cheap marijuana in quantity that folks were getting in Texas and bringing to New York for huge profits. We stayed in touch for even a few years after, even though their operation was busted and broken up, then just simply lost touch, that's about it.

The DC Madam, Ms. Palfrey, was condemned/ accused time and again for running a business of prostitution or some saying she was even supporting women into slavery or such, then later charges were brought up that she was laundering money and other things. Some say it wasnt suicide ... and it's easy to have that theory based on what she said before she died, about folks wanting her dead or making it look like a suicide, etc ... but there isnt evidence that there was foul play, however ... she's dead, and alot of people are at ease with that. It is remarkable as loving and liberated of a society that we constantly rant we are ... that even someone like Ms. Palfrey who is simply supplying a demand like any other business, can actually be driven to have to think suicide, or worry about getting murdered or treated by our supposedly protective and fair legal system unfairly. And have a society to where a woman like her gets socially attacked and labeled as a villain from even so called liberals, as well as even feminists, and of course naturally from the righteous fundamoralists as well ... this is another example of the pop culture herd mentality that permeates our loving society across the board. If anything, Ms. Palfrey (like Alaina and Danielle) was providing a safe haven for these women in this trade, and seeing that they got fair pay.

You want truth and reality ... well I sure as Hell will give it here. It is exactly because of our herd mentality why women are forced in this nation to hide in seclusion and provide this service that even our goddamn lawmakers, church leaders, and the guy next door are using. It is the American people overall that force these women into these street environments of drug infested hopelessness, and dictation by drug dealers, who try to call themselves pimp's/ mack's or other titles, that beat the shit out of these gal's from time to time, only after they get them addicted to their other product (drugs), and our solution to this, is to lock the women up behind bars, and continue to pump their head full of guilt and shame as if she committed a crime against humanity? We overall as a society frankly have about the biggest bunch in this country of hypocritical bastard's and snobbish bitch's that I have ever seen, who frankly think their shit dont stink ... it is so bloody damn disgusting. I even see women laugh and insult some of these women that prostitute, yapping their goddamn mouths about them, calling them insulting names, trying to say what they are, or why they do what they do ... yet those yapping dont know jack squat in many cases about what the Hell their talking about, and only know and have an opinion on this based off of what the tele tell's them, or their church or other source of BS information, that if they didnt receive daily ... wouldnt even have a bloody opinion.

Alot of these women that are prostitutes know more about life and seen more than you will even imagine, and have even a higher intelligence level in many cases, as well as far more understanding and liberated. The men who attack this are the worst of the bunch ... many who preach one thing and do another ... then running their jaws that they would never pay a woman for sex ... you pay a woman for sex in more than one way you jackasses in many cases whether you realize it or not. You think of them as whores and sluts for this reason? Well ... may I suggest that the next girlfriend you spend a couple thousand on in miscellaneous odds and ends ... why dont you tell her she's a whore or slut for accepting it. Prostitution is NOT wrong, or unclean, or an immoral act, or anything else, but simply a business and SHOULD be treated and protected as such ... it is societies overall mindset that is immoral, unnatural, filthy, and wrong. Just my opinion/ view and experience I wanted to share ... Enough said.

Below is a "live" performance by the "Bangles" of a song originally by "Simon and Garfunkel" called "Hazy Shade of Winter", which Bangles superbly redo, another of many bands that I have not posted yet, that are excellent "live". And I wanted to post this song to dedicate to those two women Alaina and Danielle who I learned much from as a kid, and who sheltered me when I needed it most ... and especially since they never listened to rock music before they met me frankly, but I think they would have liked this piece by the Bangles knowing them, and the lyric's were fitting in this song for decades after that cold winter in Montreal when we met! Enjoy .... : ) This piece also included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"

Bangles Live 2000 Hazy Shade Of Winter ... Thanx to DEATHTRAPDUNGEON

Also I wanted to post this video of Montreal, Quebec 2007 ... since it was such a warm- hearted, and actually quite peaceful and relaxing city, that I quickly in only a few months already loved ... really a beautiful town, lots of history ... and frankly looks similar to what it did in the early 1970's still, they preserve alot of their older architecture.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada ... Thanx to CAMLPRODUCTIONS

Flag of Montreal



Montgomery Blair Sibley said...

Nice said about my dear friend. Thanks. She deserved better.

winsomedove said...

the price i paid for a couple guys i've been with, i would have been better off with prostitutes - the few i've had the opportunity to hang with (not as a client) were very young runaways (guys and girls) just trying to survive. you were blessed to have the ladies care for you like they did. Happy Thanksgiving, Tom!

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving Montgomery!

Sorry about your loss Guy, and I can understand losing a friend well. I know also if your business is Law, plus your in a town like DC and she was a friend ... you know this crap better than anyone of the condition. I had not even any idea who Ms. Plafrey was until all the media atencion, but after reading up on her thoroughly, I could put 2 and 2 together and see what the actual score was, and thought it was shameful of how she was treated is all.

Thanx for your input here Guy, have a good un! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Buenos Dias and Thanksgiving Greeting's from the Ranchero Winsomedove!

The price you paid for a couple Guy's you been with?! I hear ya Grrrrll, and of course heard that one before as well.

The teen prostitution thing is a big issue actually in America at this time, it is such a huge business, between the runaway's and especially the traffic of such from other countries, then you have the substance addiction problem as well in alot of it. In Oakland(CA) there has been big problem's trying to get some grasp on how to deal with it on that street level recently, it is estimated that the non taxed income that come's in annually to the average street guy (mack/ pimp or whatever title they call themselves today) is around $500/ $600 thousand a year actually, the gal's dont get a dime, basically clothes, a roof, and someone to make bail for them when their popped/ busted. The tool many of these that manage these gal's today is drug's, this way they can supply the girl as well with wholesale bought dope from their other business venture/ revenue source, hitting two bird's with one stone. Pimp's today are not truely pimp's, and you also have alot of those runaway's that are solo with just their addiction as a pimp, not any person. Many of the non addicted girl's these dayz wont even work the street because of the danger, so they go solo as well and work off internet locally, and their cell's out of motel room's that are switched up every couple week's. In Dallas the latest thing is the gang's have decided to use prostitution as a revenue source ... teen girl gang member's in this town selling sex has been on the increase big time, and drug/ gun sale's by male member's bring's in their end. Yes ... there has alway's been male's involved as well ... and we will see more of these various different type's of prostitution increase simply because of economic's and drug abuse, broken familia's causing teen's to leave home, etc. I am not trying to sound pessimistic here, but explain the condition only. Legalization of prostitution in this nation would be such a positive step in trying to at least start to get some grasp on this problem actually, many dont understand that, and even too many love it to be illegal because of the money factor, both the good guy's and the bad guy's. This is really a fucked up situation, and not anything like prostitution was back in the 1970's today.

Alaina and Danielle ... they were actually cool people and those like them had really done so much for me in a trying time of life, and I credit those to being alive and well today.

Thank You Dear for stopping by and your voice, and I hope you well this Thanksgiving Holiday! :)

Tim said...

It's always the least among us who are vilified. Any suicide is unacceptable.

Well I just dropped by to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
Cowboys are playing later. Enjoy!

Infidel753 said...

I'm pretty sure prostitution is legal in Canada. I don't know whether that was true when you were there, but that would have made it easier to run a decent business.

Taking clothing advice from French people can be a bit dangerous, for a guy:-) -- nothing wrong with jeans and a T-shirt on a young guy.

I totally agree with you about the hypocritical moralists. If any of them had been on the scene, they would probably have taken you away from those immoral women immediately and handed you over to someone safer, like a Catholic priest.

It's an illusion to think prostitution will ever be eliminated. It's probably been around in some form for millions of years. Female chimpanzees have been observed trading sex to males for food.

Ranch Chimp said...

Turkey Day Greeting's from the Ranch Infodel!

Prostitution legalities in Canadian Province's(?) Wow! What a subject to discuss indeed. Recent read up's on legalities there now, are about as mazed and confusing to me as anthing I've read recently (more confusing than our new Health Care Reform package!). However, there has been quite a few change's in the last 5 or so year's it appear's, and still of course some baseline law's that have stood without change before these since the early 1800's, it's a Hell of alot easier to say ... that it's certainly a Hell of alot better than the USA. What is legal and what constitute's prostitution as any act concerning law is what was a maze to me. For instance even under the hardest of law's against it at any point, the exchange of sex for money was never illegal, yet there was strick law's against the practice of street hustling and so forth, I wont even try to explain this, there's plenty of info though on this if someone chooses to seek it out.

NO ... when I stayed in both Toronto as well as Montreal ... no prostitution was legal that I knew of, as a matter of fact .. they had complete squad unit's of undercover sting operation's rampant in those 2 cities it was such an active business, very similar to the SFPD force of Vice of a decade ago (San Francisco). Dallas PD stopped it's street sting's several year's ago to focus more now on simply patrol officer's issueing tickets/ citation's (it's a matter here of what's enforced and how, instead of if it's legal or not, just count that everything is illegal, and wonder what they will enforce is easier to understand here :) ), which is called "manisfestation" (something or another)I think most street gals here that are doper's are busted on the dope stashes they have instead of the prostitution, which is just worse, because your incarcerating gal's with heavy drug addiction's forcing painful withdrawal's instead.

My jean's and t- shirt wardrobe ... indeed ... how can I forget Alaina and Danielle on that! :) Geeeezzz! The most expensive thing I was wearing when we met was the leather biker jacket I had on cause of the cold, my only winter coat at that! and my leather Dingo boot's for also the cold. In warm month's ... it was only the jean's, no shoes and no shirt's ... that was basically my wardrobe total! :) Instead of a haircut, it was cheaper to put it in a tail and hair band it! :)

Thank goodness I didnt have to get the Catholic Priest treatment, and thank God I still have a tight ass! :)

The female Chimp thing is another great point I didnt even mention, not to mention other species and how the male ... like bird's in nesting or such use treat's to attract the female for mating purposes.

I have this monitor typing, with a tele to my right with the New England @ Detroit game on, I cant believe lousy Detroit is beating the great Patriots! The big Dallas game hosting New Orleans is next, my daughter brought me over some turkey and dressing to the house so I can pig out on that, it dont get any better than this Guy for me. Beside's the miserable drizzle and upper 40's temp's looking out the back patio glass doors, it's a great Turkey Day! :)

Thanx for your input here Guy, and have a good un ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Tim! Same to you and Melissa! Have a nice pleasant laid back day Ya'll ... and who know's Tim ... maybe you'll get lucky (hint- hint Melissa) :)

But HELL YES brother ... I am waiting for them Saints (New Orleans)to come marching into Cowboys Stadium! Although, let's face it Guy ... Saints are an outstanding team compared to the inconsistency and recent restructuring, injuries, and losses of the Cowboys ... BUT ... I hope Cowboys get lucky too today and kick some Angelic/ Saints ass! Welcome to Hell New Orleans .... The Ranch! :)

I have read a shitload of your recent post's even though I havent commented.

Suicide(?) .... well Guy ... if it wasnt for how we consruct our society and what we prioritize as values and issues ... we probably wouldnt have 90% of the suicide rate we do, I figure.

Thanx for your word's here Guy, take care ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Also Montgomery ... I knew I heard your name somewhere's, but didnt connect it right away, as far as being the attorney behind her defense ... what a ramrod deal this was. Unfortuantely ... you know better than me in your line of work, how much of this crap goes on in our country that much dont even get coverage on, your client/ friend got a certain amount of notoriety because of the clientele. Put it this way ... her death by whatever mean's made too many scumbag's happy and content. Sadly I CANT rant about a conspiracy or foul play, because it simply look's too clear and no solid piece's (as of yet) to back that, not that it dont cross my mind. I hope to look into your book as well on it.

Thanx Guy ....

mendip said...

Great posting - Thanks!

Ranch Chimp said...

Your Welcome Mendip, thanx for stopping by.