Monday, May 5, 2008

D.C. Madam : (PART 1) ... and HER decision on the issue of Suicide ....

This posting is to look at another issue that will not have much spotlight, and most in our politically correct ultra perfect moral society dont give a damn. But since I pay for this service to have this journal, I will continue to talk about these issue's, and for personal reason's in this case. I have been following the "D. C. Madam" case on and off in the news for several months. Well Deborah Jeane Palfrey is now dead by her own hands. Hanging herself at her mothers property in Tarpon Springs, Fl. She basically felt that even going to prison for 6 to 8 years would release her into a world where she will be in her late 50's, penniless, broken, and alone ... and that suicide was her only solution. Plus you take into consideration the parole which would be for the duration of the complete sentence, the morality classes to attend, community services perhaps and an array of other penalties that come along with those releases, including ... all of the "moral" folks draining you for every last penny they can, in her opinion ... just wasnt worth it. And I certainly cant blame her. One of her former employees Brandy Britton hung herself before the trial. But these charges? racketeering, money laundering, mail fraud,etc. Please spare me! We release the most disgusting back into society quicker and with less penalty then folks like her. This is all about morality from the right, exposing hypocrisy from the left and all sides are the ones who make folks like her into evil villians. As far as I'm concerned ... she's an intelligent business woman ... period. And there isnt a damn thing WRONG with prostitution. Her words before her death were fitting ... that this was nothing but a modern day lynching. I feel that some of our morality has us twisted ... when we embrace and love, forgive and hug thugs and pedophiles, drunk drivers and others that do harm to our citizens ... and throw a lady like this to the lions. We are much better than what we offer ... we are not a society of 1500's europe, or any other era ... we are only what we allow ourselves to be, and curse the minds of our offspring sometimes with idiocies. We can do far better than this. Yes ... I found it sad that she killed herself.

As far as suicide is concerned. Alot of folks just look at it as unatural, I mean, our instincts tell us to live at whatever costs. But we have evolved into beings of reason. Reason meaning ... where is the sense in living if you know damn well that your life can only consist of misery. Some folks dont want to die ... they just get sick of the ratrace and living that our society creates. They are not insane ... they are actually ... very sane, because they are not deluded into counting on dreams and fantasies that are just that. One of the reasons why I talk about this and even in earlier posts a little more in detail is because in the near future you will see a rise in group/ mass suicides ... unlike anything in the past ... rest assured. I totally support ones choice to end their life ... I might not like it ... but its their life ... not mine. I also want to add, that I say this is her decision base3d only on the info that I've obtained through the media ... so I cant say there is foul play involved here, although it has crossed my mind ... Why would this cross my mind? Because of the information that she know's of too many importante people. But ... I will just conclude this the only way that is visible to the fact's that are shown, and say it was strictly a choice of her own ... however ... our society strongly influenced that choice.


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