Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SGT.MATTHIS CHIROUX: ..."Unsung Heroes" ... "Phoney Politic's/ Prosperity, and Plastic Corporate Manufactured War's"

For this posting, it will focus on the unsung heroes who are looked at as traitor's by many American's due to pop culture propaganda, the mistreatment of many of our defender's/ military personel, even state sponsored police brutality and outright disrespect to our defender's/ heroes, how the people in our country today are not heard or even acknowledged in many cases by our political representation. And a look at what I call corporate manufactured warfare, phoney plastic politic's and prosperities. I also want to credit Mr.Tim Waters of the blogsite "Scared Stiff" for bringing Sgt.Chiroux and his mission to my atencion through his blog. I know much of this is "old", anything over 6 month's in our nation is forgotten and swept under the rug ... but for me ... we should NEVER forget. More here on Sgt. Chiroux. Our programme is to bitch politely in a non offensive manner for a week or two, then slap on our "smiley face's", change the subject to other nonsensical bullshit of who got pregnant, or who is sleeping with who, or an array of time wasting rant's over a bunch of political folk's, that do nothing, done nothing, and frankly dont seem to have the ambition to do anything, but make ass print's in their seat's, and have no integrity whatsoever ... nothing more than a more upscale version of a mouthpiece that sell's you a used lemmon car, that's worthless.

This first video below is US Army Sgt. Matthis Chiroux giving his perspective on the war's we are currently engaged in and other's, and his reason's for refusing to be deployed to Iraq after serving in already a few other countries ( A man I also admire I will add). I also want to state that I am NOT anti defense/ military at all, and very pro military at that. I have a nephew Marine Sgt. who served two tour's in Iraq, a niece 18 yr's old(US Army) in training currently about to be deployed to Afghanistan, who actually joined the Army to just get a college education her single mom couldnt afford, my father(US Army) is a WW2 vet, 2 cousin's that are Viet Nam vet's (US Army and Marines), and the day after I turned 17, I went to the local US Navy recruiting office to enlist, during a war and draft .. I failed my written test, passed my physical though, had scheduled to retake my written a few month's later, but was in jail a few month's later, for a criminal offense that I was later acquitted on.

'US military spreading death' ... Thanx to RT

This next video is from a anti war demonstration during the McCain/ Obama presidential run off political show ... where several vet's wanted to ask the candidate's question's on the war's and treatment of veteran's, where even one Iraq veteran Nick Morgan, was face stomped by a horse hoof of crowd control police and injured, as well as several veteran's being arrested, just for attempting to ask the Presidential candidate's these question's. And this is shameful!

Nick Morgan trampled by police horse at Presidential Debate ... Thanx to NIKO MB

Being pro military and defense ... it is difficult for me to post this kind of thing emotionally. But I must to show the flip side of the political bullshit we are fed, as far as war and capitalism , to maintain our pop culture herd mentality. Those who know me personally, knew how since the beginning of the invasion of Iraq I was opposed to this war ... and I actually believed that Saddam had WMD even ... why? ... because I knew what kind of ruthless dealer he was ... and also knew that he had Chem/ Bio warfare scientist's on the payroll, and a history of a few stunt's he already pulled. But I also knew he wasnt a player in the petro/ oil corporate world and despised by many in that industry for selling on the black market's only, and not being a team player, and even more, they hated the fact that he may be sitting on 30% of the world reserve's. In Afghanistan currently ... I understand how the Taliban has kept folk's in that country in the gutter for year's ... but I also knew of the contract's that China won a few year's back during the Bush/ Cheney administration to mine all the copper and billion's in other resource's out of Afghanistan with railway's currently being built going into China only. Which in my opinion ... China should be fighting this war in Afghanistan, since they will mine it, and will benefit from it. I also been opposed to our ass kissing in Pakistan for year's and involvement ... and bitched about it at least a decade ago, when I found out that their government we support, even their nuclear arsenal ... had let the Taliban take over their public school system and turned it into a religious school system ... where basic education is not taught, but a full day of religious indoctrination and anti west programming.

I have looked at all the corporate influence on war's of today ... and even the overpriced privatization of military and defense contracting with our tax dollar's, as well as being outright robbed of billion's in cash , while a lack of appropriate funding for our own military, even sending them into combat at first with defective Humvee's letting them fall to attack's of roadside mine's/ bomb's, to the neglect within our VA ... which now from enough outcry of American's ... has been drastically improved ... and thank's to the current President Obama and this administration. Yesterday we were told by our President and other's ... that all combat forces are out of Iraq ... and the war will be over in Afghanistan next year. Well ... that's nice ... and wishful optimistic thinking ... and great for election's of course ... however ... I am not quick to believe one word of it. I'm kinda like that slogan for the State of Missouri ... "Show Me". :)
And this isnt to attack our President ... I am one who may disagree with some thing's he does or say's ... but mostly in support for this man, and have even supported him since before he was a Presidential candidate ... because he is a Lone Ranger type in thinking. But I also realize that the corporate influence of today is far more powerful than any of our political representation, and our rep's are mostly hand picked by them and backed financially by them.

The disrespect to American's by our representation in recent year's has been enormous .... overall we have been shut out for several year's by both side's and even many silenced in our so called free speech country through media, propaganda, political correctness, herd mentality programming, endless hypocrisy, buying religious sect's to start domestic conflict's, and all the rest of the related bullshit American's are finally waking up to. I look at Sgt. Chiroux actually as an unsung hero along with his associate's ... and admire the perspective he show's us of the condition. I dont see this man or any of these as traitor's ... even though many of the programmed folk's of pop culture will. I am very strongly for defending our country and ground firmly ... but I dont see any evidence whatsoever in recent year's that were benefiting anyone but major corporate influence's ... who have already milked us as I posted back in 2008, of all our surplus, and much of our bailout generosity even went to foreign offshore investment's ... mega tele advertising, name's on ball park stadium's, and even our own most patriotic small businesses and truely elite entrepreneurial folk's who even employ 3 quarter's of the population, have been shut out by these mega finance icon's who 2 year's ago told us we would all go to Hell in a handbasket if we didnt give them all our money ... as I posted, we would not, but many American's are so full of fear, and constantly threatened through lies and propaganda, that they buy this nonsense, or feel so obligated to follow the herd's of politic's they belong to.

I also am supportive of when Sgt.Chiroux speak's of his willingness to go that extra mile and start a revolt that may include violence as well. I personally feel our country need's to be more pro active in getting actual change and result's, and be far more aggressive and defiant. Im not against defending our country ... if a country threaten's and/ or actually attack's us or our allies ... I would retaliate with extreme prejudice and very swift, to the point where unlike now ... you would have no question on whether if we won or not, and it WOULD NOT drag on for year's, with the least amount of our troop's being killed, and more dependent on high tech drone's and other defense ... nor ... would I frankly give a rat's ass about rebuilding it ... as far as I'm concerned ... when you attack mine and our's on our turf ... and declare war against me and our's ... you are my enemy ... there is no talk, diplomacy, endless word's and script's of bullshit, political pandering or any of the other nonsense ... only action/ reaction. But also I am 110% against these corporate manufactured war's, all fully paid for by American's tax dollar's and lives, not their's ... of going into these countries for cheap labour, and raping them of their resource's and forcefeeding them our way's and culture, manufacturing corrupt government's who will be puppet's for us with monitary influence.

I see so many Iraqi's today ... lining the street's for day labour, and cant even compete with the thousand's of corporate sponsored immigrant's that were brought into the country from elsewhere's since our invasion of it ... who cant even get a decent day's pay ... or a job for that matter. So many Iraqi's who also put their lives on the line helping our troop's and saving many of our troop's lives in the process, have been declined to be able to migrate to the USA by our government, after all they done for our defender's/ soldier's ... but instead we bring in this country over a million a year from abroad, corporate and government sponsored to fill our position's/ job's, many that require degree's, that our children go damn near into bankruptcy by their late 20's just to get their college degree's. Instead programmed through political bullshit to rant about some fraction amount of Mexican/ Central American migrant worker's coming into our country illegally, and telling that ... these are who are taking our job's, when those that are corporate and legislatively brought in legally are way more of a threat to employment, if you actually look at the math, instead of what the 6:00 O'clock news and your parties tell you to think.

This is the REALITY ....



Tim said...

Nice post and thanks for the shoutout.
I wonder who write the scripts they all follow. We both know it's a controlled world. Just once it would be refreshing to have a newsbroadcast that tells the truth without slant and agendas.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Tim!

Well ... I'm sure they try to do their best, and sure there is no shortage of folk's to write, their just put in that position to where like ... you do what your told or get replaced. After two and a half year's online ... I find it a lil difficult to find news/ media that dont seem to have a slant to it, as far as the mainstream, you know? I go with CNN alot because they seem a tad more in the middle of the road. I mean .. FOX will have the "right" slant, MSNBC has the "left" slant, etc. And everything is black and white, there is no "grey", even the outsider's they call "Teabag's" are nothing more than a overdressed "right". And so many are looking for a "racist" under every rock, everybody is a damn racist now, regardless of what race you are. You have people that on the left that want to embrace religious extremeist's of one religion, and attack them of another religion, yet both religion's are extreme, degrade women and homesexual's, culture's etc ... but they will only acknowledge one does, the other they wont say nothing about because they know they may get killed, so they like coward's pick on the less extreme, they are so trapped in a mental state of conformity. Even if you go to many blog's, you almost know what they are going to say ... on the left, it is constant talk about,Beck, Buchanan, etc, on the right it is talk about Obama, Pelosi, etc ... so and so said this ... so and so said that ... and of course the endless array of comment's on each side, that the other is evil, and their good etc. It's like endless, dude.

Later Tim ... thanx for your input dude ....

Ranch Chimp said...

I visited one blog for instance, several time's Tim, that I linked to through Infidel (Infidel is actually quite "universal" and cover's quite a variety) but this link ... female blogger, I wont mention here .. is supposedly atheist for instance ... yet almost everything on her blog is about Jesus .. and I mean everything dude ... I see more Jesus shit on there than in a church! :) I shit you not! ... It's kind of hilarious in a way. I know if I go to a christian blogger of course ... they will say how right and wonderful the bible is, then say they are against oppression of women, homosexual's or such, yet will embrace a book (both Quran and the Bible) that clearly say's that women are servant's and slave's, and homosexual's should be slaughtered ... then they will say it's (book) wonderful ... yet their opposed to violence ... How twisted is that dude? Some of that "bi-polar" shit you hear so much about these day's I reckon. :)

tnlib said...

There was a time when the media did present the news objectively. But Nixon put them on his enemies list because the liberal media was out to get him. ; ) Now I guess they (media) are trying to make up for it because they have fallen way over the other way.

Good post, RC. I just don't have any ideas how we can crawl out of this rut. It's one huge problem.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Greeting's Leslie(TNlib)!

Like you ... I dont have any idea of how to get out of any of this, I know it's huge, and am happy to see alot more media that is inde.

Pres. Nixon ... Geeeez ... that's been awhile! I cant recall much about him only because I didnt even listen to the news back then, or could frankly tell anyone the difference between a dem and a rep then. He was Pres. when I went to the Naval office to enlist though ... I think a couple year's later ... around 1975 or so, he had pulled all the troop's out of Nam. But I recall hearing a bunch of stuff about Watergate, impeachment, etc, etc ... just didnt pay much atencion to it.(I didnt really care about politic's then, or even attended them anti war protest's that were popular then) I imagine he made alot of poor folk's happy back then ... he started a programme for food stamp's, before that ... poor folk's lined up outside gvmnt building's for food ration's in gvmnt wrapping's/ can's I remember, of food. This enabled folk's to actually go into a store with food stamp's and buy food that everyone else was able to buy with cash, regular store purchased good's that is.

On writing or blogging ... well ... I'm a nobody, with no agenda, not even a writer for that matter, or have anyone to answer to, or make any money off it, etc, etc. So ... I am free to write whatever just pop's up in my head, and it will have no effect on any of the masses anywayz. But no ... as I was discussing on Infidel's blog comment's and I believe a tad on your's ... I couldnt do it for maney from some political group or whatever ... because it would comtaminate my thought, having to cater/ conform to who is paying me ... it's digusting to me, that I have to allow commercial's as it is on my blog, that come with video's I post, but dont know how to block them out. I mean ... I dont do this to make a buck, or to advertise bulk junk product's or such. My guess is that in a few year's many folk's will be weeding out and many more regulation's on what you can say/ write .. because some large influence's will try to censor everything more, as their now doing in countries abroad, or at least experimenting in.

Recently I just completed a house cleaning of this journal and deleted about 200 posting's (over a couple month's) actually to reduce it's size, and take out thing's that didnt cut the mustard I felt, as far as any substance or whatever.

Thanx for your voice here Leslie ....