Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010 HAITIAN QUAKE AFTERMATH: (Part 2) .... Do we ever get what we PAY for and ORDER? ....

Part two here of the "2010 Haitian Quake Aftermath" (part one here) is to take a brief look at what is happening nearly a half year later in Haiti after all we have contributed to make sure there is a smoother ride post devastation. I mean .... the people of not just USA, but even other countries around the world acted so quickly because they knew in a situation like this how quickly you must act. And many small donation's poured in from average working classes that dont even get a tax write off for their small donation's as the major companies do, because they dont earn enough to file a long form, since everyone love's the truth. It is almost sad that we even have to have this volunteer Mr. Sean Penn, to show us a real picture of the progress we are making, who if wasnt a celebrity wouldnt be no way heard beside's maybe a blog posting in the distance. I give much credit to Mr. Penn for actually speaking the truth of how complex this situation is, which shouldnt be after nearly a half a year of constant relief pouring into the system set up to help.

It make's one wonder perhap's "What are we doing inefficiently?" .... Well frankly the answer is "nothing" as far as what we the people are doing .... after all, like every other circumstance that is in need of dire immediate atencion .... we do all we can, and act quickly. The problem is obviously the people and/ or agencies that we have in place and support to handle our finance's and need's as usual. Showing once again that it is common ordinary people that make anything/ everything work, yet we have incompetent ruling power's handling everything from war's, to relief effort's, to our financial institution's, to even how we will be dealt with as far as health care. I mean .... do we ever get what we pay for and order?

What you see in this video below, there is simply no excuse being this far into the relief effort's and having more funding than they need from contributor's, to have this young 15 year old man die when the medication is widely available that could have prevented this. There is no financial excuse, you cant blame it on timing, because nearly a half a year is way long enough to have this in place, you cant say our military or gaurdsmen havent been acting .... Hell, they were in there pronto rounding up people as if it was an invasion damn near. Frankly, since truth is what people want, is the power's that control could give a rat's ass less if ten's of thousand's died from diphtheria, as long as it isnt something that will hamper their political goal's. And the only reason they allowed such quick occupation of force's, was to control crowd's, and lessen catastrophic chaos, since so many Haitian immigrant's are in America and it's going to be a tight election year. There is no excuse for any of this whatsoever but incompetence again from the top. And if thousand's die from widespread diphtheria, which the power's better hope doesnt happen ... it will be one more fork in the asses of the people who are getting more hip and keen by the day as to what dictate's how thing's are done.

Every tax paying citizen of this nation who donated their hard earned dollar's to this relief, should raise Holy Hell that this situation in Haiti is NOT at a different stage by now. And question any or what progress has been made. And if we are NOT getting efficient result's .... you fire and re-hire someone who can get the job done, the same way we are hired then discarded for the least little thing, you just dont let the same people/ agencies keep doing business the same ole same way. If we dont learn now, rest assured one day we will. We act quickly and efficiently when push come's to shove .... and so should those who act on our behalf, that is what they are paid to do. This is our own backyard .... a country in the America's, that are just like us, and in need of a hand.

Another thing to point out here, is that all the million's that have not been spent are making interest somehow, someone behind the scene's are doing something with that money, dont tell us it's sitting in some big Piggy Bank waiting to be spent. Mr. Penn point's out here first also that there are not enough vehicle's, why isnt there more? Why are we not buying up huge order's of basic/ standard 4X4 ATV type GMC Hummer's, that are designed to handle terrain's as such after a devastation like this? We certainly are not lacking fund's for it .... and at the same time it would be great for General Motors America and business, and help at least if not to create job's .... but to be able to keep those that we have in these production plant's.

***** CNN: Diphtheria epidemic threatens Haiti ... (newsvideo)



Tim said...

Thank you, while I been sick I've been thinking of Haiti. We have such short term memories as a people. I have to blame Media for this as well.
Where's the reports of Katrina victims and what's happening there.
Tenn. is being ravaged from floods and after a week of being under 10 feet of water I learn of it. Just like the oil spill, after about a week or two the reporting becomes spotted and will eventually be non existent. The new media (Blogs) has to step up to the plate and keep things fresh in people's minds. As far as Penn goes,he's a great voice but not big enough. I though putting Bush and Crusty Clinton in charge of relief would keep Haiti in our thoughts, not so much. Bush Beans and Crusty are back home or whatever doing who or whatever.
Damn disgusting.. When I feel I little better I would like to link to you post on this.

Demeur said...

Bush Beans. I like that Tim.

What we fail to realize is that not much can be done when the government there is corrupt. Did we learn nothing from our little Simolia adventure many years back? Most of what we gave went to the warlords.
Haiti was a mess before this happened. Only solution as I see it would be to temporarily take over the country and we know that won't happen.

Drive safe RC we'll catch you later.

JUDGE TRUTH 101 said...

I'm with Demuer in spirit. If you're going to do something, do it right. Haiti sucks as a country. If we go in, go in to make it right. If that means taking over, so be it. The average haitian who just wants to raise his/her family in peace would most likely appreciate it. I suspect the average Iraqi would have to for that matter.

Ranch Chimp said...

You have a point Mr.Tim, the media too, is under so much pressure, because there are so many issue's to report, then those folk's within, that decide what is front copy, etc. I havent posted a thing about the oil slick down here on the coast (although this hasnt hit Texas coast, Texas/ Mexico are the west coast of the Gulf), or about the flooding in Tennessee, but these are thing's I been up and up on everyday, as well especially of the attempted terror bombing down in the "City" (NYC) in your home state. I tend to be a lil more concerned with our neighbor's and domestic's before I am on what is happening in the Middle East for instance as well .... for me, charity begin's at home.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: BTW .... I agree with Mr.Demeur about the "Bush Bean's" title .... I never even heard of "Crusty" before! :)

I named W.Bush (last President) "Fuzzy" when he first took office, because in the devate's with Mr.Gore, he kept saying that Gore's math and everything else seemed "fuzzy". :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Me too Judge Truth, throughout this journal for the last bloody couple year's I have pointed out time and again about getting the "job done" and "incompetence". One of the thing's I have alway's loathed in the workplace was lazy sob's, and those who dont think. When I see some of these type's in our government, and/ or position's to manage in such, I think it is so pathetic, in the real world, they would get a pink slip and shown the door, what we do, is re- elect, re- hire, the same ole same, who dont do jack shit 20 year's ago as far as production or progress, and aint doin jack shit today, in fact some of the slowest and laziest, mother fucker's I have ever seen as far as in the workforce had to be in government. We even give them a life long career to do so, think of what kind of message we are sending and you see why we are so saturated with these type's. One of the reason's that I was a tad more concerned in the Haitian case, is because like Katrina .... it's "home" and because I see how much the people "gave", not through the legislative branch, but common working folk's at the bottom that went into their pocketbook's and "gave" from the heart, not because of some political motive, tax incentive's, etc. .... and during a time of economic recession on top of it. Thank You for your input your Honour (Judge)!

Ranch Chimp said...

I know that there is corruption going on in the government down there Mr.Demeur .... and also in part one I posted on how complex effort's can get .... but what really got me going here was the fact that it has almost been a half a year, and there is more than enough money and troop's in the various field's to have made a tad more progress in that time. The people were quick to respond and put up needed fund's and physically volunteer .... why are the fund's so slow to be distributed? There's other's beside's the Haitian Government that need's the fund's on the ground, who are in the front line's and equipment, I think we could have done more, I cant stand cheap mother fucker's that rathole every dollar and wait, fuck all that shit, the people intended to spend it all and get what is needed in place. As far as I'm concerned until someone can "show" otherwise, their just sitting on the monies, and see how far they can stretch this out, and figure out angle's for use. I am also a lil partial, anyone who known me personally know's that I am an admirerer of Haitian culture/ art's as well, plus the fact that this is "home", not in some bloody fucken Middle Eastern desert, pouring our resource's/ finance's in over societies that are fighting over religion's, and frankly dont like us in their fucken nation's to begin with. Somalia I agree .... another fucken sewer, who have a new business of pirating, along with all the other nation's that use us, piss on our flag and value's, and spit in our face's. Yes, I would love for Haiti to be part of America, and I am sure many Haitian's would love it too.

Thank You for your input here Sir!

Rita said...

I applaud Sean Penn's efforts to get the word out. It's nice to see a Hollywood star do some thing good with their celebrity status.

According to Wikipedia "[e]ven in good times, Haiti is an economic wreck, balancing precariously on the razor's edge of calamity."
In that case, it's surprising that there would be some inefficiently,

Ranch Chimp said...

I agree Ms.Rita, and one of the thing's that caught my atencion the most was the time frame and what's been collected as far as funding, since it is in such an economic rut, with the million's that poured in and they supposedly have access to, there is no damn reason for this. They have the resouces financially and through volunteer's and other's to make this much better than what they have.

Thanx for your voice here also Ms.Rita, alway's some "wise" thought from you too.