Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is one of those touchy subject's, but nonetheless, one that I need to address in this journal. I have brought up in previous posting's, such as this one (see 2nd paragraph in particular), about the rise to come in suicide's , also another piece here , and in some cases group suicide's as well. Why? .... simply because of the economic challenge's that were to come, societal peer pressure's, frustration, lack of trust in leadership, and also perhap's if this so called "Health Care Reform" that was recently shoved through on a strictly political basis, rushed by pressure and timing, and backed by those who forced all kind's of stealthy underhanded promises to the corporate icon's through it, I doubt is actually as "rosie" as some of their media source's say it will be, especially those who were so gung- ho on standing behind public option, but threw in the towel in a heartbeat at the last minute to save their political agenda's, "flip- flopping", .... which may be a tad more benefit, or better than "NOTHING" ( as I stated in my "HealthCare SnoweJob" series ) .... but still just dog biscuit's, far too complex with too much pork and NO PUBLIC OPTION, meaning .... NO COMPETITION, or at least any significant. And simply with rises in problem's so will increase the suicide rate's as well .... it was clear as day some time back, if we missed it, it was because as usual .... many didnt pay attention to the signal's.

Now some may consider these online chat gatherer's as similar to Dr. J. Kevorkian, but I dont see any likeness, nor do I see any reason that if a trial were to be held, that such nonsense should even be admissible, in comparing this to assisting suicide whatsoever. I consider this/ these people as nothing but "online anonymous pussies", who are only "Pandering Predator's", trying to make sick fantasies of their's a reality as long as someone else is doing it. And believe me .... when time's get tough, and folk's get depressed for one reason or another .... these vile piece's of shit come out of the woodwork/ cyberspace, who have no real life, beside's preying on what they can find online to inspire and infuse with their worthless calculated rubbish. They themselves should commit suicide and do the rest of us a favour.

I am also in support of what Dr.Kevorkian (some link's for him here) was doing .... which was completely different, I had to lay with loved one's who had no hope of living, and only enormous suffering, including my own mother (Mary Gigi Pygone) who doctor's kept alive through drug's, and expensive system's, who wanted to die, but they said she wasnt in her right mind .... my mom asked me on her death bed to end her life, and I couldnt do it, and just cried/ wept when I left the room so she wouldnt have to see me, I experienced this daily for almost a month. I had two other friend's that begged me to help them die while on their death bed's .... I never got used to it .... and still have dream's of it. This is also why I support assisted suicide plan's or option's such as what Oregon has ( or a right to die ) ... I think it is choice, in grave situation's, and I visited Portland (OR) a few year's back and didnt see folk's lined up to commit suicide or seen literature handed out to encourage it or advertising. So the idea that this would promote suicide is silly. We have created a society where folk's are called nutty for thinking suicide, and drawn to go shopping and fall prey to these predator's whether they are anonymous online, or just political folk's trying to take advantage of the time's to recruit suicide bomber's to carry out terror mission's .... another issue we try to avoid too much .... and when you have issue's you avoid .... well .... nothing get's solved, or much too slow. No I am NOT suicidal .... nor no matter how tough time's got or how frustrated I was .... never been in a position that made me even think of suicide .... I have alway's wanted to live .... but that's just me .... and never been terminally ill to the point to wanting to end it all.

But below here also a few recent short video's from CNN .........

Man accused of aiding suicides online ... Thanx to CNN

Suicide attempt survivor shares story ... Thanx to CNN



Tim said...

Interesting topic. I've said it before, we are kinder to animals than people. We of course put down the beast's when necessary. For the most part,it's the most important decision one might ever make.
Thanks for bringing it up..

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your voice here on this Mr.Tim .... it is one of those subject's that I even dont think of much, I simply never considered suicide. But I also cant consider this online parasite of being some nurse, that care's about folk's and trying to help them be successful with their attempt's, because if this guy were to stand trial, he would be such a coward of going to prison or being responsible, he would twist all his intention's.

Thank You Sir ......