Monday, May 10, 2010

TASTE OF TEXAS: (Part 3) HOUSTON'S "JOHNSON SPACE CENTER" .... (To: Amanda and Graham)

First of all I came back to update this posting as sort of dedication to Amanda and Graham of the UK (England), who were vsiting Dallas for their first time last week, and hoping ya'll's memories are as pleasant as they were during your visit! :)

Taste of Texas Part 3 will take a look at Houston's "Johnson Space Center", and a look at a typical day on the job at the center, as well as a look inside of "Mission Control". There are tour's you can take of the facilities, but it will take all day as well, it's a fairly large campus actually with quite a bit goin on. Also of the Taste of Texas series Part One .... and Part Two.

ESA's astronauts in training at Johnson Space Center, Houston ... Thanx to STEVEBD1

Take a Peek Inside the New Mission Control Houston ... Thanx to NASA JOHNSON



Infidel753 said...

The space center is well set up for visitors -- and not a bat in sight, at least when I was there.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Mr.Infidel, it is set up for the visitor's quite well, I myself like JSC, and hope to go for even another visit. As far as not a "bat" in sight, that's not bat territory as those other part's I posted, Texas is so different all over the state, as far as plant's, animal's, mountain's, desert region's, prarie's, etc. Houston and south by southwest along the coast is also sub tropical, northeast is the Big Thicket of heavy forest's, etc. Glad you enjoyed and thanx for your input here Guy ......... Later ......