Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TEA PARTY PATRIOT'S: ... and the "Deceptive Influence's of CORPORATE NEO-COMMUNISM PT.1" ...

This is to take a look at what many folk's in America look at as a grassroot's movement and alternative to mainstream politic's. Many American's have been angry as Hell over the representation in Washington and rightfully so. Because both of these polarizing side's ... of the left and the right are basically bought and paid for by special interest's to some degree. The first video of these Tea Party Patriot's is to take a look at what they stand for and want ... and many on both side's want these basic's. Then I will add a few word's of my own.

The Tea Party Across America- TeaPartyPatriots.org ... Thanx to TEAPARTYMOVIE

This is the first posting I done on this party because I didnt know much about them at first, so I been taking a closer look at this party over the last month. Mostly to examine their agenda more than anything. Most of the opposition to this party, has not looked into much of this ... and mainly just spend's their time looking at the freakshow part's to entertain themselves, and point out thing's like them being racist's, bigot's, or other pop culture left wing opposition rant's ... but even many of those on the left havent taken a serious look at any of this, and basically yack, yack, yack about the same senseless shit their opponent's do on the right, of frankly nonsense that has no substance to it ... so and so said this ... so and so said that ... back and forth from one party to the other.

This party sure ... is a grassroot's movement ... even getting many small donation's from frustrated people like President Obama received in his campaign ... so they have taken off pretty swiftly and made some notice of it and are getting mega atencion now. One thing I noticed ... is what the Tea Party stand's for, and want's ... but they have presented no solid solution's on how to achieve it ... no blueprint. Take when the health care reform was going on ... most knew nothing of the bill/ plan, but said they opposed "everything" in the plan, a plan that is twice the size of the Holy Bible, more complex than it, and full of pork, and heavily influenced by at least $80+ billion of pharma/ insurance dollar's (money they were willing to put up on this, not actually spent), a rushed through bill for political reason's that hasnt even done anything yet ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... even most who drafted it dont understand it yet, so how could you possibly say that you oppose everything in the bill? ... yet called it socialism, government takeover of health care, believing that death panel's would be formed, etc., and of course the objective of those who spent billion's to manipulate it, got what they wanted ... which was NO competition or public option ... the people got a few bone's thrown to them, but not as much. The same thing that republican's complained about, but were not having much success on convincing American's. But no one seemed to know anything about the health care reform or bill ... or frankly nothing about how anything work's, but like most American's, get info from their media source's on the evil's/ wrong's of the opposition ... yet ... not knowing exactly what they are protesting/ opposing, how the system work's, or having any solution's of how to achieve any change.


THE TEA PARTY & THE CIRCUS- Final Healthcare Reform Protest ... Thanx to NEW LEFT MEDIA

The Tea Party now is basically not an alternative to anything, but another group of people that have been deceived and hijacked again by what I call corporate neo-communism. A power that has in the last decade taken over everything, and throw money into everything to influence politic's, media, war's, etc. What folk's do not see, is how this deceptive influence has even taken over this once grassroot's movement ... and are now manipulated by the same corporate/ special interest's that has been able to manipulate everything else. This influence has been losing faith in the political pocket puppet's they have been taking care of ... and know that American's still have the power of the vote and a constitution, so how to appease the voter's better than support a grassroot's movement indirectly through media's (and far less expensive compared to the amount's they had to shell out over thing's like health care reform, or to foreign government's to push their agenda's, so these power's of influence are very "cheap" as well), with the same value's of the right and extreme right. Their objective ... is to convince America that they truely represent American interest's and value free market, and freedom from government takeover ... and most importantly to insure the least amount of any government oversight of them, their investment's, and trade policies, etc. The GOP has not delivered as much as they want and has fumbled the ball too much. This is another back door move basically by corporate influence to present a new look and package of the same thing folk's been getting all along. And YES ... it is ALL corporate influenced ... who do you think bankroll's the major media's where all these people get their information?

The same people that these Tea Party folk's support out of desperation and anger, are the same people that have created a global market arena that is everything but free. They are the same people that support countries and bankroll them that violate human right's on every level, the same people that bankroll their mega religious institution's ... the same people that have dictated the most unfair and unbalanced trade practice's in modern civilisation ... the same people that have already had death panel's in American health care through their insurance system long before the term "death panel" became a pop culture term ... the same people that we financed through bailout's recently that are over abundant in capital now, and have diverted most of the money to new foreign offshore investment's and now wont even loan back any of it for that matter when America need's a bailout in their smaller financial institution's ... yet spend million's on prime time advertisement's of themselves ... the same people that have us fighting these corporate manufactured war's such as in Afghanistan to enrich China from it's resources ... the same people that bankroll and buy out and control every smaller corporation not just of America, but the entire world. So when American's say they want freedom from this take over of government ... have a clear understanding of what your supporting and placing your trust in ... and why they want your support.

The only political party right now that can make any of this ride American's are going through smoother are the democrat's ... and even they are controlled to an extent politically. But there is currently no significant political movement that is truely controlled by the people period, or no actual voice of the people for that matter, that can actually do anything. The same with all the frustration from democrat's over this current administration, who are asking this President to do more than he can actually do in the time frame given and with the tool's and workcrew's he has to do it with. We have a low tolerance level as well ... and those who control know all our weaknesses and are alway's one step ahead of us, and have far more power and wealth than any of us. This will change in time as I have wrote time and again and collapse eventually ... but it will at it's own hand's destroy itself. Those that control this mess are also acting out of desperation ... and that is why it has been costing them so much across the board to preserve what they dont want to lose control over ... and they have the capital to do it ... and most of the world's wealth ... but even they wont be able to sustain and preserve what they once had.

But understand that the Tea Party doesnt have a solution to our problem's now and to soon come ... nor do the democrat's or republican's ... and the current administration is doing every damn thing they can to try to get thing's smoothed out to some degree ... and the programme of the GOP as well as the Tea Party is to repeal financial regulation and oversight, and trusting the corporate influence's to govern themselves without any interference from government's/ people ... and we seen what that will lead to, when the last administration gave them a shot by deregulating them totally ... the GOP now and soon the Tea Party will also propose that the privatization of Social Security will also help economic woe's and make us investor's and give us financial freedom, but it would only produce more financial and social problem's even deeper than we have now... and believe me ... you sure as Hell dont want to hand that over as well to the so called free market private sector, especially with no oversight and no international border's anymore with this new global market arena ... just look at what they done to us financially over the last decade. The Tea Party does have an agenda, but has no solution's, and have been completely deceived and hijacked through corporate programming, which is nothing more than neo-communism. They have became prey of the same power's and system's of corruption they think they are opposing.



Cyc said...

Thank you for stopping by. And I agree entirely with what you are saying. The Tea Party has become nothing more then a marionette for the corporations to push what they want into action. It is pathetic that people will be caught up by simple chants of blind patriotism and self righteousness. That they are hijacking and rewriting history to read what they want (such as in the Texas board of education as a minor example, but using the names of the founders to speak what they want to speak. And it all works because generally, people has not read or know what the founding fathers wanted.)

I agree that this is wrong and needs to be stopped, I just hope that someone can...

Ranch Chimp said...

Lone Star Greeting's Cyc!

Thanx for your input here, and I must say you sum thing's up fairly well. As far as the Texas school board stunt ... I done I believe a 2 part series on it called "Texas Bored (Board) of Education" (luckily because of new innovative printing technologies, most state's will not have to adopt or buy any of these book's if they choose not) similar title, which consist's of a few slithering culprit's who pull backdoor stunt's on these thing's like founding father talk, or creationism as a debate for evolution and other petty nonsense they sneak by folk's to try to pollute children's mind's, no different actually than a form of child abuse. Blind Patriotism and Self Righteousness is other BS that plague's not only our masses in large number's, but our representation, who I label with "Plastic Patriotism". Nothing against our founding father's or folk's belief's ... but these topic's are alway's created to serve agenda's of political policies as far as bringing up what so and so wanted centuries ago ... America in the 21st century is not what it was in the 18/ 19th centuries, no more than Rome is now what it was in the 4/ 5th centuries, etc ... and relying on these phrases only keep's you in the same rut, not moving to change and adopt to the new social order's of the time's and to come. I frankly for instance dont give a shit if President Obama wear's a flag pin on the lapel of his blazer or not ... true patriotism come's from within ... he is actually more patriotic than former President GW Bush for that matter, as example, nor did I ever care if he was even born in Hawaii, Kansas, or Kenya or on Mars for that matter. As far as being "wrong" ... I understand how you use the word/ term in this comment ... I dont really see anything as right/ wrong, and see only action/ reaction and human nature, I also believe in fighting fire with fire so to speak, and really know how to bring about change, and quickly, but know as well it cannot happen with the mindset of the people at this point in time. The Tea Party comparing themselves to the Tea Party folk's of America's distant past is more blind BS ... there is no comaparison whatsoever. And ... of course ... following the blind will not make you see any clearer. :)

Thanx Guy ....

Demeur said...

RC good post and I'm glad you understand what's going on. You will also note that their whole purpose right now is to regain power. And it's almost laughable when republicans work with democrats on a bill only to turn around and vote against the very thing they said they were for. It's all about defeating Obama and the heck with anyone else.

As for the Texas book scandal I feel sorry for the kids who go through that system and may want to attend college out of state. They're going to have a very difficult time. Fortunately we have the internet and kids are smart enough to use it.

The truly sad part of this is that people believe what the Tea Party says without fact checking. Have a neighbor who came up to me during the health care debate ranting about death panels. I told her that was a lie what was being debated was about life directives when you can't make your wishes known to your doctor. I have one would you like to see it? She shut up after that.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Demeur!

Appreciate your concern on the Texas school book thing, but so far it's been alot of hoopla and havent seen a damn thing done yet ... beside's ... Texas has hundred's of independent school district's, and is very diversified, socially, culturally, politically ... so the idea that some small nutcase group of Texas urban exile's who live in rural town's they've taken over are just going to mozy on into the Capitol and take over is silly, and if they think they will, man oh man, are they in for a suprise, tell some Texan like me your going to tell my kid what to think or believe, especially to my face, ya'll better take that shit back home or to church and keep it there! :)

Frankly Demeur ... I understand the frustration on the part like debating with your neighbor ... I will hear anyone out, but when they lack to know what they are talkin about, I wont debate anything, it's pointless, and I dont care if they see my point of view on it. So alot I simply wont debate on certain ground's, take's up too much valuable time in a way I reckon.

I know damn well from reading your posting's you have a very clear view on reality .... I have read everything over the last year or so that you posted.

BTW ... I posted another video since you commented on Tea Party member's from their own lip's of some of their opinion's on health care reform, which clearly show's where they got their information from according to their own testimonies.

Thanx for your input Guy ....