Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA: ... Calling the GAME on Failure, Fact's Vs. Blind Faith ... PART 1

I try to be as fair and unbiased as I can in this journal, but also have a responsibility to it, to point out factual truth's in our societies. This speech that the President made the other day to student's, is so on the money and factual ... that I cant even point out as much in so few word's and as excellent as he done here. This short televised speech, has got to be one of the best he has ever gave in my opinion, better than those "State of the Union" piece's and weekly addresses that he give's while wearing one of his mainstream suit's, with the flag pin on the lapel, and necktie, that most of the masses seem more concerned with ornamentation, and fashion's, fancy pop culture cliches, than substance in a speech. Does he sound frustrated? Your damn right he does ... and has every reason to be, considering all the political garb he has to put up with, instead of serious issue's, from a deadwood bunch of slacking jackasses he has to work with ,who seem many to care more about their popularity and plastic neo patriotism, and their bonus support's from lobbyist's (including monitary), than they frankly do of our country ... and as long as we continue to give them paycheck's and support ... what inspiration or motive would they have to want to retire, or find another job?

But this speech was a must post, to get a clear look at what not only our President is up against, but the nation ... he call's the "game" here so correctly, and talk's more truth than I hear out of many in the political arena. No fancy buzz phrases that we seem to adore ... just the plain reality of the condition. Then I will add some comment's as well ... but ... this was an excellent speech clip Sir ... and THANK YOU for all your hard work and especially your tolerance through this mess and cesspool.

CNN: Obama blasts GOP in speech to youth before 2010 midterm elections ... Thanx to CNN

First of all, I am a voting democrat these day's, but not because I think democrat or have anything much in common with many even democrat voter's ... I dont really care about either party much ... but vote this way strictly because of the current condition and issue's, and the fact that if you dont vote for one of these two parties, your vote is pointless, so due to the current state of the state along with several borderline crisises now or to come, I vote with who has policies that work in the best interest of the nation, not a party, nor do I vote based on pop culture promotion's, such as race, gender, sexuality or religion preference, none have a thing to do with job qualification's or performance. There are no truely significant alternative parties, and this Tea Party is NOT an alternative , as much as just a group of disgruntled republican's, and frankly if they gained power enough to be the one's who had to deal with our current issue's, would be like 3 blind mice, and so overwhelmed with the problem's, wouldnt even be able to keep a level head, they cant even keep one now, not even in power, getting all choked up over nonsense. As a matter of fact, I am very bipartisan, being that I am very conservative (more than most conservative's of 2010) on issue's like taxation, economic's, especially free market (which the market's of 2010 are everything but free, who most republican's support) and I'm very supportive of the smaller corporate sector's, and very conservative on being pro defense and military, and very much pro gun/ arm's right's, again much more than most conservative's ... I simply wouldnt put up with the nonsense that we do, and let mega corporation's decide on what countries to invade, nor would I do business with countries that violate human right's on every level as we do now. On other issue's such as a woman's right to choice, sexuality issue's, same sex marriage, art's, music, etc ... I am far more liberal than most liberal's in the USA on all these, that most folk's would call me an extreme leftist, heathen and every other title related. As far as religion ... I am very pro choice of one's right to worship as they choose, however ... I believe in keeping religion out of politic's and business ... and I am for strict taxation of all religious institution's, personally ... I am a spiritual man, not a religious man ... and I keep my spirituality in my home and my church, I have been with the same church now for 3 decade's. I am for smallest government that the circumstance's will allow, but realize in a country of 2010 with 300 million population, along with the current state of the globe, that you need more government than before, and also someone has to pay taxes beside's just the bottom 90% of the population, and without taxes we would go in the sewer.

I also want to add, that this President Obama is the hardest working President I have seen in my 54 year's here ... the most constitutionally supportive President, and knowledgeable on such ... a big fan of even President Abe Lincoln (an original conservative). President Obama is also a man who has lived and displayed the American Dream, and has a sense of patriotism that has seemed to vanish from this country, he has proven that the people can choose, and that you can get support from people as far as campaign contribution's, and support that even made corporate icon's tremble the last election as far as how much he raised from the people, as well as had top conservative's like his opponent Sen. John McCain appalled during the run ... because this President wanted to pay his own way, instead of using the Presidential campaign fund ... imagine that ... a republican being upset of a man (Obama) who didnt want to use welfare and government money, this same conservative, McCain, also when asked how many home's that he owned ... didnt know and had to check with his accountant ... he also had the plan to save the economy as well as health care reform ... all jotted down in ink on a scratch pad piece of paper on how to resolve all these issue's ... with a partner running mate(Palin) ... that said she can see Russia from her porch at home ... who want's basically to drill the entire artic region till the cow's come home (or the polar bear's leave town)... which also now is going to be fought over between 4 or so countries (including the USA and Russia) because all the ice is melting from a warming global climatic change, and what hasnt melted is currently being broken up with mega breaker's of Russia, to help accelerate the melting, who cant even wait to get the drill platform's in place, ... a lil added preview on what's to come in the near future I may add, that you dont hear about yet, but will be quite an issue to come.

It is downright shameful that our President with all the work order's that have been thrown on his desk, the international issue's, as well as the two war's that were a bonus gift to him and failing economy, as well as an inbox from Hell, has to even spend time, to try to explain to American's of the "game" we have had to play because of partisan Washington politic's ... and the rigged hand that we have been dealt in this game as American's. Nor has our President had any fair amount of time to make his plan work, nor cooperation from those who vowed that they would help him, and put aside politic's for the best interest of America ... these same people that have shoved all this on our President, including ridiculous timeline's for completion, have shown through their action's to be everything but patriotic to America ... which is the body of the people, and have created obstacle's for their own personal agenda's. I cant stress the importance of keeping this particular party (democrat)and administration in power, if we want any sign of some relief, you simply cannot do all in a couple year's ... all the math and fact's clearly show you that, and nothing worth anything come's easy or free.

Another importante point President Obama bring's up here ... is letting special interest's that may have a homebase in America, but have no international boundaries as far as finance, or business, who write's and legislate's all their own law's and rule's as they see fit, and just spend's million's on politician's around the globe to promote their agenda's ... let continue to do so without no interference from the rest of the arena, no competition, no oversight, with a plan that has became more of a power game than having to do with money, because they have all the majority of wealth to begin with ... is downright silly to think you could trust them ... they are HUMAN ... and have typical human flaw's and weaknesses of their own ... it would be as stupid as putting a group of hardcore heroin addict's, in a room full of heroin and needle's, and cooking cup's ... with no oversight at all ... and telling them to limit their usage to 2 cap's only per day ... realizing that they will eventually overdose soon, the same with this international iconic finance group will do, and self destruct at their own hand's eventually and fail ... and when they do ... they will take us all down with them, because they were just too big to fail. The economic proposal's of the Republican's/ Tea Party would do exactly that is my point. Failure and loss in this game has already showed us it's face once before with the last administration, so the fact's are clear and present, any ignoring this would simply be based on blind faith.






Well done post RC. I read it twice to see if I had any words of wit or wisdom to add but you covered everything. For once I am left speechless.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx You for your input here Truthmeni ... I as well was left speechless after hearing President Obama in this address ... I simply hadnt heard anything in the last couple year's that summed up everything without "If's, And's, and But's" being tossed in as windowdressing or sugar coating, as the President done so well here ... it's an unfortunate reality. It seem's almost like the 2 parties have reversed role's on what they stand for over the last couple decade's as well ... being that the liberal party is NOW the most patriotic to America's interest ... but that's how politic's work's I reckon. The GOP simply dont stand for America as it once did. Even though I realize time's are tough currently for many American's ... I am also looking at the flip side and grateful that McCain/ Palin are not in charge.