Friday, September 3, 2010

LOVE IS IN THE AIR PT.1: ... "Tough Love, Fireplace Romance, Organic Family Farms, and Facial Makeover's" ...

This posting will be called simply "Love is in the Air" ... and a look at 4 short video's all recent ... that show how loving and civilized and compassionate we can be at times, when we really give it our all, ... family value's, family organic farming, relationships, makeovers, can all root from ... the power of "Love". Ya'll have a GREAT "LABOR DAY" Weekend, and GOD BLESS AMERICA! :)

1) "TOUGH LOVE" Orange County Register: Man stabbed with ice pick; ex- girlfriend held

2) "FIREPLACE ROMANCE" (CNN) Woman dies in chimney

3) "ORGANIC FAMILY FARMS" OregonLive: Son robbed parents, then killed them at family farm near Salem

4) "FACIAL MAKEOVER" Seattle Times: Vancouver woman in acid attack recounts agonizing pain 



Prash said...

Martin Luther King, Jr. said
Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.

And I say, vice versa :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Prash ... Happy Labor Day Weekend Guy ... Shame on me ... I didnt even know Dr.King said that! :)

But your vice versa point is great too! Havent thought of that one ... thanx for sharing.

You can get to spend the Holiday Weekend in Manhattan ... you lucky dawg! :)

Prash said...

ah this weekend, my plans are more visiting Macy's and Bed, Bath and Beyond and go to a bank to open an account... the second weekend for me in NYC... need to visit a bit. I hope the weather is going to be good...

though the city is so familiar for me...the yellow cabs and the NYPC (all thanks to the American TV serials and hollywood) and then skyscrapers of Hong Kong is something I got used to for the past four years... all i need is to spot out my own liking areas and places and then friends ...

you have a long weekend too.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ahhhh ... you bring back ole memories Guy ... when I think of the City I think of the color's yellow and red ... being in traffic that is ... and looking at the endless line's in front of you of yellow from the cabbies, and red from the brake light's! :)

Not sure about the weather, but that Hurricane/ storm just hit the southeast coast, and will make's it's way north as it peter's out .. so the City may get some rain's over the Holiday weekend(?)

Yeah ... I hear ya Guy .... on the shopping too ... I mean ... I havent even thought about that ... the fact that you just got into town not long ago ... and you probably didnt bring a truckload of furnishing's and accessories with ya from Hong Kong ... so you have the task of getting thing's for the home too.

You'll find some great social gathering place's and haunt's to choose from in time, I'm sure!

Also ... get to know the subway's there ... they are the quickest way around town actually, and a saving's compared to the cab's. I rode their system daily, when I lived in the city (London's "Tube" too) ... but that's New York's best way to get around in my opinion.

Have fun Prash! :)

Prash said...

Thanks a lot, Ranch, for your inputs and advices for this city. Actually, we have a container(149 carton boxes) is on its way in the shipping. The estimated arrival is 1st weekend of october !!! until then, we are camping in our new empty flat. Our flat in Hong Kong was a three bedroom 130 sqm flat and here in NYC it is one bedroom 54 sqm... :-) so, u see, we need to use the maximum use of space here and more work in settling down than in hong kong... so far, i am taking the bus and walking a lot. I took couple of times the subway, it is ok, i prefer the parisian subway though... not to mention the best one in the world is the ones in Singapore and Hong Kong.

the hurricane didn't hit new york so far... so no sign of rain (let it be like this ...)

have a nice weekend you too.