Friday, May 23, 2008

Selling Lie's for Vote's, Campaign Strategies, and Transgender Children ....

It is said that no Presidential candidate ever stopped to campaign in Clay County,KY. Boarded up businesses line up throughout the town...the most popular diner the town has,has nothing over $3.50 on it's menu,unemployment is high,the average per capita income is $9700...lot of folks couldnt even go to find work since they cant even afford the gas to drive much. The majority of the town is working poor white folks...I guess those who dont work are "po white folks"...this would be right up Senator Clinton's alley if she was to campaign there..but cant expect her or any candidate to campaign at a place they know nothing about..I'm sure they have all their stops pre planned by others for them. (Obama certainly could have made an impression by going there..he needs it!...McCain probably could have been told...but cant remember) When reporters interviewed towns people..they couldnt find anyone that voted though. Most folks said that...they dont care,and have no reason to vote...cause it aint gonna change a damn thing...cause no one in Washington cares a damn thing about them,and nothing will change for any poor folks in America unless a poor person wins the election. My point this is the mindset that I have encountered over and over again from working poor Americans all over the country...alot of folks...simply gave up.

I stopped by one of my favourite corner stores in Central South Dallas the other day to get some chorizo/egg(chorizo is mexican sausage)burrito's. Its one of them places that isnt really a restaraunte..but has a few chairs and a bench if you care to sit down and eat the fattening things that they grill out of the back of the store,but them burrito's are really good! The neighborhood is mostly poor...almost 100% black besides the middle easterners and asians that run alot of the stores and no tell motels(hourly rate motels that is). The foreigners that run these small over priced businesses...dont seem to ever hire any of the folks that actually spend money there or live in the community...just their or culture.(Alot of good they do for the community who supports them...heh?)Anyways..I was talking to 3 young men who were hanging out,just bought a paper out of the corner machine to look at the "want ad's" for work. These guys were all in there late teens. I asked much they paid for the paper? They said 50 cents. Then I asked them if they ever wondered why they have to pay for the Dallas Morning News to read in english...when the paper stand next to it is free and its the spanish version put out by the same paper? No, it never even crossed their mind...but it sure made them think. We had some small chat...and during that chat...they told me it was common amongst their school friends back in high school to join the military. But they confirmed to me...after I said..."This is a hell of a time to enlist.." that it wasnt just about freeing Iraqi's from the clenches of evil...but more because they wanted to get that education loan to further their education,cause otherwise...they couldnt afford to go to college. My daughter when in her senior high school year previously told me this was the case with alot of young folks as well. Then I hear about some of the loan shafts that these young people get on many things. I guess this is...."Thinking about the kids.." ...heh? God Bless America...cause someone sure as hell needs to, Washington sure as hell dont!

Why is this sad to me? because..I hear folks on one hand talk plenty about how the taxes are so high of some of the E.U. countries,and how great we have it as far as taxes. Well...theres a flip side to that too. Alot of them countries dont make loans to their young and charge interest to further their education...or give them a rifle and tell them to put their lives on the line for folks they dont know to get an education..alot of them...just give the education for free. In some of these countries also..they have medical attention for any citizen that needs it, in other dont have to worry if you need surgery...that the insurance might contact the surgeons prior and tell them to throw you out...cause they wont pay. We are taxed quite a bit ourselves...especially if you live in a place like California,and all the other added taxes...state,local,sales or what have you. Yet in alot of urban America...your lucky if you can get the potholes in the streets fixed...or a cop to run quick to your rescue after you just been shot and robbed,let alone trying to get medical needs and an advanced education. Our President said back around 2004 that his goal was to make sure every Iraqi household has a computer. Well thats nice of him...but since its we the peoples tax dollars...what do we get? I'll leave it at that. God Bless America...cause somebody sure as hell needs to!

Now...I know that several fundamental christians will tell me...that America suffers only because its punishment from god for our sinful ways. Well you all..thank you for your idiotic opinion. Some of these folks act like they have gods personal cell phone number and they get direct instructions from the man himself. But they should wonder...if its actually god directing them...or their own masochistic oppressive brains?

A clinic at Childrens Hospital in Boston(MA) wants to start offering sex change procedures to patients as young as 7 years old. This is so that those kids who are struggling psychologically because nature accidentally put them into the wrong genders body can find some peace of mind and get corrected if needed. Of coarse the parents will also have a say so in it since they are so make sure the doing the right thing. Now...advocates of this argue that some kids at a young age like that ...know that something is wrong...when say for instance that they might be a boy...but feel they should be a little girl instead. And this would enable them to get their heads psychologically straight and get their penis removed or what have you. After all..transgender kids have a higher suicide rate. Well...this is be .."thinking of the kids". However...say a kid is 7 years old and its a boy and he decides that his penis is a mistake of nature and he feels better in silk panties than in boys boxers,and of coarse mommy and daddy understand the psychological they ...well...remove the mistake (being the penis in this case). What if later...when in those teen years,the kids hormones or what have you get to runnin wild and he see's some gal he wants...and decides he will need his penis...uhhhh.... does he get it sewed back on? Can this also bring a whole new wave of medical lawsuits with it? Is it not true that when we are that young and our minds are still in its early stage of development that sometimes we decide to do things that we only regret later a few years down the road? Just thought it was something to think about.But to each his own...just dont ask for our bloody tax dollars to do it. Like a case in California a few years back...where a prisoner who was doing time for armed robbery decides all of the sudden he wanted a sex change while in prison...and if I recall correctly...a California court actually went in his favour and it would be the states responsibility to foot the other words...the peoples tax dollars. California in 2008 is having a very bad money crisis. I wonder why?

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