Friday, November 25, 2011

LUNACHICKS: "Heart Of Glass", "FDS (live)", "Dear Dotti"

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Lunachicks are definitely a past due induction into this journal's "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" , because they are one of the most under- rated punk genre group's I have ever known of ... and seen "live".

Back sometime in the early 1990's I was with a buddy, Tracy ... up at a local studio in Denton's Fry St. District getting a demo mix made for him ... a reel to reel type system that played just listening tune's in between session's was running, and this crew blurted out and frankly hit me like a Peterbilt broadsiding me at 65mph! I asked the sound guy ... who in Hell it was? He didnt even bloody know off hand, it was just a reel with probably 30/ 40 group's on it ... so ... I of course didnt leave it there and was determined to find out who in Hell they were ... because I was impressed, then of course it was in a studio, so the sound balance was excellent to begin with. After finding out who they were and doing a lil searching for their stuff, which was far and few between it seemed, I was able to indulge on some more of their worx. Sometime in the late 1990's while at a venue here in Dallas, I happened to see a 8.5 x 11 flyer by the door with them on it, saying they were playing a local venue in a couple weeks.

Went to see them, cant recall the venue off hand, but it was back on Canton St. down in Dallas' Deep Ellum District ... just into the 2nd song my adrenaline was in high voltage, I was really captivated as well in particular with the bass work in this crew, which was like a show of it's own, but the crew as a whole done excellent work, and this venue didnt even have a good acoustic's set up in my opinion, so I didnt expect perfection of course, which really was a treat! And really nice sharp fast breaking vocal's work done with a really sweet blend of sharp backing vocal's and harmonizing work, excellent percussion's, some nice lead guitar work, etc And I heard them compared to the Ramones before, but this crew was dictinctively different (I seen Ramones "live" as well, in their prime) ... the instrumental structure and riff's were different and a tad more complex at that ... so I really didnt know how to categorize the crew either, because of such a versatile mix/ arrangement as well.

Below I chose a few favourite's, and trying to find suitable "live" video's was a tad difficult, either the volume was too low or not right, too much distortion, visual quality, one thing or another. I did manage to find a fairly decent audio "live" piece of FDS, of course the visual's were somewhat fuzzy, but decent enough to give the viewer a "live" taste of their work and impact. Like the Ramones though, you have basic, no nonsense, no real stage show beside's some creative clothing/ costume, or pyros, lighting, etc ... just a basic explosive set of sound. Thank You to this crew for their worx as well ... Ya'll really kick ass! Enjoy! : )

HEART OF GLASS (Blondie cover) ... Thanx to WAREESEII2

FDS (Live) ... Thanx to RIOTQUEER666

DEAR DOTTI ... Thanx to 01SENNA1




BBC said...

I haven't done any karaoke for a few years. Did real good with Roger Miller shit.

Here I sit getting high, nothing but a fool would live like this.......

BBC said...

Ah shit, I blew my line.

Ranch Chimp said...

Billy/ BBC! You didnt blow it Guy, that's your gig! But when you did bring up Miller, it automatically made me think of my dad ... I sware, I never heard "King of the Road" so many time's in my life, when my dad would shave for instance, he would love to play it on the phono (year's back what they were called) and sing along with it, I myself know the song note for note : ) ... he was also a big fan of Perry Como too! : ) But I recall doing a Fathers Day posting this year for dad, and I posted that video of Miller doing it "live" to dedicate to dad.

Thanx for droppin in and adding Billy ... Later Guy ....

BBC said...

I do King of the Road pretty well but I do much better with Dang Me, DJ said I do it better than Roger. And I do good with Chantilly Lace.

If I do Hot Rod Lincoln I have to do it before I get six beers in my gut. :-)

BBC said...

Anal? No thanks, I'll pass. I was doing Marie doggy style one day and got in the wrong hole & I guess she was enjoying it but when it started smelling like shit and I looked down and saw a brown dick that was the end of that, I jumped in the shower and didn't get horny for a week after that.

My verification word is nonflog, hahaha

Ranch Chimp said...

BBC: Billy ... Billy ... Tell me it aint so ... "accidentally" in the booty ho? : ) For most who indulge, it would be intentional ... however, I can understand your familiararity with the fragrance's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) (but that was funny : ) I just brought up "anal" in your posting along with the other type's of sex play, because there are of course more style's, position's, and fetishes out there, than you can shake a five and dime stick at, or your own stick for that matter! : ) Our species can be so creative and even artistic with sexuality. And dont think it applies to just the fella's ... I met some gal's who were really "out there", speaking of "creativity"! : )

Another great vocal piece indeed when you spoke of the "Hot Rod Lincoln" classic by Charlie Ryan! When you mentioned "Chantilly Lace" ... this is one of my all time favourite's, I was fixed on the early 1970's version by Jerry Lee Lewis aka "The Killer", have him in my "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society", I am a big Killer fan, and have seen him "live" probably 10' ft from him on the stage, his hand's were so fast on the piano, it looked like a blur or some sort of optical illusion watching this man! Coincidentally since you brought up "Chantilly Lace", I actually done a cover of that (vocal's), with a tad of a fast heavy metal sound to it, back in the 1980's, with some guy's I jammed with, alot of fun ... really! But let me also credit here the original artist who created that great piece, J.P. Richardson aka "Big Bopper", another Texan like Miller, who was from around Janis Joplin's home town (Port Arthur) called Sabine Pass.

Thanx for your input here Billy!