Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BOBBY MONTOYA: "GIRL SCOUT" or "AIRBOURNE RANGER" ... "Be ALL You Can Be" : ) (Sexploitation Nation PT. 11)

This "Sexploitation Nation" PT.11 will be to look at the recent transgender issue's that has been in question across the board ... to look at the case of Bobby Montoya, a 7- Year old boy who was first denied to join the Girl Scouts. When I first seen this last week, I didnt know what to think, because I never heard of any issue like this before ... or even know much about the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts (I never was a Scout as a kid, but been in a couple reform school's, if that count's : ) . At the same time, in a humour way thought, well ... even if a boy is not transgender ... can he join say some girl's sport group in high school or whatever? I'm sure plenty of boyz may like to join in some of them : ) ... or can a girl join the boy's group's? Anywayz ... Bobby supposedly was accepted according to the HuffPost article linked below, so Congratulation's! But this also reminded me of that saying/ slogan for the U.S Army I believe ... that sayz "Be All That You Can Be", eh? Then a video I chose below from the group "Tackhead" that I thought would be fitting for inspiration.


HUFFPOST/ PARENTS: Bobby Montoya 7- Year- Old Transgender Child, Turned Away from Gorl Scouts, Later Accepted

Boy Wants To Join Girlscouts ... Thanx to CNS NEWS

TACKHEAD: "AIRBORN RANGER" ... Thanx to DAVE HOGERTY ... I seen this band do this song "live" when it first came out, and what an excellent "live" band Tackhead is I may add ...


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