Friday, May 28, 2010

GULF OIL CRISIS: Can those "Too BIG to Fail" be "Too FRAIL to Prevail" ? ....

I havent posted much about this crisis/ catastrophy simply because I dont know enough about these drilling issue's, beside's what I posted about BP being accountable in this posting. Mr.Demeur is more knowledgeable in these subject's and Mr. Tim been really keeping a close eye on this in their posting's which I frequent.

But first here .... a little video from journalist Ms.Maddow of MSNBC .... then a few cent's of my own on those who are handling this crisis.

Consequences of Gulf Oil Spill Rachel Maddow ... Thanx to PRESIDENTOBAMA3's CHANNEL

It is common belief amongst most of us as I posted time and again to think without these icon's from government's to corporation's to churches to set our standard's and act on our behalf, that we would be doomed to a world of poverty, endless chaos, failure, etc, etc. We have become accustomed you can say to being babysitted, having someone tell us when to eat, then asking if we should use a spoon or fork? But what is one supposed to think or do when those who lead us, prove to fail at almost everything they do? One would figure to just get rid of them and go another route or find replacement's. I remember once a small Texas rural community 10 year's or more back that had a major water pipeline break with several problem's that the government was quick to say they will come in and fix it for them .... well after a few week's and a shitload of red tape .... the people just simply forgot about the government and the towns people rolled up their sleeve's and done all the work themselves and had it done in one week .... everyone contributed .... folk's brought in their backhoe's, shovel's, piping, local hardware joint's contributed, many folk's cooked meal's for the worker's, etc .... a real team spirit that got result's in one week what the government was still debating on and making assessment's on for almost a month. But that has alway's kind of been what we consider the "Spirit of Texas" .... even though were mostly all from somewhere's else .... we all mostly came here for that independence and feeling in a way of solidarity, with maybe a tad less conformity as well.

Well .... these poor folk's in Louisiana are similar .... they want to act, and want to move, and are willing to put their neck's on the line, and roll their sleeve's up ... then later we can play the politic's and the blame game and all the other pop culture shit we are so used to. I dont know the answer's, and my guess is that BP is really trying to cap this thing .... after all .... it's to their advantage to do so, financially and public relation's wise. But this is a problem that has many other side effect's that can and will result, as far as damage to the Wetland's and along the shore's inland. What is the hold up of letting at least the folk's do what they need to, to stop this before it keep's expanding it's coverage? How many more expert's need to evaluate, before people are simply allowed to act? I mean .... we have BP and the government doing their job's (they say) below the water's .... and we have folk's lined up waiting to get "permission" to sand bag or use other mean's from stopping the oil from coming more in toward's the coast, I mean what the fuck is this ? .... "Simon Say's" or "Mother may I" ? ... All of these people also told that they just cant act , but need to close down all their businesses too? What do they live off of? I realize you may say .... well BP will cover their expenses .... well that's nice of course after all the litigation and filing's and paper work, etc .... but in the meantime .... what do they live on? their retirement? sell their asset's and property? Many of these folk's dont have those financial resource's to just be down indefinitely .... unlike those icon's who dictate to us .... we actually work hard for our small wage's, and used to deciding on issue's in limited amount's of time and actually getting result's because our livelihood's depend's on it. They are survivor's and in the trenches daily ... with limited resources ... something our iconic power's never have to deal with.

Between the political crap and all the popular crap and the "wait game's" ... it is clear that many we believe are too big to fail ... are too frail to prevail.

That's the REALITY!



Guitar Tim said...

Makes your blood boil. I think I told you at one time back in 1969 I lived in gulfport Miss. It was an incredible time. The Moon landing, Vietnam, and bigotry. One of the things I remember is at anytime I want just go jump in the Ocean and have fun. I swam with Dolphins and had the first and only time my fill of shrimp. Yeah I'm pretty sad for every creature who lives there.

Ranch Chimp said...

Oh yeah!! .... sound's like a blast dude! I have been to Gulfport a few time's and done a lil nightlife entertainment there, great place these day's, and even much more change since 69 for the better, you should go back sometime and see it these day's. Blood boil? Well .... I am more of in a state of confusion I reckon .... the boiling point will come later. :)

Thanx for your word's here ........

Infidel753 said...

The only thing that's "too big to fail" here is the oil slick itself. It's so big it can't fail to create a gigantic mess.

Too bad local people rolling up their sleeves can't stop an oil gusher underneath a mile of water. You really do need expensive technology for that.

GT: It was an incredible time. The Moon landing, Vietnam, and bigotry.

If it hadn't been for the war, maybe we could have afforded to send all the racists to the Moon (breathing apparatus optional).

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Infidel: Thank You for your comment!

Demeur said...

Funny you should mention that Tim. I was down in that area about that time. I've been to Tampa, Mobile and Boloxi.

I note that BP still wants to have this settled in a Texas court as a class action suit. You know what that means? They have no intention of paying out a fair settlement. Wonder if federal charges can be brought? Know anything about that RC?

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your input here Mr.Demeur. My opinion on your question, no I dont know about the Texas Court's thing, but I sure wouldnt trust it, of course if I was BP I would probably love it .... having read your posting/ site I know your no dummy, and you know what BP will at least attempt to do. I give credit to BP for at least doing what they can to stop this leak, it's in their best interest, and their responsibility, so I am not going to just attack BP, our ball's are in a vise sort of, and we need them to continue their effort's. But I feel any court action's should be definitely done federal ONLY, certainly not Texas especially if you were to choose any state.

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing I want to point out as far as these class action suit's or whatever, I dont know as much about civil law as I would criminal law, but I do know that any law I would figure since this is America has the appeal's court's and process, so I reckon any kind of suit on behalf of the people who are effected could possibly be lengthy as Hell before anyone see's any actual money .... those who would need the money the most in this case. Alot of time's in these type cases (law suit's) .... if the case look's very solid to those law firm's representing the victim/ client .... they will front money to their clent's to live off of, then just get reimbersed when they collect on the settlement payout. Client's dont need to put up any front money for anything whatsoever, the firm handles ALL expenses, and their fee to handle this usually is 33.3% to 40%/45% of settlemment, depending on how much work of course they have to put into it. Example: If the firm can meet behind closed door's with BP's legal rep's and reach an out of court settlement (which BP will do as a first attempt) they will only charge a third, but if it goes through a lengthy set of hearing the percentage fee goes up basically (which is fair). Many time's you have to go with the court motion, because the out of court offer will be too low of an offer .... so if you feel your case is strong, and you cant get BP to budge from their set offer, you have to go the in court route.

tnlib said...

A couple of comments from the latest post on Critter's Crap:

"If we had required, or BP had installed anyway, an acoustic valve, the blowout may have been prevented or stopped quickly.

If we had required, or BP had done anyway, that a relief well be drilled at the same time as the exploratory well, the blowout would have been stopped shortly, maybe within a few days, after it occurred."

I have to admit I know nothing about the technology and engineering of this business. All I know is that it shouldn't have happened and that the long term damage to the Gulf Coast and beyond is unfathomable. This is an area still reeling from Katrina.

I used to drive from Mobile to New Orleans all the time. Once upon a time it was quite beautiful.

Well done, RC.

Ranch Chimp said...

TNlib: Memorial Day Greeting's Ms.Leslie! Thanx for the link to CrittersCrap, havent been to it yet, but will check it out later. Yeah .... I know about the "valve" thing ... well what I heard that is, and you know how many folk's will cut corner's, and expenses, and the power of lobbtist's and lack thereof, of regulation etc. I understand how furious folk's are, Hell .... if I went all of the sudden out of business over this crap, and had official's tying one hand behind my back on what I can or cannot do .... and seeing the eco/ enviromental reality of what this can turn into, I would be furious as well.

I am not going to blame this administration, or am in the mood to just hammer BP .... it's done, and nothing will change that .... it was an "accident" .... but primarily causd in my opinion from neglect from all parties, and like anything else ... we learn once our back's are against the wall from our action's .... so this is a great lesson for everyone.

Ahhhh Grrrl ... that drive from Mobile to New Orleans ( I am assuming on I-10 ) what a beautiful drive that is indeed! Actually I have taken the full length driving on that road .... all the way to Los Angeles .... what a journey that is as well! Brought back some fond memories.

Thanx for your input Ms.Leslie, still want to take you to dinner if you make it through Dallas! :)