Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TEXAS TEEN CHEERLEADER PT.1: ... told by Texas Court's and School's to SUPPORT her RAPIST'S/ ASSAILANT'S ...

This posting is to look at a recent case where a Texas High School cheerleader who was raped/ sexually assaulted by two male student's, was fired from the cheerleading squad by school official's for refusing to cheer for her assailant on the school's basketball team. When her familia tried to sue the school ... two court's in Texas supported the school and also demanded that her familia would pay the school's court cost's. Now this is standard and legal in these type suit's ... and the line is so fine here as far as the school's responsibilities, freedom of speech/ expression, etc. However ... have we became such a law driven and politically correct, pop culture society of thinking that we cant even judge rationally anymore? Have we lost the ability even to reason? ... can folk's even think without being told what to think? First of all some read HERE, also the school simply told her to avoid the school cafeteria while her assailant was out awaiting court ... I mean ... who is the victim here? ... and who should have to brownbag their lunch or go to a neighboring fast food joint, etc? More news on this as well as video/ news on US Crime Statistic's reported by ABC News HERE of a decrease in violent crime's such as sexual assault ... but now those statistic's in question because some law enforcement havent been giving the work and atencion required to these victim's nationwide. Some CNN video below (video expired and was removed), then some word's of my own from this.


This hasnt really received much media atencion here in Texas ... so I want to thank first CNN as well as ABC/ Nation for looking at this. And there is another point here that is of concern ... especially in Texas that I need to bring up here that I havent really read much about on this case ... it is very common here in Texas High School's especially in these small independent school district's across the state where student's that are on basketball or football team's are exempt unofficially for their ill action's, simply because Texas High School Sport's is such a big business in this state, probably more known for it than any state in the country for that matter. Too many student's who violate law's and other's, even bullying or in this case alleged sexual assault's are frequently overlooked because of the interest in this business, recruitment for college sport's, pressure from athlete's parent's, threat's toward's the business in this area, etc.

Now I assume that the court's response and judgement was by the book and clean, but many time's this is so deep that even it can sway judgement's/ decision's in our court's. There is also political pop culture correctness now ... being here that the assailant who was already convicted/ entered a Guilty and/ or No Contest plea, on a lesser sexual assault plea bargain he made, is black and the victim is white ... meaning that it is unpopular and in small Texas town's feared to press too hard on a person of color ... in other word's ... say the victim was a black female student and the assailant(s) were white male ... it is more likely that this would have been on the cover of every major magazine in the nation as well as some other nation's with headline's like ..." Nazi Racist's Texas White Athlete's Rape Black Cheerleader " and every herd pop culture blog source. But is it not lousy enough the way we disrespect our student's in this nation ... how we basically rob them through overpriced tuition's loan's to extend their education, while trying to recruit them for whatever new pop culture corporate inspired war we have abroad ... to the wage's their paid while still student's, etc? ... the list of how we abuse our young is endless ... yet we all run around with these shit eating smile's/ grin's on how we do everything for the kid's ... rolling off BS out our mouth's at 90mph.

As for the gentleman (and I use the word "gentleman" loosely), Mr. Bolton who already agreed to a cop out plea ... what is it with you guy's, Guy? I am sure you and your supporter's of the pop culture herd could come up with 100 reason's why ya'll do what you do ... perhap's you feel intimidated by some gal's?, have a rape fetish?, feel it's the manly response to a gal?, did she turn you down and hurt your manly ego?, maybe you had a broken heart?, perhap's you have one of them mental disorder's that are popular?, you used drug's?, you heard voice's?, your familia was poor and parent's were freak's that abused you?, etc, etc. Whatever the reason is Guy ... now you have to run around for life, no matter where you go in the country, and show up on a computer monitor as being a sex offender, where folk's will look at you as a freak or pervert, may even get angry and attack you in other way's physically. I mean ... was it worth it? You are popular as all your type's are in school, an athlete, probably have gal's that want to date you, all kind's of support ... and you do this? When I was your age ... I didnt even have a school, moved around from town to town since I was an infant, couldnt form any long lasting friend's as a kid because I moved around so much, I certainly wasnt popular or special in any way, or ever thought of myself as special ... yet I had several girlfriend's that I just met casually here and there, who were partner's as well in sexual activities in many cases. You guy's have all this going for you, and ya'll are so loved in the communities, that you spend year's in ... what is the problem/ issue?

As far as the school district here and court's ... do ya'll know how to think anymore? Or are just fear ridden pansies that follow whatever is popular, that or this year? Do you have kid's that were raped? Have ya'll ever been raped? Are ya'll so phoney that you even lost every bit of integrity and unworthy of any public trust? How can ya'll call yourselves leader's or even lead a pack of sewer rat's, when you dont even have enough backbone to serve even a fair amount of justice? I mean ... more and more these day's I see so many that are looked up to as being strong, leader's, thinking of the kid's, etc. Even grown men, most of ya'll who act like a bunch of frail pansy weakling's ... no ... I have no respect for any of ya'll.

As for this young lady Hillarie (HS) ... my compliment's Dear, for standing up for yourself and other's that are afraid to come forward in many cases, and/ or pressured to do such ... you have proven yourself and stand tall, you are one of the few warrior's in this case ... actually have more ball's than your assailant's even ... this sort of vile scum have proven themselves as well ... you dont need them! And no ... their not "equal" to you ... you are superior! And best of luck to you on your entry to college and pursuit of a career in forensic science's!



Beach Bum said...

Lived in Wichita Falls for a couple of years as a kid and was blown away with the fanatic nature of all school sports. My family life was not settled making sports very hard but with my size the coaches had flips about keeping me on the teams I joined.

Have we lost the ability even to reason? ... can folk's even think without being told what to think?

In my opinion the short answer is no. Making things worse its both the common folks who jelously guard their haven of "common sense" and the highly educated college idiots who ccan not pull their heads out their own asses.

We are pretty much screwed.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... "Common Sense" Bum ... I reckon that's why they call it that, heh? Because it's just common folk's that have it! :) But all shit aside Bubba ... it is absolutely outrageous and ridiculous, some of those we have as leader's and running every damn thing.

Wow Bum ... I didnt know you used to live in Witchita Falls. I used to frequent there several year's back actually, visiting the Allred Prison Unit division for the "criminally" ... well ... I wont say "insane" ... but you know what I mean, whatever they call it these day's. It's a special unit for extreme cases they have there, and one of the inmate's I used to do some work with was locally in Texas notorious for what was extreme crime's involving murder, and some other thing's I wont get into here because of their nature, but what a fella he was .... geeezz ... he thought spirit's sent me to him! No, he will never see the freeworld, he's a lifer, and a couple book's were on him too. Beautiful and relaxing country up that way though Guy ... loved driving up there, about 150 mile run from where I live in Dallas, west by northwest. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you noticed the sport's thing here heh? The fanatacism in rural Texas is unmatched in this country, rest assured!

Thanx for your word's here Bum ... Later! :)

BTW ... Happy Veterans Day Bum!

Infidel753 said...

My experience at university convinced me that school sports teams are such an irredeemably bad influence that they should be abolished. I've never seen anything since then to change that opinion.

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh Infodel ... you wouldnt believe the racket it is in this state, even in gambling/ bookies which is technically illegal in this state, but pot's/ pool's and number's are sold right in the open in convenient store's in Texas as well as even police department's, I will refrain from saying which and where location's I personally seen them, YES ... in police department's .. as common as roll call. And the politic's behind some of this is incredible, it's like a bloody market! High School and College kid's (top sport's player's) of course getting "donated" through anonymous source's for instance new sport's car's worth 10's of thousand's in cost, designer clothes, etc ... even their grade's were rigged to pass, even if they hadnt came close to passing, the stories on this I could tell are endless it seem's.

Thanx for your voice here Guy.