Friday, July 9, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA in Kansas City ... a look at "Multitasking" and "Workplace Team Play" ....

This is a short video clip of the President in Kansas City(MO) recently and some issue's he had to talk about concerning the workplace and team play. And then a few word's I wanted to add on this, as well as multitasking in today's workplace.

President Obama says the Republican party ran the economy into a ditch ... Thanx to iGOTNEXTBLOG

First of all .... I understand that the President's job, like any other job today require's discipline, team work and effort, and often, especially in this position "multitasking". So I understand that campaigning also on behalf of his colleague's, come's with the territory, and this guy has really been putting in the hour's, no doubt. Yet it is somewhat disappointing to have to see the President in these crucial time's having to even focus on this left/ right nonsense .... but we demand that of those we employ as part of the job ... and he know's he has a job to do. The thing is ... too many are not doing their job's .... and he doesnt get that team spirit behind him. All I been hearing is alot of whining out of the people, both on the left and the right .... like a bunch of damn spoiled brat's ... and many of those we employ on the Hill are no different, with this herd mentality. But regardless of what I think ,more and more disapprove of him recently , and frankly alot of that is simply frustration, as well as media feed's to discredit him. And whenever any issue arises, such as the BP Gulf Oil Spill, that will also hit the opinion's. Approval rating here is "so- so" .... kinda mediocre I reckon , and I dont exactly put full faith in these poll's, but just figured to post it. I was on some hard right posting's and of course it was worse .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... make's me wonder about some of these poll's. But nonetheless, these poll's and talk effect thing's across the board at time's for other's in the mid term's, because the endorsement is from him, whether it's positive or negative. The last President Bush seemed to skyrocket quickly in approval at the poll's just after the 9/11 terror attack's .... yet he didnt do much of nothing no one else wouldnt do.

One of the biggest obstacle's on the job for the President has been this use of the word "NO" .... it is solid truth that those who oppose him, oppose every damn thing, and just know one word which is "NO". This President has bent over backward's, he has compromised, even readjusted proposal's to make a more balanced and level playing field, not has missed one task despite having an overwhelming agenda and schedule, he has been more transparent than any President I have witnessed in my lifetime, and addressed every lil odd thing that was tossed his way .... including nonsense like from PETA animal right's activist's who condemned him for swating a fly and killing it, then in an apologetic sense having to accept the fly catching device they sent him to catch and release flies in a humane manner , and all the other pop culture lame pansy issue's he has to deal with. He even took time the other day to sit down with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to try to patch up old misunderstanding's. He has contributed more proposal's and idea's than any of those politician's who make this all the freakshow we have. HE AT LEAST IS DOING HIS JOB AND EARNING HIS PAYCHECK. All of these folk's saying "NO" are not doing a damn thing, nor frankly giving any solution's or making an effort to do anything but try to find way's to find fault with everything that come's out of his mouth .... it's actually pathetic. I have never seen so many whiner's under one roof. This President has taken more and swifter action on getting the job done, than any. It's almost like he is working with a bunch of slacker's. Everything this President had said in the above video is more than just campaign talk ... it is solid fact .... and actually sad, that he has to point this out as obvious as it is. They also complain on his own side that he dont talk down to earth enough for average folk to understand .... what part of any of this can average folk not understand I wonder?

And we expect this President to do more? We should be grateful he has been able to do all he has, as it is, with the condition's he is having to work with. If there was anytime in this countries history that need's more team playing and a tad of bipartisan understanding and effort ... it would have to be in this era. Forget the Great Depression Era and how tough that was, or World War 2, or the Cold War, etc. Those are nothing of the magnitude that we fail to see of the current. And just to think that all this resistance to work with our President is strictly to get a few seat's in Congress and Senate and to please a bunch of folk's that paid them bookoo dollar's through one source or another. This man is doing his job .... I would suggest that other's who seem to have a limited vocabulary (of one word) as well as their obviously limited job performance, do the same. Hell yes there was thing's I didnt agree with him on .... but a job need's to get done here ... you cant get the job done staying upset over petty thing's.

And we all suspected this crap was coming .... I sure wrote plenty about this in the past .... being skeptical when all these folk's clapped, patted him on the back, and talked about how they will work with the President because they understand the depth of the problem's we face, and he gave them a few incentive's as well .... and just has had his hand slapped away time and again .... no matter what he proposes, actually more than what I expected for that matter. NONE of the current mess we are in can be credited to this current administration ... none whatsoever. The President has been playing a fair game .... while being dealt a hand from a rigged deck to be honest here. It took almost a decade to create this mess .... and it will take equally as long unless were damn lucky to clear half this up and level thing's out. I am suprised our President can get any sleep .... it would be nice if his fellow co-worker's would all pull their weight equally.

If you wonder what the President and this Administration has done the last year and a half? There is a whole list of what they done to make this ride for American's smoother, this one blogsite here posted 90 item's of accomplishment , although I havent verified them all, at least it is a reference for those who wish to. Job's are still lacking? Look at the math .... I wrote two year's ago that they couldnt catch up any time soon .... Why? because I looked at the math, issue's like population growth, job outsourcing, legal immigration ... the immigration issue none of them will talk about (corporate legislated legal immigration to fill our degree position's here, that our graduate children have to compete against), instead making an issue out of Mexican's doing some day labour. These issue's need time .... 2 year's will not cut the mustard in this current situation. And there is not one political representative that could get better or quicker result's. Even this Afghanistan War was just tossed on the President's desk, this war had nothing to do with this President .... and China had no bid contract's to mine all the copper out of Afghanistan since around 2007 .... yet they dont have to put troop's in Afghanistan? You ever wonder ... Why? Where was this President and Administration back in time's like 2006/ 2007? And who was running the show back then? Look at the fact's and do the math.


I cant stress enough how importante it is ... to re-elect all those who are actually working to help and contribute to this President and Administration. If we were to interfere with the work that has been done, and is in the work's ... we will get hit so hard, it will make this look like a slap on the wrist .... bank on it. This crew need's time, and the reason as I posted in previous posting's that he is getting hammered with so much at once is strictly intentional ... and not to help America's people and country ...but just for a handful of special interest's. Listening to some of these folk's talk about this President and Administration with their criticism .... you would think the President been in office 12 year's already. The last thing you want to do .... is stop this workcrew in the middle of the job and switch gameplan's and player's, doing that only put's us at square one. Frankly ... even though most of my voting life I voted republican .... the GOP are not what they were year's back .... and are too disorganized and at each other's throat's and protecting special interest's instead of America's interest, to even lead the workplace. As a whole they are simply too disorganized and have too many internal problem's that they cant even resolve, so you need to also give them time to get their act together. They simply have no workable gameplan as a party to deal with these issue's we have right now.



tnlib said...

Beautiful post. Beautifully said. There's not one thing you said that I don't agree with 500%. I'm so sick of the whiners I could toss my cookies to the border and back.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Ms.Leslie(TNlib)!

Beautiful? .... Well that's nicely said I reckon, so thank you. However, when I wrote this piece I was thinking of everything but beauty, rest assured .... I was trying to write this without expressing the amount of frustration that I had over all this, and evading being too profane, or venting anger. Why? Because I reckon I just never did like slacker's. I used to work with some folk's at time's to whatever the assignment we had to work on, they would whine, ... it cant be done, we cant meet the deadline, etc, etc, it was somewhat nauseating, and I sense that the President is more frustrated at time's than what he appear's, and I dont blame the man one bit. This wasnt to cut down the GOP either, there are republican's I favour as well, but as a whole ... their party are not pulling their weight in this crisis situation, I loathe incompetence. And folk's who are not team player's, when it come's to getting the JOB done is all.

Thank You Ms. Leslie for your input here ........

Demeur said...

I must throw a few cents into the discussion. If you have a job to do but there's somebody throwing garbage in your way and telling you what a bad job you're doing..well I think you get the picture.

As for the immigration there's two ways to deal with it. Either close the borders completely or make working in the U.S. as simple as buying a permit. But then that's only treating the symptoms. The real problem is the Mexican economy and their corrupt government that won't look out for their people.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Demeur: ... Hey Guy .... good to hear from you ... of course I been by your place as well since you have some damn good point's on the issue's too!

Yeah man .... this has been nothing but a freakshow basically. The GOP is in such an awful situation, and getting bookoo pressure from some of their big money supporter's, such as the corporate/ finance/ investment group's, and their kinda on the spot, more than the democrat's for sure. And they (GOP) been throwing every tool they can into the gear's to try to fuck thing's up, blame all the last administration on this one. And as I wrote after this administration first took office, I suspected this would happen, what I didnt expect though was the GOP getting so desperate as to focus so much on it, especially being so obvious without even trying to present alternative plan's and option's, that only cater to those that frustrate the people. Folk's have less faith these day's in folk's like investment banker's, insurer's, etc, and tryin to convince the majority that these icon's are the answer to our problem's is like political suicide in my opinion.

The immigration issue? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... I could write a book on this crap. The only reason this is being pounded so much .... again ... the GOP trying to stuff as much turmoil on the plate, in hope's that enough issue's cant be addressed in such a short time by this administration, to make them look like they fumbled the ball on issue's this november to try to gain more power and seat's on the Hill basically .... none of these folk's give a rat's ass about immigration. I even think the thing Arizona done was politically staged to to raise Hell, and make folk's angry .... the corporate/ finance/ international banking outfit's are behind all the legally legislated immigration, and they even use wetback's for their around the house work. Damn near all of Dallas' wealthy and upper middle class, cruise/ shop the meat rack parking lot's that are full of guest worker's to do all their gardening, cleaning, miscellaneous chore's, even the local small inde contrctor's use them ... and it's all done right out in the open, regardless of INS or even police. They make little folk's like us worry about this nonsense, blaming job loss on it or whatever for strictly political power reason's and leverage.

Later Guy ..........

Tim said...

Hmmm I did leave a comment.
Oh well..I said Obama is a good guy.
There's a place I go to see how he's doing. It's called politifact. They monitor People in the news and Politicians. Check it out if you can. According to them he's doing pretty good.
I just happen to think his advisers are not up to the challenge.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx Mr. Tim .... I have heard of "politifact" actually, but havent spent time there yet. I did find it hilarious though how horrible his rating's were when the poll survey was done by the opposing party affiliate's! :)

But as for myself in this posting ... I wasnt even trying to point out whether the President was good or bad, or even right or wrong .... I was tryin I reckon to paint a picture of what it's like trying to resolve problem's or getting anything done when the team doesnt work as a team for a common goal, and simply forget who hired them and what the issue's really are to where their hired to try to tackle. It's like a football team with a lousy season record because you cant get them to click as a crew.

Thanx Mr. Tim!