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LINDSAY LOHAN PT.1 : (Nation of BS Pt.2) .... an All American Girl .... fell victim to "Hypocrisy" and "Child Abusive Society" ....

This is part two of "Nation of BS" series (part one here) .... which is nothing political, but for myself, it should be ... because as I have stated before time and again how children and young adult's are one of the most abused segment's of our two faced society ... and used as a commodity of sort. Well Ms. Lindsay Lohan I chose as a "poster child" type figure for this posting. She is called by many a "spoiled brat", a thief, drug addict, trouble maker, and the list goes on of all the name's she has been called over her unconventional lifestyle. There is certainly more gossip and trash on this girl and her life than you can shake a stick at on this internet .... and .... of course when your in the limelight as she is .... you have to expect that. But many of these folk's that milk and feed off of her, are good for nothing themselves ... no more than two faced hypocritical trash in my opinion. Below is a short recent video from some entertainment sector of CNN .... then a few word's of my own.

RCJ: LINDSAY LOHAN PT.2 ... 03 November 2011

***** CNN: Lindsay Lohan's troubled timeline ....

I am not one of her music fan's or movie fan's .... not that I dislike them ... I only seen a couple movie's with her, and only heard a couple music piece's, so my inspiration for writing this has nothing to do with being a fan, or because of her look's (she is old enough to be my kid for that matter) or any of the other pop culture reason's for liking her. I have just heard so much negative about this girl over the last couple year's .... I was just curious how "bad", or "terrible" she really is, is all .... and of course done a tad research myself.

All of the thing's they say this lady is, and all the name's or insult's they may have for her .... the bottom line is .... she's an all American girl. They say she parties all night, she get's high, she "may" have stolen this or that, she has assaulted folk's, etc, etc. She is a product and reflection of her surrounding's and upbringing. You dont want her to party? .... after all the stress she goes through? or to use drug's? She's young for Pete's sake .... under alot of pressure, and by golly if she decide's she want's to get bloody drunk as a skunk .... what the fuck is it to ya'll?!! The only thing ya'll are concerned with is not her, but your bloody investment and commodity! But I am sure it would be fine if you crammed your legal pharma drug's of anti-depressant's and other brain altering crap down her throat ( as you hypocritical type's do to so many of our children ), to "perform" and "conform" to your nauseating expectation's of righteousness and acceptable pop culture purity. She was posing in undesireable photo shoot's? So what kind of part's do ya'll who make million's off her, have her act in them bigscreen production's? .... desireable? She's on her last leg and she better get her act together or else? Or else what?!!, rest assured ... you may be eating them word's in the future! What are ya'll? .... god's of the industry? Trust me .... this lady could find work elsewhere's .... it isnt like she need's to work in America exclusively for ya'll. For those who worry about her morality .... worry about ya'll's own fucken morality!

As far as I'm concerned about her so called parent's .... well .... let me put it this way .... I dont think much of them. Ya'll have been making a fortune off her too! Even using her to sue each other for percentage's of her earning's, write book's and song's, etc .... how weird coming from a dad who she claim's didnt even give adequate financial support to her as a kid. Everybody want's her to bend over backward's, she has alot on a busy agenda, she need's to take a "time-out" and forget ya'll, and start to think more about doing what pleases her. And we alway's ask stupid question's of each other .... after some young person may end their own life .... of "Why?" ...." She/ He had it all " ...... etc, etc. If you cant see why these children get angry, fly off the handle, end their lives, or any other ill turn, you must be blind, or have forgotten what it is like to be young, or in a position like that. Time change's folk's .... and any "change" in her will only come from her and her heart .... it's not anyone else's choice!

Sure .... she's popular as well as relentlessly hammered by the critic's, but also an all "American Girl", I will dedicate this classic music video to Ms.Lohan ...... "American Girl" ( "live" 1978 ) by classic rock composer/ songwriter "Tom Petty" ....this will be added to the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- American Girl (Live) 1978 ... Thanx to NEVERATIME



winsomedove said...

hey rc! just a quick visit and i'm out.
don't know the girl personally so don't have alot of empathy for her (too many right here to worry about)but would still hate to see her life end with foolish choices.
"times have changed" not really... nothing new under the sun. people are as messed now as they ever have been-there's just more of us now. life kinda sucks; riddled with disappointments, etc, and if you can't maintain a good attitude inspite of it, you're f#*@ed.

personally, i agree that what she does to unwind is her own business but then what would the media do with all that free time?? =)I'm on my 3rd beer and if i hadn't finished off my Patron a couple of weeks ago, i'd do a shot or two of tequila as well. i'm nobody so nobody cares what i do.

I lost my thought thinking about tequila... Anyway we all have choices and should avoid the ones that could kill us or others... we do have the power within ourselves to show some self-control; i did it for years raising my kids by myself-leading by example. Now my life is my own again so...

ps. we're not asking why my nephew killed himself. we know. his mind was fucked up from life and drugs. he wasn't himself.

catch you later mr ranchchimp.

winsomedove said...


tom petty was one of my favorites as a young teen. would sit and write all the words to his songs when i had nothing else to do and check then when the songs came on the radio. i was always right.

(it's 8:36 pm where i am-don't understand why the timestamp is what it is)

Ranch Chimp said...

I havent kept up with Ms.Lohan's career myself, but I chose her as the best poster child type for this posting, this happen's to a number of folk's in society, and also has to do witht the scapegoating routine's and hypocrisy of the pop culture of America, that I was wanting to present, and how the thing's this one person does, are actually quite normal and all American. Your word's of "Life kinda sux; riddled with disappointment's,etc, and if you cant maintain a good attitude in spite of it, your fucked". Damn good point! One of the reason's we have so much great bullshit I reckon .... to feed each other that is. :)

I am "nobody" as well my Dear ... and absolutely "love it" :) , I dont even work for anyone, so have no bullshit that I have to present, I can be straight up about anything, and it cant do nothing to me, my life is about as transparent as it come's, I only use so much discretion on here because it is available to the public, so it's out of respect only. 3 beer's and a couple shot's of tequila does the trick! I actually hardly drink these day's compared to my younger year's, but my actual troubling habit as a young man was my drug addiction, much more than booze, but drinking and social event's were plentiful, you know that scene and how it can be .... yet .... it's been a wild and fun ride for the most. By the way, my favourite tequila is "Tarantula" (Blue Italian Tequila). I didnt ask why your nephew decided to end his life, because the timing wasnt proper, it need's time tyo rest, I have been through this before, I actually never think suicide myself, I reckon because I was so grateful that I was able to survive to this age, as a kid I never thought I would reach 30. :) Some folk's just vsimple get tired of living for one reason or another, drug use can enhance certain thought's and amplify any situation for the best or for ill, it hurt's us when someone close to us does this more than them in a way, strange, but true. Then I had a few friend's who simply overdosed as well, not intentionally. I have had more than my fair share of death my dear, and try to avoid thinking about it, to be honest, the memories are not very pleasant, dont think I ever get used to it.

Never got to see Tom Petty "live" but alway's was on my list!

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Ms.Winsomedove ..... Yes, I have noticed the time on these blog's, it is the same here, what it appear's to me is happening is that the time posted must be "pacific" .... maybe this is based out of the West Coast, or at least mountain, Boston I think is east like NYC, or close to it. Great when you fly from the east coast to the west coast which I done a couple time's, because yu arrive when you left! :)

Right now here it's exactly 11:53pm.

Thanx for droipping by Ms.Winsomedove ..........