Wednesday, September 8, 2010

POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S ... Questioning our Representation PT.1: Congresswoman E.B. Johnson ... (NATION of BS PT.4)

My last few posting's has just been a tad of music/ art's and a lil humor, so this posting will be to get back to more issue of concern. This Part 4 of this journal's "Nation of BS" series (Part's 3,2,1 HERE) will be to take a glance at what many American's are finally raising issue's and concern over, and also ignoring as well as exploiting on both side's of the left and right for political reason's, but should be addressed ... so I feel a need to post on it here, since these are current accusation's ... such as this first piece on Texas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson which the Dallas Observer looks at here ... and Thanx to the Dallas Observer, as well as folk's like CNN/ Anderson Cooper and other's who actually attempt to explore these issue's and allegation's, because frankly on some network's ... they are simply too biased on what they cover and to what extent ... as well as so many blog's online, depending on what side they slant to. But first a couple video's below, then some opinion's/ thought's and concern's of my own.

CNN: Eddie Bernice Johnson scholarship scandal deepens ... Thanx to CNN


I have been a straight voting democrat now for 6 year's, before that I have voted straight republican most of my life, even though almost all my familia and friend's throughout life, been democrat's/ independent. It was actually the last President George W. Bush that converted me to a democrat, and Thank You Sir! ... after voting for him and Cheney in 2000 ... just a couple year's in office for them ... I quickly ran like a scared rabbit to the other party, out of fear of what I was seeing happening. In the last week though ... an old friend of 30 year's and now familia, invited me out for lunch over some chat, and asked since I had much weekday freetime, if I would be interested in working part time for some local democrat's ... and in the party, doing some odd job's, such as signing folk's up to vote and working on local campaign stuff, who I wont mention the name here and what office's they are campaigning/ running for ... but I said ... what the Hell ... the pay is decent ... and I am a voting registered democrat now. My friend has been working for the Democrat Hispanic Caucus here in Texas for 4 year's now. But politically I am more like President Obama, or many younger voter's ... because I am more open to bipartisanship and new fresher thought and idea's, which is difficult to do, because of the stark political divide in our nation still. I am more of a realist than having a political side, nor do I cling to religion in politic's, I feel it has no place in it. I mean ... a majority of this partisan obstacle and thought is by folk's in some sort of power/ position and influence who are usually 45/ 50 and older it seem's. I have never let myself think my age. I also feel that too many like Rep. E.B Johnson as well as many other's, have been rep's too long... and we need more changing of seat's, if we ever want to see actual change instead of just lip service about it.

Another obstacle we dont look at is the political ass kissing that we do directly or indirectly ... to try to suppress what is going on for our political agenda's ... in this case with Johnson for instance ... it is put on the back burner it seem's like because of a race card. If it's not a race card, it's a religious card, and so on, which is one of the reason's we stay in this racial mindset ... which is mostly of again ... those folk's in charge of everything that are 50 and over in age. I mean ... it is difficult for them to let go of certain past ... and I understand, and that is also why I am thrilled when most of them retire from the political arena. Most young folk's I have talked to and observed ... are not so gung ho to call a race card every time they wake up on the wrong side of the bed either. It's like the older we get, the more plastic, sour, and conformed we get. It is also why when I ask advice, I usually ask someone 20 and younger ...especially kid's ... Why? ... Because I know I will get a raw perspective that has not been contaminated by long institutionalized thought and programming. We need to get past our way of doing thing's to clear up this cesspool of business as usual ... that include's ... if it take's bringing investigation's and allegation's to light of even caucus's of color ...or religion's that are too pampered ... we need to be proactive. And not be so frail to talk about the current reality instead of covering up thing's and ignoring issue's out of political correctness, or our personal slant's and agenda's, you simply cant change without actually changing. How can we expect any of these folk's who represent us to change when we indirectly support their action's? And is there such a thing as integrity?

Another point here is brought up in the 2nd video ... I mean ... does anyone ever look at "motive's" at all? We pamper money way too much in our politic's. No doubt that this nation was set up to have a government that we the people can influence and have a voice in ... but that too has fell to massive corruption, because we let folk's buy all of our legislation now. This is why I refer to our problem throughout this journal as being of the "3 Entities" ... the old world way King's and Ruler's and system's has simply been modified to give the same shit in different packaging is all ... now the 3 controlling entities are mega gvmnt's, financial/ corporate, and church/ religious ... same as the old ... but just a facelift basically. They cant sell outright slavery as they did centuries ago ... so now they sell it through control of commodities and wealth, and mind control through herd programming, yet we are still slave's to a degree. These 3 power's as I posted time and again ... feed off each other to set the standard, and to keep the masses at their level. Nor are any of these entities about humanitarianism ... not unless it benefit's them only. Take away the tax write off's, and shelter's, offshore/ onshore ... which mean's we the average tax payer, pay's all this indirectly ... take away the political incentive's ... and see how many would be humanitarian. Take away the tax exempt of these major religious institution's and see how loving and giving they would be ... or how much they would be like the prophet's and character's supposedly of past, they love to quote out of the very book's they created.

I vote only democrat for selfish reason's myself now, because they can make the ride a lil smoother for the obstacle's and condition's to come, not out of patriotism, or feeling that the democrat's have the answer's ... but because the republican proposal to repair current problem's is a method that would have worked a few decade's ago, but cant really work well in this new financial global arena we are now entering, and if appeared to work at first would quickly fail and fall like a bowling ball from a skyscraper with the same impact. I believe strongly in incentive's to big business 110% ... however ... big business of 1970 and 2010 is two different thing's. All our recent charity from bailout's to tax incentive's, and everything else we give ... including all our tax dollar's ... is being taken offshore now, because of the new marketplace, the more we give ... basically ... the more we lose ... it cannot benefit our nation/ people a bit, unless some of it is invested in our nation's interest's. And whenever any corporation today donate's to a charity ... I want to know why? Folk's may say ... that isnt nice to question those who are charitable ... my response would be ... the world is not nice either, and all these people must have some motive ... so there's nothing improper about questioning motive is all ... after all ... this is a democracy and free market ... is it not? It certaining doesnt look at all like one at time's.

But both these video's is a look at how pathetic we have become in our political choosing's. And we call ourselves "liberated" yet we fashionably ignore so many issue's of concern, for political correctness, or other pop culture reason's ... even think ourselves a model for the rest of the world ... imagine that! And we wonder why thing's are the way they are?

POST NOTE: This is also directed to ALL our representation regardless of what party, ethnicity/ race, religion, etc. I am so sick and tired of this constant pandering and ass kissing as well as dissing that I hear and read daily, most blog's I read, I wont even comment on ... simply because they are so bigoted/ narrow minded, with no "practical" reasoning. Some of the media is also strongly this way, with head's so swelled up on how "liberated" they are ... they dont even see what their really like themselves. Even these religious issue's from muslim's to christian's are dealt with in a fashion that is too passive, along with relentless ass kissing is absolutely nauseating. What place does anything in the spiritual world have in the reality we live here and now? The spirit world obviously dont give a rat's ass about our problem's, or we wouldnt be in the situation were in, since they love us, or punishing us, or all the other twisted shit we create in our brain's. In other word's ... I dont give a shit about your religion or your other bellyaching ... keep the shit in church and your home's (like some of us do) and keep it the Hell out of the politic's and especially away from the young fresh mind's, who ya'll want to influence with your ancient cultural mental slavery. We should be grateful of what we do have and accomplished ... what a task it's been and lengthy at that, because of this parasitic obstacle. Grateful as well that nature didnt take an alternate course and a stray asteroid didnt just wipe out our existence yet, or some virus that can overpower the species ... we dont even respect nature and our home, instead, stay at each other's throat's over the most useless senseless shit, like who marries who, what sex practice is right/ wrong, what ghost/ spirit we admire, or what some semi illiterate and scientific illiterate person of mega centuries ago told us we should do. Sure those who dictate love for us to be this stupid ... that is also why they dont want term limit's ... your damn right in the video above when they say that Pelosi could do something about this or other's, it's just none of these folk's would support it.



rita said...

I found the video about politicians setting up their own charities interesting. It once again illustrates who would like to pull the strings in Washington.
As the saying goes, "Follow the money".

All this current talk of free market capitalism and freedom from big government spouted by the teabagger crowd shows their ignorance of how capitalism actually depends on government. In fact could not exist without it.
They forget it was the government that created the freedom to exercise capitalism in it's current form.
They can't see that they are just the little guy that is being manipulated by corporation interests and government politics.
I'm voting democrat too, because It always comes down to picking the lesser of two evils.
The Republican party lately just looks like it's totally gone off the rails. It is allowing itself to be represented by a bunch of frothing at the mouth fearmongers.
This is of course designed to whip up the masses as you call them into a voting frenzy.

Well, they say a country gets the government it deserves. We shall see what reigns.

Ranch Chimp said...

Wow Rita! ... I only wish I had the writing skill's some of ya'll have to where I could sum up so well like yourself in so few word's. My writing's skill's are somewhat limited, so I have to write as if I was talking to someone on the street face to face at 90mph as I do. But you summed up in so few word's basically all the BS across the board greatly here!

Thanx for your input Rita!