Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SCOTT JOPLIN: "Stoptime Rag", "Sugar Cane", "The Entertainer", "Heliotrope Bouquet"

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Scott Joplin

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour a classic and legend Mr. Scott Joplin ... and what an influence this composer had on popular American music across the board! A native Texan, born outside Texarkana, Texas ... and played all type venue's from saloon's, to churches, brothel's, the World's Fair, to Opera Hall's ... yet at the same time, a textbook type composer writing the sheet music as well! When I first heard his music, I had to be roughly 6/ 7 year's old, and it was through my Mother (my Mother also sang opera as a child in school) who loved Mr. Joplin's ragtime piece's ... It just really hit me listening to his piano worx as a kid though, inspiring my love of this genre at an early age.

Choosing was a tad difficult, since I have so many other's I had to debate on choosing from for this posting ... and a BIG Special Thanx especially to Dorian Henri for making this available on YouTube ... and what an outstanding collection of music that Dorian has ... incredible! But so much Thanx to Mr. Joplin for all the great composition's and all the inspiration he gave to so many musician's to today! Scott Joplin was also a major influence to this young lady Larisa Migachyov , and what outstanding work she does as well! ... But enough from me ... Enjoy!




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THE ENTERTAINER (1902) ... Thanx to karenkek2kek

Scott Joplin- Heliotrope Bouquet (1907) ... Thanx to Exyt


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