Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DEREK PARAVICINI: ... "Nature's Human Music Computer" ...

This music posting will be another 3 piece compilation to honour an outstanding pianist/ keyboardist Mr. Derek Paravicini . I have followed this artist now for almost 5 year's ... and see him as an elitist in his category of talent ... I can listen to this guy pound the key's for hour's basically! :) (Derek's website)

What is unique about Mr. Paravicini as well, beside's his superior ability to master and mix any music whatsoever ... is he was born with so many handicap's, it's remarkable he survived it all ... he's not only blind , but partially autistic also ... basically ... this fella literally cant tell his left hand from his right hand either, or wouldnt even be able to count to "10" for that matter ... really! One thing I've noted in life is to never look at one's so called disabilities as failure, or imperfection ... I have met so called handicapped and deformed people as well ... that excelled faster and further than most in their own categories of specialty. Sometime's we categorize commonly folk's with impairment's as having imperfection's, or not being what we consider overall as the perfect example or image of humanity. What is perfection to me is basically the same as when one say's that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

When it come's to Mr. Paravicini's genius in music ... I see him as "Nature's Human Music Computer" ... top of the line ... and to me a real example of truely being an elitist in his field. Below first a video with a lil history on Mr. Paravicini, then the next video's ... some of his jazz work doing several classic cover's with his band ... "The Jazz Katz" at The Station Hotel Nutfield (UK 2008). And best of luck in your career Sir!


The Musical Genius: Derek Paravicini- Trailer ... Thanx to SOUTHBANK CENTRE

Derek Paravicini & the Jazz Katz July 6 2008 ... Thanx to NIXART

Derek Paravicini & the Jazz Katz April 20 2008 ... Thanx to NIXART



rita said...

Very fascinating stuff!
I have a severely Autistic nephew who makes amazing 3d objects out of paper. He never uses a ruler to make a straight edge but can cut paper with a pair of scissors so precisely that he once made a model of his 5 drawer dresser out of paper with drawers that would slide in and out. All he used was a pair of scissors some paper and Elmers glue & he is only 8 years old.
Although it is an amazing talent, unfortunately, it seems to be of little practical use, because my nephew can't focus long enough to look anyone in the eye or string together enough words to make a complete sentence.

Autism is fascinating & we are just getting to where we can understand it a little. It is amazing that for most of human history we have rejected these people as being sub human in a way, as severely retarded, or crazy, etc... when in reality most of their problems are a result of a profound lack of communication and or connecting with themselves & other human beings in a way that they can make themselves understood.
never look at an autistic person and think there is an unintelligent being there or even an unaware one.
OK I'll shut up now. :)

tim said...

Yeah, I've seen him before. Amazing
how the brain works. It's to bad we don't know how to unlock the potential in us all.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hi Rita!

Perfect story and example with your nephew indeed! This is something I have noticed many year's back, as far as folk's with some of these handicap's. Oh yes Rita ... not just our society, but many societies have rejected folk's and labeled them. Take Hitler's society ... a person like this would have been terminated or sterilized. Whether we realize it or not ... we all have some type of handicap in some way, on some task or such, some more than other's ... it's actually common in the species ... this gent is just a higher degree, or like your nephew. I have noticed many small task's on even folk's that are of the lowest IQ and techically retarded, and how they excell in a certain thing extraordinarily.

We have a pop culture plastic society, that look's at much stuff in a way that they are programmed by the rest of society ... you know ... the perfect look, smile, talk, etc ... as to what we see as superior ... we have even lost sight of those who are truely "elite" ... now ... "elitism" would be some clever hustling person of wealth, who does nothing creative, or even has any special talent ... and just buy's all their idea's and feed's off folk's that are smaller than them on the social ladder. This is why I constantly write how mnay of those we praise such as the corporate icon's or such, who we bow in their presence are not what they are made up to be.

Thanx for your input on this Rita ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Tim! ... Got to love some of his jazz piano work, heh? I mean ... this dude really cook's!

As far as unlocking the potential in all ... this will come in time as the specied evolves actually. The species is already capable of going to another level, but we are still rather primitive actually, as to where we should or could be by now, I dont have to tell you as to why we are where we are now, I mean ... even though we have accomplished much ... we actually could have accomplished way more by now, it's just those obstacle's that hold's us back. Another thing ... we focus too much on quantity instead of quality still, this is where the term "primitive" come's in, in my usage, and are very short sighted. It's almost like were reading a bunch of flash card's.

Even our educational system is really outdated, and only designed to rush folk's/ kid's through like cattle and into our designed machine to work to keep it running, school's are more of a factory than anything else, and they can be also done away with totally, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... what I call the "industrialized brain assembly", :) ... including government as we know it. And if you do have a certain potential ... there is alway's those at the top of the "meat rack" to buy it from you and capitaize for their own wealth off it ... turning it into a commodity of sort and marketing it.

Thank you for your voice here Guy ...

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Tim .... as far as the tamale recipe I sent ya via email ... that is the "real deal" ... and hope you are able to access the ingredient's needed ... but my guess is being close to Albany you should perhap's be able to find a Mexicano super mercado of sort. Down here in my neighborhood for instance ... we have very large mexicano market's, like major chain market's of USA ... so it is easy to access anything here as far as product's of Mexico. Enjoy!

tnlib said...

I've seen something about Derek before and other savants - on PBS I think. It really is a fascinating phenomena.

Damn, you need to post that recipe.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Afternoon Leslie!

Yes ... I just figured Derek's case would be interesting to include in the journal, although my interest in him over the last 5 year's hasnt really been over his disabilities ... but his superior ability to actually lock in any type music whatsoever, mixing, blending and improvising for various key's, octave's, etc ... I just love to listen to this guy especially do jazz in particular as in the last two video's I posted, and watch his hand's glide so smoothly over them key's. As you know from a past posting ... I am a big Jerry Lee Lewis (aka "The Killer") fan too ... and remember year's ago only being probably no more than 10'ft from him on stage while he played, watching the blur of his hand's, with his hair hanging down to his chin, pumping and sweating like a wiz on his piano ... my favourite was Jerry's Rock and Roll song's of course .. I considered him alway's as the true King of Rock and Roll, while most gave that title to Elvis.

BTW ... I just jetted you a copy of that recipe to your email!

Thanx for your input and visit Leslie ....

winsomedove said...

what an exceptional young man! love how he played all the orchestral stuff so it sounded like harp. truly amazing.

most of the gifted people (mostly musicians) i know suffer from severe anxiety/depression/add/adhd etc... one was actually a jazz pianist in boston in her younger days and now she writes these incredible cantatas for tons of instruments including vocals for chorale parts; she even wrote a part for an accordian in one. unfathomable to me, i lean more toward idiot than savant.

but i can cook... mmmm tamale

later sir, and thank you for expanding my horizons

and woot! i remembered to check the email follow-up box this time

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You Winsomedove for sharing your experience with those gifted and into music. Nowaday's girl ... we all have an atencion deficit disorder, the only people that dont have disorder's are shrink's (who diagnose everyone else) pharmaceutical dope pusher's, who make all the dope to peddle and make everyone normal or acceptable, and associate's, to milk the government diagnosing 100's of thousand's of inner city medicare/ caid kid's and saturating them with prescription's. Oop's .. maybe the kid's one day will revolt and come at them with knive's (Helter Skelter baby) :)

I dont really cook much girl, and the recipe for the tamale's was from familia/ amigo's. I can eat out also because it's cheap in Dallas actually, this city is known for restaraunte's too. However ... I am doing my duty now as I write this and downing some ice cold "Modelo's Especial" cerveza's/ beer! :) I know girl .... it's not healthy ... but the Marlboro Light Cigarette I'm smoking with it isnt healthy either ... or the fried chicken with cornbread I ate earlier, smothered in hot pepper sauce aint healthy either. :)

But if you care for that recipe, simply email me at the address here on the blog/ journal (gmail address) ... and I will jet you one. But also know, that actually making tamale's is a pain in the ass! I know first hand, believe me! :)

winsomedove said...

thanks for offering the recipe RC, i know what a pain it is to make tamales so i know i won't make them any time soon. i'm more of a one pot cook these days-chili is more my speed... or ribs.

no judging here for any of your habits. i quit smoking them marboros about 16 years ago-hardest thing i ever did. do still love a beer or two on occaision (like the sam adams i'm having now:) though.

no postings since last friday? hope all is well with you. later sir.

oh, loved watching jerry lee as a kid too.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Winsomedove .... congrat's on stopping smoking girl! I never tried ... but heard it's a bitch. I know 2 guy's who both quit for 10 year's then went back in stressful time's. But even if you didnt get no extra year's in life ... you will breathe cleaner and save a Hell of a good chunk of money actually. Hell girl ... I love Chili! ... that's the official dish of Texas ... President Johnson declared it as so. As far as weekend writing, my weekend's I'm usually out and working/ business ... drive hundred's of mile's, etc.

Later Winsomedove!