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MICHAEL MORTON: Texas' 25 Year mistake & DNA Testing ... A look at the PERFECTION of IMPERFECTION (Incarcerated American PT.6)

This "Incarcerated American PT.6" is NOT a Death Penalty case, even though it was murder, however ... I wanted to also use this posting to bring up the Death Penalty controversy in Texas and use this posting as a follow up of sort concerning thing's like such and DNA testing etc, since it is all connected, whether there is a Death Penalty or not, there are people also serving massive amount's of time for offenses that you cant just say is simply a result of an "imperfect system" ... but a terribly fucked up system that definitely need's a complete overhaul. So this will follow up "Texas Execution's: Should they be indefinitely suspended? ... ABSOLUTELY! .... Some newsread and vid's below, then some personal view's afterward's.

NBC News: DNA helps free Texas man convicted in wife's death ...

INNOCENCE PROJECT: Dallas County Cases Where DNA Has Proven Innocence ...

ACLU: (03 October 2011) "DNA testing and the Death Penalty" ... this cover's the U.S. as well as far as exoneration's that have been granted because of DNA evidence.


Morton Release Hearing ... Thanx to KXAN

Michael Morton is a Free Man ... Thanx to KXAN

Juror who Convicted Morton feels Guilty ... Thanx to KXAN

In our great mental state of liberation and ultra civility, quest to achieve perfection, pinnacle of universal knowledge, etc, etc ... we must also have lost something ... after all, in all of this, we also managed to perfect "imperfection" ... simply using it as another word to casually escape or excuse what we do. And this is what was nauseating hearing the Judge say when he gave Mr. Morton his walking paper's (freedom) ... but NOT to blame the Judge here ... he just didnt know what else to say and this has become the "norm" ... I mean, it wasnt this Judge that convicted the man, but having to apologize for a fucked up justice system. It's the best we have? ... maybe so, but since when does the word "best" suggest there is no need to improve and/ or change? I never gave a shit much about the Death Penalty one way or the other ... but at the rate thing's been showing, I also see no reason why an immediate suspension of all execution's nationwide and especially in the Lone Star State (Texas) shouldnt be granted ... I mean it is so stupid when I hear folk's like Gov. Rick Perry for instance ... not grant a stay, or this case in Georgia last week ... it certainly doesnt hurt you politically ... and I even figure it could help you politically for that matter ... what in Hell is wrong with Ya'll?! It isnt like you grant a stay, that the offender/ prisoner is going to walk ... he/ she still remain's incarcerated, this also serve's to make damn sure that you are NOT sending the wrong goddamn person to death ... which should be of some mental relief to you! ... unless of course you dont give a shit ... and if you dont give a shit, you shouldnt take a goddamn oath saying you represent and defend the folk's of your jurisdiction!

As far as the juror's in these cases ... the juror's mostly are railroaded, similar to politic's actually with the bullshit they are fed ... this juror in the above video feel's guilt, shame, wrong, etc ... and this will probably bother her emotionally for year's to come ... so even she is hurt with this disregard and recklessness that has permeated our legal system ... everyone is victim to this but those playing the card's in the system ... who some of in my opinion should have to do some time themselves or be somewhat financially liable in some manner for what their incompetence and neglect result in ... but not just casually sweep this nauseating shit under the rug by passing it to someone else or just saying the system is the best but imperfect.

Mr. Morton only had tear's and humour mixed when hearing those freeing word's from the Judge ... and how could you not be thrilled ... anyone who done any time even know's how it feel's to get released and not even mentioning 25 year's of this ... he stated how vivid color's were, of course the one color you see daily in TDC is "white" ... and how good looking the women are out in the freeworld : ) Mr. Morton as he said was grateful it was NOT a death penalty case, and because he know's damn well if it was, he would probably be 6 feet under and not in that courtroom now. But what get's me about these cases, even without the death penalty ... is this one of many has spent at least a third of his natural life incarcerated, and being some of the prime year's of his life he has spent ... and as far as the $80K a year compensation for wrongful imprisonment in Texas, I hope that he would get every dime of it!

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