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LINDSAY LOHAN PT.2 : "Rebel with a Cause" ... Riding the REFORM to CONFORM Crazy Rail (Incarcerated American PT.7)

This PART 7 of "Incarcerated American" will be to look at the newest court decision's and incarceration of Lindsay Lohan, approximately a year and a half after I covered Part 1 (linked below). Again, I'm NOT looking at her because of her stardom or popularity, but because of her popularity, this has gotten so much coverage that so many dont get, so I utilize this to show exactly what so many in our nation go through daily and to explain some of this. And it's kind of personal, because this young woman think's alot like I do and so many other's as far as this system ... I mean frankly, beside's her popularity or wealth or anything widely reckonized ... she certainly is for real and straight up how she feel's, she's a real rebel, and actually has a cause, which I will explain after. Also, it's a tad tougher on a kid that grow's up in the spotlight, being sheltered from just so much of the regular activities and situation's that most of us had experienced, and basically in that sense having spent most of that young life having to conform actually to one social pressure or another, being to want to just break loose from the grip as well. She spent her childhood basically trying to please those who dictated her life as they seen fit. We all want to break away sometime's, it's natural. But first some newread and video's on this, then I will add into this from my perspective and hand's on experience with this sort of thing.

CNN/ ENTERTAINMENT: Lindsay Lohan gets Jail Time for Probation Violations (newsread and video's)

***** CNN: Meyers: Lohan needs help, not a break ... (video)



First of all, in the 2nd video above, folk's are outraged over the chance's and treatment that Lindsay received? It's true when the prosecutor above sayz it depend's on the Judge and that many say in a area like Compton or whatever dont get the same break's, but understand also that you have to look at each defendant/ case individually too. But the break's that Lindsay did get, are also common too ... there is time after time in daily court's/ cases coast to coast where felony charge's are reduced to misdemeanor charge's during plea negotiation's, and if you dont utilize the tool's you have or have bunk legal representation, well ... your getting screwed ... Lindsay is simply using the tool's she has available and frankly many DONT. She's using the tool's because she is a rebel and know's she's getting fucked too, and her "cause" is cause she's sick and tired of the bullshit. Alot of those defendant's from low income background's also get stuck with court appointed attorney's, because they cant afford the legal fee's, is a big issue, many of the court appointed attorney's are overworked and backlogged and the system pressure's them through the court's to resolve and negotiate quickly (unless it's some "capital" case maybe) ... and alot of time's the defendant is ill advised, and it become's a matter of not guilt or innocence, but deciding whether you want to do flat time or play the probationary system ... what kind of "contest" do you want?, what's in your hand of card's?, what tool's are available? and how much you know ... it can be a complex system that I could do a whole blog on actually, presenting a number of cases that I know about. But yeah, money play's a key factor ... just like anything else in the freeworld.

THE "RAP SHEET" (give me a fucken break Jake!)

Let me go to the so called "rap sheet" screen photo they show in the 2nd video on Lindsay. Multiple DUI's? ... c'mon ... it's 2 bloody DUI's ... do you realize that today one beer at lunch could make you fail a breath test right after lunch the legal limit is so low? and people/ defendant's walk and/ or lessened plea bargain's/ no contest's every damn day on DUI charge's because of the court's backlog too, so dont sell me this horseshit! One of the constant arguement's on the DUI gig, is ... "she could have killed someone..." ... let me make it simple here ... SHE DIDNT THOUGH.

Possible "carjacking" ... more bullshit, if a carjacking went down, she would have been charged with such, and if the case for the prosecution is weak, the main DA's office wont touch it! ... the fact is, she WASNT tried or indicted on such.

Cocaine possession? ... big deal ... another charge usually made into a mountain from a molehill that million's across the nation get ... goddamn residue of coke is also enough for a case in most of the nation or just to be citated! I know a gal who got pulled over one night in Oak Cliff on Jefferson (W.Jefferson Blvd, South Dallas/ OC) coming from the club, pulled over for not using a turn signal changing lane's at 4am with no traffic ... that was ligit, but another bullshit reason cop's use to pull one over of many reason's. When she stepped out of the car and went in her purse to get her liscense (do not step out of the car) and layed her purse on the hood of the car, a glass vial rolled out by accident, very small, and had about $20 of coke in it, she was charged with a felony (lowest degree felony), took a cop out plea instead of a few month jail sentence for 4 year's probation as a trade off, again recommended by a court appointed attorney (which frankly could have been actually dismissed if she didnt have such representation, or knew more about the law), violated that after less than a year, because the probation officer didnt receive a formal change of address within 24 hour's of her change of address/ moving, causing her probation to be revoked, and a slippery slope of more shit that roll's with that game ... but that's a whole nother post ... she, low/ moderate income, latina, and was in a neighborhood on the way home that is known for alot of gang member's, etc ... I mean, that's her hood (neighborhood)! ... just targeted basically.

Shoptlifting necklace ... the story behind that one is deep and is why she was able to get a misdemeanor reduction out of that ... many of those in the spotlight in Hollywood are constantly walking out of store's with item's and wear them without no interference, because they are either outright allowed to do so, and/ or the shop owner's/ merchant's etc use it to promote their product's/ item's or loan them and star's feel casual in many cases doing this ... some star's dont even pay for alot of their wardrobe's, because they are also borrowed and furnished ... that issue and case is deep ... if the case was so solid as a felony, it wouldnt have been plea negotiated as such, bottom line.

"Possible" fistfight with a woman in rehab? ... what the fuck is this "possible" shit? You either did or didnt, and beside's ... when your incarcerated ... fistfight's are a reality, many of us have gotten into a fistfight or worse when incarcerated, whether it's city, county, state, rehab, etc. When your incarcerated ... it's not like the freeworld where you can just smile and talk, debate, and bullshit around ... everything is "for real" and basically straight forward and frankly more "honest" than the freeworld. If someone get's in your face, want's your breakfast sweetroll, or even your ass ... you can walk and run or give in, try to buy your way out, or go snitch, whatever you do will be noticed and you will be looked at as standing your ground or being a coward or worse yet ... a snitch. Sometime's you cant do nothing BUT get physical ... period. Again ... she wasnt charged with jack shit, so lighten ya'll's asses up.

Multiple probation violation's? Of course ... do you know how easy it is to violate probation? with all the technicalities that are considered as "violation's"? Alot depend's on your supervisor/ officer ... and Lindsay with this new gig is getting a hardass officer, so she will have to walk the tightrope. Once probably 20 year's back I had violated a probationary term I had with a new drug possession case, to make it short, I had to take a cop out/ plea deal and go to drug classes ... bullshit case, no biggie, I played the route, went to my first class and everybody sat on chair's kind of like a circle and they go around to everyone basically and you introduce yourself and talk about why your there, what's your issue's, etc, etc. A couple of folk's really got ramrodded, one gal cried and broke down who got busted on Lower Greenville Ave nightclub strip and been in and out of rehab's, etc ... you get the pic if you been there, done that. Got to me and I introduced myself to the group and tried to keep it short and simple (because it was) ... and said basically "I'm Thomas, and I'm here because the court made me a cop out plea deal on a probation violation and possession case ... and that's about it" (which was straight to the point and "true") ... the counselor was in shock ... and said ..."Is that it Thomas? ... do you care to share more with us?" (similar wording) I told her ... "Well, there's not much to tell, I fucked up, got popped (busted), and I got sent here basically" She said ... "Can you share your problem's though and why your here" (similar wording) I told her "Well that's the problem, I got caught and the court sent me here, bottom line ...", a couple folk's chuckled/ laughed, and she gave them that dirty look. Well it went on and on, asking me to acknowledge to the group that I had a problem and I needed help/ support, etc, etc ... well I wouldnt ... I asked her "What do you want from me, I'm here, I'm paying your salary with my fee's like everyone else ..." etc Well, I was dismissed from the class, a letter sent to my officer saying I was totally uncooperative and with no remorse, etc (remorse? WTF for?) ... my probation officer again violated me, but when I went to court the Judge was in a bad mood, and was just sick of the petty nitpicking and said ... "Do you think you need more probation time Thomas, or you have a problem?" I said, "No your Honour" ... he dismissed it! ... but get this ... not only dismissed the current cases, but also my entire probationary case of past, no more reporting to no- one! (the prosecutor was pissed as Hell!) ... I walked. I didnt have a problem but their bullshit, I worked and had a good work record at that, paid all their fee's, showed up to my appointment's, etc

Linsay's new community service gig ... the morgue is the only one's who will accept you? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... that's fucked up Girl! I had the community service gig's too, they impose them so you cant pay your way out of that, but still milk you financially with the other shit, and it make's it look like their being strict, cracking down or the rest of the jolly politipop shit, and it's "free labour" that put's people out of work. But I alwayz had option's ... I worked the jail's, making lunches and meal's for the inmate's, I worked place's like "Goodwill Industries" on the line where you seperate the donation's ... I worked the county, like planting tree's, etc, etc ... never did like the Morgue because I like a lil chat and company ... and corpses arent very good in conversation/ socializing : ) ... but ... at least it's quiet and laid back! : )

Were they too soft on Lindsay? ... frankly NO ... and especially the bond's and fee's she has had through all of this has been a tad high ... I reckon because she has money of course. Is she a criminal? Hell No! ... she's just stubborn and pissed and utilizing what she has. As far as the drug issue, well, that create's it's own burden whether their legal or not, and many just simply outgrow the issue over time, addiction is one thing, recreational use is another, but any drug's alwayz prove to be a burden and crutch over time any way you slice it. Do you need help? ... that can only be decided by you ... do you want help? ... no help can be any help unless you want it in your heart, bottom line, the court's or anyone else cant do that for you. But yes ... their objective is to basically reform you to conform ... the repercussion's will only be how you choose to deal with it, and how long you want to play it, etc.

My advice to Lindsay ... your young, but not getting younger ... time is importante, right now it's on your side ... you can stretch it out and buck the system as long as you choose, but understand the slippery slope. Sometime's just doing the straight few month's of time is the best route, because you dont have that supervisory shit to handle when you get cut loose, but you still have to avoid new cases ... it also give's you some personal time from the rat- race and your vice's or whatever, to slow down a minute and clear house on your own psychologically, I know, I been there. Frankly if it was my decision and I had your money and job guarantee's I would have cut this shit long ago (but your young and sometime's dont realize this shit, till after year's of experience and looking back), get through the probationary shit, done my little time, and when I got legally freed from the system, go abroad to work mostly and live ... you had some gig's set up on the French Riviera for instance ... great climate and place to be, one of many place's, and not so uptight about shit like in America, I know it's hard to leave a great town like LA and all, your friend's, the memories, hangout's etc, but that's the way it is sometime's ... your young and have alot to look forward to, I would just get this shit behind you, cause their gonna ride your ass being of high profile, bottom line. But you know what issue's you have, I dont have to point out certain thing's here, and also understand that being around the same circles and hangout's and/ or association's even, make's it harder for you to break any cycle's you may be caught in, and those personal issue's or crutches you have dont easily go away, and also affect your judgement for good or ill, I'll leave that there. But yeah ... I like your style and you speak for many of us who's been there and done that! Best of Luck too ....

Word Out ....

POST NOTE: To those who impose the conformity reform stuff and the court's ... sure with enough pressure you can get those to conform completely or to a degree ... but alot of method's that are used in today's society dont do much of anything but make young folk's just hate a system more than they did before you grabbed them ... whether it's constant probation regulation's, psychotherapy, or anything else, some dont grab the righteousness or the overall delusion either ... they STILL have a "mind" ... and that's what Ya'll scholar's and professional's miss.

Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train (Ozzfest 2010) ... Thanx to THEPARANOID08  ... I changed the title to "Crazy Rail" from "Highway" to not only dedicate this song to Lindsay, but the reality of life at time's and how we feel we may be "Going off the rail's on a Crazy Train" ... a favourite old time classic of mine as well, and there's nothing like an Ozzy concert! ... But also, like Lindsay, Ozzy been in the spotlight and entertainment industry for year's, in and out of rehab, and has been very publicly open about his addiction for many year's to especially cocaine and alcohol, sure the rehab stuff helped, but the biggest factor in his life that helped him, was himself ... saying "I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired" .... this also included in this journal's "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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