Thursday, May 13, 2010

DATELINE HOUSTON: .... Tip's for "Teacher's" and "Driver's" .... : ) (NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL PT.1)

First of all, this is not posted to insult Houston at all, I love Houston, and it was my original Texas hometown. But these two short clip's had a twist to them that brought laughter to me, being back to back on CNN and local Texas News. I dont find this video of the teacher getting on the student's ass "disturbing" at all, if this kid really done what the teacher say's he done. In school, there are "bullies", and sometime's bullies get retaliation, the hilarious part was listening to all the kid's laughing their asses off as this kid get's it in this video/ article. Was it right? I dont have a "right/ wrong" answer .... I simply call it, "action/ reaction". But it's not often a science teacher step's up to the plate to kick some ass! :)

A Charter School Teacher beats up a student ... Thanx to SUZIEE83

This next short clip, is of a driver that was apparently in a hurry, lost control, went airborne, landed on the roof of a business, and unfortunately the driver died. Cause of the wreck is under investigation, but you cannot go airborne like that without a high speed .... just ask the science teacher. :) The tip/ lesson of these two video's I would have to say is .... Driver's be more aware of your speed .... and ..... Teacher's make sure before you beat some kid's ass, no one has their cell phone's out. :)

Fatal Accident Leaves Car on Top of Building ... Thanx to MCMONITOR



Demeur said...

What ever happened to a rap across the knukles with a ruler?

Ranch Chimp said...

I am actually old enough to remember the ruler stuff, and I went to school in the 1960's, my last grade of completion was grade 8. I think they call that these day's "assault/ battery" .... a deadly weapon or something, extremism, evil, etc, etc .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... this teacher just uses her own knucle's instead. :)

Take Care Dude!

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing .... if this teacher would have ben a white male doing this .... the p[op culture blog society would be exploding with nazi white Texan's beating impoverished black children! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... :)