Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Walking Away" .... "Moral SENSE" .... and the moral of the "Moral" ....

One of the thing's I posted since the beginning of this journal time and again, is the need to "walk away" .... as I point out as an essential need or at least an effort to really get "change" .... and of course that it will come in time, when people's back's are against the wall, for you can only pull this crap for so long before folk's decide to "act". Every empire throughout recorded history had a rise and fall, or what one may call "change", then come's the new, and rebuilding, this is why I constantly hammer this issue .... because we alway's look to those who been ruling us to tell us "what's next". What America was in 1970 is NOT what America IS in 2010, or what it will be in 2030, as far as the American Dream, privacy, straight business, free market ... you name it. You can continue to get screwed and live on pop culture cliche's, broken promises, etc, etc., or simply take action yourself when those who are the decision maker's fail to show competence .... and let what "has been" just deteriorate and collapse or actually "change", a sort of "natural selection", if you will. And part of that change or restructuring for the benefit of all, does not include doing business as usual. As far as the "moral" here ..... "moral SENSE" you can say is the moral of the "moral".

Now many will see a video like this and say it is not "moral" to just walk away and abandon your obligatory duties such as in this case mortgage's are concerned. But by whose moral standard are you talking about? It will soon come to light this complex mess that the bank's pulled .... in time .... which was basically turning Wall St into the Vegas Strip. Where all kind's of thing's were going on behind the scene's .... especially homebuyer's across the nation being rounded up for a pool, then all the credit rating's of those altered and manipulated to put them in a boom of high marketed new home's, even though they knew it was all a gamble, taking them projected asset's and loan's on paper .... borrowing and lending against them, then the big insurer's jump in and insure all the move's, and the losses, banking that they can move everything before anything default's, and make a bundle. Then the bubble burst's .... and the insurer's see that they cant even cover what they been collecting high premium's on .... and so goes the episode basically. And who get's stuck with everything? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... I dont think I need to tell you. :) .... But also it is important to understand what you walk away on as far as credit is concerned, and especially these big loan's and "strategic default" , in other word's the law's vary from state to state, some state's the lender's have the "upper hand" so to speak, and can tear you to ribbon's, the cases in this video, show Arizona for instance .... which is more like Texas, and easier to walk away. It is important you contact your state's "Attorney General Office", and find out exactly how your state work's and your right's.

Despite all our generosity to these so called free market enterprises and icon's in the form of "corporate welfare" ... they still decline to give back adequate help and be responsible for any of their part, or even "team player's" for that matter ... they want their cake and to eat it, and to be tight fisted and not let a dollar go .... because they also look at the masses as dumb .... which they are correct .... the masses are mostly dumb to this, that is why they have such large "game" .... but it is only a matter of time before folk's get keen to what is happening, and decide to take their own action since those who informally "dictate" have proven to be washed up. Some will say this can only lead to economic crisis if everybody defaulted .... but understand that nothing worth going out on the limb for is easy ... it will not be cakewalk, for anyone .... but it's a matter of "survival". It is not doom and gloom or the end of the world if we fight back in this manner .... it is the best move to enact actual change, and a matter of survival and wisening up. To me these folk's that walked away ... are real American Patriot's in this video .... Enjoy! :)




Tim said...

To me it's a matter of what's best for your family. You have to make hard choices and if walking away is your choice, so be it.
What's to be gained by good money after bad...
That's just me though.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Tim: I hear you fratello (Italiano) .... one has to make that choice themselves and it is a hard choice. Put it this way guy .... alot of what I say may not be in the best interest of many .... I am one of them hardnose mother fucker's, guy .... been since I was a kid .... I have made some stupid move's just out of "spite" or "retaliation", that could have avoided me misery, that I knew would be a result for my action's. Such as when I went after the judge when my mom cried in court, when I took that money from the church I wrote about several posting's back ... I jumped over the table and rushed the bench and called him a mother fucker, I was restrained (cuffed) and spent the next 15 month's in 3 different institution's for that, along with what I was initially in court for, and I knew it was coming. Why did I do it? Just for the fuck of it man .... I reckon, cause I could.

Thanx for your opinion here, and good to see ya feeling a tad better!