Thursday, September 2, 2010

X-RAY SPEX: ... "I am a Cliche" ... "Identity" ... "Oh Bondage, Up Yours"


This music posting is to honour one of punk music's most outstanding, unique and original sounding band's ... "X-Ray Spex" , that seemed to stay in the shadow's for year's. I have touched on this band in earlier posting's, but decided to do a 3 song compilation post of them. I have so many love's as far as music, and had the opportunity to explore the punk scene's of Dallas, New York, and London ... of alot of the 1970's/ 1980's group's, which was a real treat and experience, and quickly fell in love!

But this group's history is summed up in the above link ... these 3 short piece's are from the 1970's, but they also regrouped year's after, and done recent performance's. A really raw, fresh, and unique sound, with a sweet blend of excellent saxaphone work, great percussion's and bass mix, guitar chord riff's ... and such a powerful style of vocal work that blend's it all from one of my all time favourite vocalist's Ms. Poly Styrene! But for raw, energetic great punk with no nonsense approach ... it dont get much better or unique as this crew! And THANX Ya'll for all the great music and show's! These video's are short, raw, and some of their earliest composition's and finest work's! Enjoy! ....



3) X Ray Spex Oh Bondage Up Yours Subtitulada (HD) ... Thanx to tama1266


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winsomedove said...

glad i had time to visit today sir, that was fun; songs are a little long for punk tho =). i remember x-ray spex because of the horns -why i'll always love ska...

Prash said...

punk is not my kind of music though I love 70s and 80s music. You know, I always tell my friends that I wish I was in my 20s in the late 60s and 70s for various reasons...:-)


I loved punk. I can still play most of the Dead Boys (my favorite) and Sex Pistols songs on my boy's guitar. Only need three strings.

The Dickies were great also.

I'd never seen these guys. Nice vids RC.

Tim said...

Oddly enough I liked them. I didn't think I would, gave them and chance and didn't throw up. lol
Any band that still plays a okay with me.
God I must be going through the change.;)

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Winsomedove!

I figured you heard of this crew as well Dear! That saxaphone just blend's so well with this group, and alot of folk's simply in punk music didnt incorporate thing's like that. Poly's vocal work is truely very powerful in their live performance's, it add's a flavour that just blend's perfectly. Well September is finally here Grrrlll, my guess is that the weather is great in Boston this time!

Laters .... :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Style Greeting's Judge Truth!

Wow! .... Dead Boys! ... I havent heard of them in awhile, and thanx for reminding me ... they were quite a crew themselves. My partner (Passed away about 5 year's back) Greg "Spike" Guerrant, was a big fan of the Dead Boys actually, as well as another Ohio crew named Devo. There is such a long line of great musician's that are rooted from Ohio as well, if you ever noticed, in a variety of music categories! I dont know what it is with Ohio(?) but the list of great music out of there is really something! I heard of doing Sex Pistols with 3 chord's ... but never 3 string's, that is really unique your Honour! Another great of course, that took off huge, based on one record (of course later reformed and done other's). Punk venue's was one of the categories of entertainment I had opportunity to explore quite a bit of "live" year's back in USA and UK. What was really appealing too, is small personal enviroment's of these place's, and the looseness of show's and atmosphere ... which had an appeal that was so unique. Glad you enjoyed Truth!

Later Guy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Nocturnal Greeting's Prash!

Actually Prash, even though those year's bring back some harsh memories from the civil right's movement to the lengthy Viet Nam War, for some ... those actually were some great year's to experience. The thing so great about the 1970's too, music wise ... was it was not so mega corporate controlled and influenced then, and FM radio just took off, and many group's from R&B, to rock to disco, that were starting to take form ... actually done and produced what they wanted to, and radio wasnt saturated with selling you every product under the sun back then. I mean ... like nowaday's you have to resort to sattelite radio to get anything halfway like that! The major corporate influence today has even taken over so much of the production .. and unlike based on your talent of how well you do like back then ... if your on a major label today ... it is almost total dictatorship by them. But yes ... there were many advantage's and great thing's about those time's. Hope you are enjoying your new home and neighborhood in Manhattan Guy!

I'll be droppin by! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Tim!

Oh ... it's not change Tim ... just them local yokel's in Upstate New York driving you batty, Dude! (just kiddin) ... Again ... YES ... that Sax does do some serious work in this crew. Probably one of the greatest display of sax and horn section's in music that I ever heard/seen live, would have to be James Brown ... and GEEEEZZZ ... what a Hell of a showman, his music was a category by itself, I'll tell you! ... I mean his crew was so tight Dude .. my first record's as a child were actually James Brown in the 1960's(45's) ... as a matter of fact ... James Brown was who basically inspired my love for music period.

Glad you enjoyed Tim!