Monday, November 14, 2011

POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S ... Questioning our Representation PT. 2: "CONGRESSIONAL INSIDER CORRUPTION" & Pelosi Response

This PT.2 of "Political Corruption and Ethic's" is inspired by this news segment that was on "CBS/ 60 Minutes" last night, conveniently a slot between 6-7pm (CST) between NFL football game's, so you can catch it all by itself, without having to DVR it or using multi- in screen shit (Sunday's are sacred to me this time of the year, because I'm a dedicated NFL fan). But another excellent piece by "60 Minutes" that was a must for this journal. Anywayz ... the read and video below, then some input on this from the Ranch Chimp.

CNN/ POLITICS: Pelosi fires back at '60 Minutes' report on 'Soft Corruption' ... this is the response from Congresswoman Pelosi also just in, which I have to post here to be fair. Whether any of these folk's think that any of this is unethical or not isnt the issue, the issue is, that these rule's should be made to apply the same as they would for Judge's or other's ... I see no reason for Congressional member's or Senate member's to have special rule's. Speaking only for myself here, I wont even call any of this "soft corruption" ... to me, it is and has been in recent year's anything but "soft" and full blown out of whack interest's and representation across the board, regardless of what political spin from the left or right that this get's twisted into. And continueing to let these folk's write their own rules year after year is more stupidity on our part. And for these folk's that are on "our" payroll who refuse to answer question's or whatever ... you can alwayz find another job, eh? Ya'll know all about that shit, eh? ... you know ... career choice's and all the rest of the talk ... maybe Ya'll can "create" some other job's for yourselves, so you can stop polluting our system. It's almost funny how so many representaive's of our's cant seem to get hardly a bloody goddamn thing done on the job as far as the country's best interest's, or get along, but they have all this time to gossip and share on business behind closed door's, yet never miss a step on what to invest and trade in ... perhap's some of their trading/ financial advisor's they can get to work part time on trying to work on some of our goddamn domestic issue's!

CBS/ 60 MINUTES: ... CONGRESS: Trading Stock on Inside Information? ... (news video and transcript)


RCJ: POLITICAL CORRUPTION and ETHIC'S ... Questioning our Representation PT.1: Congresswoman E. B. Johnson ... (NATION of BS PT.4)

The reason I have focused so much on this in this journal is because this is one of the biggest obstacle's that face this nation, and also why I was so baffled on how they presented and indicted a woman like Martha Stewart on "insider trading" when they did (folk's like her are used as political puppet scapegoat's of sort to make it look like folk's in government are cracking down on rich folk's) ... because of the reality of how trading is in this nation and globe, especially this "speed trading" shit that has been going on for several year's now. Any one of us know what would happen to any of us if we were to indulge in these shady act's ... and they are "shady" no matter what spin you try to put on this shit, political or otherwise. None of these fine folk's of course been charged with a thing, and none even know how they been investing if you ask them, after all ... it's their advisor's who do it all, eh? ... again ... more full of shit than a sewage treatment center. What was of suprise to me in this piece was Congresswoman Pelosi, and I think that may have been influenced by her husband if anyone ... Democrat folk's like Sen. Baucus or Sen. Reid wouldnt even make me blink if they pulled anything of sort (you can be blind and spot them their so obvious), I have pointed out before in this journal how contaminating them two are, especially to the Democrat Party, which I been a voter and supporter of.

My issue never been with folk's betting, playing the market's, making money, or do I have any problem with millionaire's or such. My issue has alwayz been with just how thing's are ran in our government and by who, the structure and Constitution, etc are fine ... it's those we employ and vote for and what they do when they are in office, and as I pointed out time and again ... what is the incentive for most of these to want actual "change" or to ever even leave office and have term limit's? ... this again is simply like putting crack addict's in a room with a pound of crack and telling them they're on their own and to limit their usage, and the way we are at each other's throat's in this polarizing leftee/ rightee battle just stall's progress even more and no different than putting sock puppet's on your left and right hand to have at it with each other, another distracting moot point that get's nowhere's, where you are fighting for and about the same shit that you were 5 year's ago. We need action and for these folk's that are paid to do a job, to do their job's which are to serve the interest's of the country as a whole, not their private endeavor's, businesses and so forth. The pay and excellent benefit's they receive are more than decent, most have other small businesses on the side and investment's, this reckless pay- off shit doesnt cut it in governing either, eliminate's anything that resemble's any ethic's, integrity, or even having a thing halfway balanced, when the whole thing is corrupt inside out with no accountability expected.

Even the voting system is way out of balance in this nation, the campaign funding, etc on down the line ... this is why I alwayz supported government campaign financing, without interference from outside source's, the trick is, is getting folk's that you can trust in place, but they're out there. And this IS FAIR ... all these special interest's folk's who say their being picked on need's to be ignored, everyone from a billionaire to the average working class citizen should have an equal say is all I'm saying, everyone can have the opportunity to voice by going to the poll's and simply voting ... you want to voice? ... stand in line like everyone else and vote, otherwise, shut the fuck up and stop your whining! Again, this is only about "balance" ... which we lack ... and it's become a pop- cultural norm of sort unfortuantely. Even our President who I was so disappointed on some of his political move's, cant be bipartisan, or even try many of the great idea's he's had since his dayz as a Senator, because they manipulate and politically strongarm him as well, these are those in his own party!

Another issue severe in this country is the endless political grandstanding, especially from so many media's and blog's ... some of these blog's that I read are way too biased, you have liberal's that are not anything close to the definition of being liberal and even just as bigoted as their opposition, conservative's who are so out of whack that their no way even fiscally conservative on a thing, letting also religious cult's/ institutions try to dictate and supporting corporate dictation. In part one for instance on Congresswoman Johnson, before any serious questioning could even get off here in Texas for instance, race and gender became a factor, liberal's backing off and hiding because she was a woman and of colour, especially in our own state, because they fear more here, because whenever anything come's up against a person that is of colour, female gender, and on the left side, many leftee's run and hide, because it's only popular to attack white male conservative's mostly ... again, like Chris Rock state's about this "gang mentality" in our nation ... and the right will back off because they are in fear of being called nazi's, racist's, bigot's ... so shit just get's swept to the side and passed over too much.

But this is all great that this is being exposed and soon enough before election's in a year. I pointed out in the start of this journal how a need is for this and mucho investigation's and how long it will take, so this is really coming along faster than I anticipated on so many issue's ... Thanx to these media's that do get into this and all these group's that are jumping in like the Progressive's, Occupy Wall Street, and a number of other's that are finally getting down to business and trying to clean house, because this is way past due as well. And forget all this wuss shit about ... well if we dont vote for this person or that person were doomed and this and that will happen, "boo- hoo, woe is me" talk, or which Satan Sandwich is worse ?, etc ... that's just pansy nonsense talk ... fuck all that fear shit, politically biased slanted shit, cult blogging, etc ... the fact is, were going to take another 2" to 4" inches up our asses as it is, any goddamn way you slice it ... stay on their asses.

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Demeur said...

Gee RC ya think maybe this is why people are taking to the streets? A slow lot these young folk but I think they are starting to get it.
We have people out there working two and three jobs with no health care and they can barely eat. All the while these scum bags in congress flaunt it in our faces.
And I must ask how oh how can the people of Texas elect such a retard for governor. Oh sorry that's an insult to the retarded.

Ranch Chimp said...

It is what it is Demeur, eh?

Thanx for your comment