Friday, November 4, 2011

GLOBAL WARMING PT. 11 : "We Need Nature, Nature Dont Need Us" & ... A "Misunderstanding" (For Josh)

This Global Warming PT. 11 will try to explain a tad more my stand on Global Warming, pollution, etc ... which I thought in the posting's I'm fairly clear on, but perhap's misunderstood too. What inspire's this is a gentleman named Josh (Joshua) locally that is say, more enviromentally conscious perhap's than I am, who has viewed my series and recently complimented my thought's on this subject, which I appreciate, I really do, sincerely ... but I also noticed that reading such, Josh assume's that I may be an enviromentalist. And this isnt only Josh, but various people that I have talked to in person on this subject over a few year span. I reckon even though I use wording that I would use in everyday talk, my actual posting's are more word's and more detailed than my actual conversation in person too ... being it's difficult for a reader who doesnt know or see me or actually hear me to assume just reading my posting's that I may be some more extreme type person when it come's to these subject's, if that make's any sense.


But I am far from those who are really into enviromentalism, nor am I obsessed with it as a subject at all. I try to make my profile view for instance as simple as I can as far as what this journal is about, what I write or whatever. One of the thing's is, even though I appreciate anyone who may compliment something I wrote whether it's on this subject or any subject ... I DONT actually fit into categories very well. Example: I am somewhat conscious on these enviromental issue's, but dont get into as strongly as many enviromentalist's would ... or say on my politic's for instance ... I vote Democrat and am very liberal on some issue's, but I dont really fit into the mainstream democrat or liberal type categories of today, any more than I fit into any of the right or conservative type categories of today being that I am very pro- business, pro- military/ defense, pro- 2nd amendment ... the same thing I run across when I talk to conservative folk's in person, that assume I am a conservative simply because of where I stand on them few issue's, then get confused when I talk sexual liberation or something, and dont know where I stand, or vice versa when I talk to liberal folk's about liberal issue's I support, then I am pro- right to bear arm's, etc ... they also (in person) seemed confused. What I'm trying to say I reckon, is the mainstream way of categorizing and/ or labelling folk's seem's to be a one size fit's all sort of thing ... if that make's any sense.

So to elaborate a tad more on this Global Warming issue, I actually agree with both arguement's on this issue, as I tried to point out in the last posting on this as well for instance. I dont have alot of formal knowledge on these subject's as say the die hard devoted person may have on one subject or another, the title of the series is simple as I pointed out being that, this was called "Global Warming" and then was later changed to "Climate Change" to make it sound less harsh I reckon. But my point in this series is very simple, and not meant to be misunderstood or confusing, making just simple point's is all. You see ... I have no problemo with folk's using plastic's or oil (which plastic's are made from), or mining, etc. I realize what we consume and what we need, the economic factor's involved, etc. All I am saying is ... "IF" we can do thing's and change thing's for better and have the technologies to do so, even the money, what is the point in keeping doing thing's the same way? There is alot of bio- plastic research even and such being done, the steel production thing by Hyundai, all the solar and windmill stuff being done ... this is all great for cutting down some of the pollution and create's job's, fuel's market's, make's the air a tad better to breath, perhap's the water's a tad better, etc ... it's simple, it doesnt have to be extreme. It sometime's seem's like the greed element is a tad extreme from those who act like they dont want to improve or change a thing for better too, with this constant hammering and attack's on simple needed regulation's ... geeeezzz .... I'm not bloody saying to cease all production for Pete's sake ... all I am saying is trying to clean up your act some and making progress is all ... we all have some type of regulation's that we have to adhere to, or else every damn thing would get out of balance and just hog wild.

I think also it seem's what some folk's are missing, is that we need nature, nature dont need us, more or less. I also dont get all bent out of shape over species becoming extinct either, science also show's us that as quick as species are becoming extinct, new species are developing, this has been going on for a few billion's year's for that matter, you dont have the same species and life you had a couple billion year's back on this planet now ... Hell ... just look at evolution ... extinction is natural ... and if you truely believe in science/ fact's/ evidence ... you also have to realize that even climatic change's are natural too, and also nature has it's own way of cleansing and balancing all that get's unbalanced ... so trying to blame this all on the human species is just as pointless to me. I feel we been naturally getting warmer since the end of the last ice age ... science is pointing out some fact's on this. But at the same time, I cant help to put 2 and 2 together and see that "IF" we are putting million's of ton's of these carbon's from fossil fuel's or whatever into the atmosphere, water's, and land's ... simply common sense would tell you that, that must be contributing SOMETHING to it ... how can it not?

It just seem's like it's rare and difficult to have any kind of neutral view on a thing, whether it's this issue or another issue, we have to fit into some categorized mold or something ... kind of like how's everything in society is just left or right, alot of which is beyond my comprehension, being I dont understand why we have to think like this and be at each other throat's over thing's that are just common sense? Like I said, I appreciate any compliment's that I received whether it's in a post comment or from folk's on the street in small chat or whatever ... but I never felt a need or seen why I have to be categorized as an enviromentalist, a liberal, a conservative, or anything else, or why I have to choose side's is all. I just like to keep it simple as possible and point out what's useful, practical, make's sense, has some fact's at least, etc.


I was in the printing industry/ shop's for many year's for instance, one company I was a foreman/ supervisor at for several year's who I wont mention their name here, after about a year with the company ... I went to the owner and pointed out some thing's that are enviromentally hazardous, at least to the water system's and such, how they were disposing chemical's that was loosely regulated and overlooked here in Texas especially. Well ... the owner kind of freaked out and was in shock when I was talking to him about this in his office one day over small chat/ shop talk, especially coming from me who he looked at as a very detailed prime employee, complimenting my work and such constantly. He actually said after listening to me ... "Jesus Christ Thomas ... are you an enviromentalist or something?" ... he actually seemed worried ... no shit. Yes, he was a strong die hard Texas conservative too, and really a great Guy as far as getting along with and alot of fun in conversation, really ... not religious though ... he even was a registered gun dealer in Texas, and turned me on to alot of fine firearm's as well.

But back to the enviromental thing here ... I just did a tad shopping around for him on my own to try to present him with a solution and also a profit that he didnt realize he was throwing down the drain ... really! .... I mean for year's he was throwing "film fixer" away ... that actually contained a sizable amount of silver that washes off the emulsion of the film during processing (large graphic industry film's, not like small camera film's) ... he was also wasting and tossing out a bunch of aluminum press plate's, I'm talking about massive size plate's that were used on press cylinder's ... but that's just a couple of thing's I pointed out to him that he was actually losing money on, and yet at the same time being enviromentally damaging as well. He simply didnt think of these thing's before ... at the same time I also managed to cut a deal with him to where I could make some money by asking him to handle this and thing's like the silver recovery, and to give me a cut for doing such, which he gladly agreed to ... Hell ... he was able to make a buck at the same time, so he jumped all over it.

One of the thing's this Guy loved doing in his free time as well was fishing and taking his kid's out fishing and such ... that is what really caught his atencion when I pointed out to him how these chemical's also get into the water's and into the fish, those fish in turn are what your consuming. I mean, just little simple thing's like this, he didnt ever give much thought to, even though as far as business, he was a self made millionaire and a successful small businessman. My point is, he simply didnt know of the benefit's of cleaning up and doing such, no one ever brought it to his atencion and he alwayz sensed the strickter regulatory factor's as some leftist thing to destroy business only ... his thinking really changed after that.

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Demeur said...

The problem with business and the environment is that large corporations can pollute, pay a small fine, and still make billions. And like you say what they put in the air and water we consume and is slowly killing us.
As you know I've spent the last 20 years removing hazardous waste and even during that time chemists have come up with over 350 new chemicals that did not exist before that. The effects of the chemicals and combinations will not be known for decades but what is known is that we are indeed consuming the plastics and other chemicals that are dumped into the oceans at a rate that can not continue. There is a tipping point whether people want to realize it or not.
Our population though is the biggest problem. We hit 7 billion people on Oct 31. An increase of 1 billion in just the last ten years. The earth has only so many resources it can't sustain many more people. And yet some would put limitations on birth control. So as I see it this will go either one of two ways. Either we get smart and take control of our environment and population or there will be wars over food and water or what's left that isn't poisoned.

Ranch Chimp said...

Some good point's here Demeur ... of course I read about your occupation/ work plenty as well in your posting's. And of course I sure as Hell agree expecially on this out of control breeding/ birth rate's ... Thanx for your voice here!