Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"War" and "Capitalism"....

Richard Clarke, former U.S. counter terror advisor ... has released his new book called "Your Government failed you" . Mr.Clarke has some good points that he brings out in this book. And I want to point out a few here. First of all ... this terror/ war crap is nothing but a political wedge being used during things like these primary run offs. We are not at war with global terrorism, and the original al Qaeda which was the ones behind 9/ 11 are reconstituting currently in Pakistan. The al Qaeda that is in Iraq for instance is just a splinter ... and smaller. He said that this is not a war against Islam, or terrorism, but a war against some fundamentalist movements that simply use Islam ... but is ideological. He said that this trillion a year that we spend on national security is getting mostly ate up by pork barrel crap domestically ... but all in all hasnt actually done much of nothing to fix the vulnerabilities that we have always had. I am sure alot is wasted on contracts, after all ... this is business and look who runs the Oval Office ... figure it out. Such as the billions in wasted cash that is shelled out all over Iraq ... that they not only have any or little actual invoices to account for any of it. This war has made a fortune for many ... bottom line. And of course Iraq is important because of the amount of oil that it sits on ... its oil rich. Mr.Clarke says most importantly in my view not all of this ... because I suspected all of this since day one despite what any ones thinks or believes this war is about, but when he said that ... no President can fix the problems that we have ... he/ or she can act and contribute to try to change things ... but the bottom line is the system no longer works ... period.

You see ... we are basically a "mark" (mark being the target of a hustle or scam), we have been had ... period. And boy oh boy ... this was a BIG bite! Put it this way ... ask yourself ... are we any better off with Saddam out of power? Has this not actually strengthened Iran too? And gave another ground for insurgent/ terrorists to be deployed to? The contractors want it for the pay off. The oil companies want it because no business group likes folks (Saddam) that go through the black market and dont play ball with the rest. The politicians like it cause it gives "cause", in this case ... ranting on about freeing people, fighting terror, democracy, human rights and any other thing that gets people soft or frightened in the heart or mind. We havent even done much to decrease our vulnerability domestically ... like I said in earlier posts ... this isnt about fighting terror ... that we need to stay in Iraq out of fear, this is simply now a case where we need to get something out of all that we sacrificed and put into Iraq ... period. I mean we are walking away with our head down like we just been sold something on the street that we didnt recieve yet, and just realizing ... we been had. Cause ... well ... we have! Anyone who's hustled the markets or streets can see this one. And as far as President Bush and his partner Cheney, well, heh, heh, heh ... even a blind man can figure that one out.

But ... like the ole saying ... "Aint no use in cryin over spilt milk" ... in other words, its happened ... and its over. We need to move forward. We need to get our tails free from the clenches of this mess over in Iraq ... period ... the longer it takes ... the more it will drain us and our resources. Theres evil fists and dictators all over the globe ... and we have things of our own to fix. We got alot of problems. And many of these countries abroad will gang up on us, in other word's, when in war in one, the other's will assess our progress, to see what we do, then how they can capitalize off it, and if we are engaged in enough war's, or what were told are "rescue's" to free folk's or other nonsense ... they can basically run us dry, moneywise, troop- wise, etc, etc ... the contractor's/ mega corp's are those who make a fortune off war's, and it's mostly diverted into offshore investment's/ account's. Our dollar is becoming weaker and weaker by the week. We are putting ourselves in debt to people like communist China ... and Arab's ... this IS a big problem ... because if they become the shareholders along with our elite ... who can we turn to? And all of these interests are intertwined with our current political system.

So ... what do we do? Well I sure as Hell dont have the answer. But what I do know is that unless we make some serious change to get government current with the here and now ... instead of just talking about getting America back to the good old days, and the way it was ... we can only decline further. Which we will for some time, but that depends on how quickly we act and what hands are played out. That sure as Hell doesnt mean to throw in the towel either ... it simply means that we need some serious reconstruction work in Washington. We need to get rid of all this dead wood.

These folks were great in their days (most politicians) ... and I give them all credit for their dedication and faith in our country and its system. We have had some truely great leaders and still do. The problem is the "system" need's an overhaul. And need's to be brought up to parr to meet the new conditions that we are challenged with. We have only one of 3 candidates who speak on issues of actual "change" (even Clarke agree's with this) and thats Senator Obama ... and even he is barely speaking out of the box, but more than anyone else. Clinton? shes a good hustler, and could sell a used old car in a heartbeat ... she has the walk and talk, she's been around the block, ... but she plays old school ... but she isnt saying anything new, same ole same basically. Senator McCain? A great man and American ... as far as his service in military, and put up with commi Hell in Nam for 5 years or so ... the poor guy cant even lift his arms over his shoulders because both shoulders of his were beaten by those commi bastards while in captivity ... and I have always liked McCain ... but ... he's in a time warp on his thinking for America ... he's just talking what he knows and understands is all. But there comes a time to either change drastically by taking drastic measures ... or simply stepping to the side and letting the younger ones with fresher idea's try to take a crack at it with some of their unconventional approaches is all. This is the reason I wanted Obama in ... I could care less if a black made Presidency ... or a woman, or a party ... although since we only have 2 parties to elect in ... I choose the democrat simply to lessen the chance of a one sided Supreme Court ... and to try to keep out any that are too close to the current administration ... at least as many as possible. I would settle for a non- human if it would make a difference and lead us to a solution and better future outlook.

One of our biggest other obstacles is our mindset ... we see everything as left/ right, red/ blue, black/ white, good/ evil ... etc. As long as we keep bickering about each other and our values ... our beliefs, personal sexuality, and all the other wasteful things that dont make us or break us any way you all slice it ... we will take that much longer to move forward. Our damn elections turn more into bitch fights and family feud's then dealing head on with the issues. How can you expect work to get done without actually working? How can we expect change ... without actually changing? How can you make a movement move ... without moving? Thats ... the reality!

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