Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"DEMOCRAT DISH" VS. THE "SATAN SANDWICH" ... What's a Happy "Meal Deal"? ... & GOP Debate highlight's (Truth or Treason 2012 PT. 4)

I didnt want to post politic's this Thanxgiving Eve ... but I made a commitment to cover the year before and up to the 2012 election's in this journal, so therefore I'm obligated. But also this "Truth or Treason" PT.4 is fitting this "eve", because again ... here we are caught in this endless cycle of after getting rammed up the ass politically ... giving Thanx, just because we got the lesser of two evil's, because of the total across the board incompetence, manipulation, corrupt policies, etc of our overall government representation. I mean like when I turn on the tele or online news daily, I loathe having to hear what the latest front runner of the GOP is saying in some bullshit politipop debate, and even just as nauseating, every 10 minute's or so in between having to hear how some oil giant is clean and green, commercial ... as well as listening to Dennis Haysbert (actor) talk about all the money Allstate Insurance saves us daily. Some newsread link's and video's below, then even my reason's why I am actually happy as well over this so called "failure", and trying to halfway understand and dissect this slippery bullshit.

HUFFPOST/ POLITICS: Barney Frank says Super Committee Failure is 'Good News' for Democrats

FOXNEWS: ... The Super Committee's Failure: The Buck stops with President Obama

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***** CNN: 'Super Committee' fails to reach agreement ... (newsread/ video)

Yes, I am actually "Happy" over this recent failure for two reason's primarily ... First because as I said in previous posting's ... these deal's and move's will be the moment of truth to see who stand's where and on what, here clearly being that the Democrat's DID NOT cave in this once to the GOP again and kiss up to Grover Norquist's dictated "no taxes pledge" of the GOP platform, which is the GOP/ Republican's main job, since they have to pledge to never support any tax increase on corporation's to even get campaign support for their non limited term career's as political mouth piece's. And because the only thing that could have came about of this well orchestrated mess as far as the best for the overall of this nation would be more serious cut's to everything here if they did reach a compromise, and this is also why I cant figure out quite yet how deep this was and how long if this been pre- planned for poltical reason's? ... by a joint faction from both parties. Why? ... because both parties seen their approval rating's going down the drain month's ago with even the new Occupy movement, even Democrat's were scared that folk's are getting hip/ keen to the score, the GOP being frightened of the Tea Party to a degree as well. The poll's are what they follow, and they didnt like what they see from the American People as a whole on either side and fear the ultimate, which is people losing faith in the entire Washington crew on both side's and forming a new "in- between" which will ultimately happen in time, trust me ... the younger one's of the future are going to abandon this shit ... you can bank on it!

But I will give credit here to the Democrat Party being a registered Democrat voter in Texas. But the Democrat's were in more of a "do or die" situation, and they knew it, because they been going along with the GOP on damn near everything, and the party was getting more and more divided, potentially losing many, many voter's if they even budged to look like they would go with the GOP's tax propoasl's as far as not taxing the corporate end, etc. My issue with all of this is not so much what party does what, but to also figure out who was behind this sequester engineering, because it is that, that put us in this do or die situation alone, no sequester deal should have even been made ... all it does is guarantee cut's to everything, just less of. In other word's ... this tell's you that both side's planned on cutting period into everything and created various platform's and strategies of how to do it and break it to us gently. I know we have to cut, I have pointed out in this journal too many time's about over indulging, over charging/ borrowing, and learning a lesson to "tighten our belt's" time and again. However, at the same time ... DO NOT tell me this bullshit about how Social Security is bankrupt when I know it has a goddamn trillion plus surplus, is solid for at least over a quarter century more, and is paid into daily through payroll taxes of million's and million's of working American's ... so this part was all orchestrated by the world banking/ finance, because it is a global austerity sweep that I spoke of in earlier posting's that will go in wave's around the free globe and also meet strong resistance.

As far as the drop in the stock market yesterday folk's are whining about, over this failure ... so what! ... fuck the stock market, if you let that shit scare you as an American, you should take your money out of it and put it elsewhere ... you already know it's going to be a rollercoaster ride daily moreso now because of thing's like the new global arena, speed trading, etc ... so dont act like your shocked or hurt, if you lose money, it's partially your own fault, period. When your putting into a failing venture, common sense tell's you to stop feeding it, eh?

The reason why both side's do feel a breath of relief over this failure, is strictly political, because it buy's time for both side's and feed's the blame game card which will be forcefed over the next year at a fierce ratio at that. Basically they got a lil taste of cut's now, but will all want to let this slide onto 2013 so they can all use it for the 2012 election's show. It's like a political insurance policy if you will for both side's to continue this endless bickering and divide, just when American's were getting fed up with all of them, to insure at least some added time to their own career's, payroll, and benefit's. As far as taxing the rich talk etc ... this is also slippery talk politically ... ask yourself, how in Hell do you propose to actually make the super wealthy pay any significant amount more or any tax, when their attorney's write all the proposed legislation on this avenue? It's a global investment arena that is a free market for only those who run it and write all the law's to begin with. You can cut all the loophole's you want, what make's an investor(s) leave any investment/ money/ profit's in the perimeter's/ boundaries of our market's to get taxed, eh? Now if I can figure this shit out as a poor man, with little formal education ... you know damn well they can do it 100X times better!

And how much money could we raise from this wealthy ratholing plastic elite? I actually would GIVE them the loophole's and credit's, however, on much different condition's and playing field ... making sure to lock them into investing HERE in our own country. Again, it's just a matter of who cut's what kind of deal's and make's the plan's ... the one's in Washington dont make plan's, they write and do only what their told ... this tamper's with their creativity, because instead of thinking independently free from this corporate communist influence, they dont clear their mind's enough to play a different game and create new incentive's and idea's ... like so many of us ... they think like a "herd".

CNN: ... LATEST GOP/ REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHT'S ... I posted this video to only show a taste of one of the most importante issues to the GOP on debate's, beside's their worry over the Bush tax cut's expiration, of course to kiss up to their lobbying Super Godfather "Grover Norquist", who has had more control over this well orchestrated mess than any flunky player on this Super Committee. But below as usual in this debate video, due to possibly also over a half trillion in defense cut's, devoted so much atencion to the concern over the Middle East and/ or terrorism, which are also juicy fear topic's for their beloved right wing masses ... but the candidate's major concern here they dont dare talk about, is how many defense contract's may get trimmed of what's in my opinion ... a waste anywayz ... and remind you, I am very pro- defense at that ... it's just I would rather see my tax dollar's go to the military and Vet's than to rent- a- mercenaries that charge 2 to 3 X time's the cost! I would like to also see some more financial help from our Chinese friend's since the Afghan conflict is more about securing Afghanistan for the Chinese who will mine the country of it's resource's and rail them into China. Of course they will tell you that our mission in Afghanistan is all about saving the Afghan people from the Taliban and oppression, and replace it with our occupational detention instead. Funny thing is ... listening to all these millionaire American politician's all on the same stage when America is in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, talking about what they feel is best for other nation's like Afghanistan or Iran, yet they cant even do a half assed job in our own nation. Again ... all more full of shit than a sewage treatment center.

***** CNN: Troop levels, Iran prompt GOP sparring in CNN National Security Debate ... (newsread/ video)



BBC said...

Following folitics too much will drive you insane you know. You have to take all that shit with a grain of salt. It's not going to get fixed so fuck it, just figure out how to handle your own life based on what is going on out there.

The most enjoyable place I was ever in while in Texas was the river walk at San Antonio. Would have liked to stayed there longer but the cops said it was risky leaving the load I was hauling in a downtown parking overnight.

Ranch Chimp said...

BBC/ Billy ... Happy Thanxgiving and you are absolutely accurate on the political end, and I know you know the score from reading your stuff as good as anybody! Yes, I figured out awhile back on politic's since I never kept up with it for most of my life, I used to actually vote less than a decade back, and didnt know or even care who in Hell I voted for, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... figure out how to handle life? Done that! : )

San Antone cop's said your load wasnt safe? They were probably stoned : )

Later Guy ....