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KAREN HAYSLETT- McCALL: Decide's her "Love Life" is more importante than her 7 year old son Eryk, & EXECUTE'S her Son & Herself (KILLER PARENT'S PT.8)

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(left to right) Karen Hayslett McCall & son Eryk

This case of "Killer Parent's PT.8" is another local Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex case, of a mother who shot and killed her 7 year old son, then herself, while police and the father were outside the front door to pick up the boy Eryk, after the father was given full custody by the court of his son. Some newsread and video below, then my input.

CBSDFW/ KRLD1080: Sachse Mother coached Son to falsify accusation's against Father (newsread/ video)

***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Sachse mother kills 7- year- old son, herself after losing custody of boy ... (newsread)


First of all, I been following some of the news and community input on radio talk show about this and pleased at least to see some light as far as what this mother actually done and was, because this was a more reckonized case because of the parent's standing and position's in the community, this is a very small quiet suburban community. For instance, when former suburbia Mayor Jayne Peters shot and killed her daughter and herself, a radio station broadcasted a eulogy speech at Mayor Peters funeral, which was outrageous, and about basically what all Mayor Peters done, what a great Mayor she was, etc, etc ... not a goddamn peep about her teen daughter or the murder she committed of her. And most of the talk back then, was how hard single mom's have it, psychological and financial stress, or related illness of somekind of the mother ... absolutely incredible! There was more support locally on folk's looking at this for what it truely was, despite Karen Hayslett- McCall's background ... which was a Asst. Professor at the University of Texas @ Dallas in a Criminal Justice department of study, a former Clinical Psychologist, former research analyst @ Penn State, as well as a former police officer I believe up in Kansas ... quite an impressive resume, but obviously most folk's were missing something about this outstanding and loved mother. The father was a high school teacher even.

But this really hit's me on how some of these more than perfect and widely respected folk's in our societies are found to be later different than we thought in some cases. I can only imagine what this poor kid had to go through, especially with the over 1 year long bitter divorce and custody dispute, the constant argueing, and this poor boy Eryk, feeling so alone and isolated from society that he had to ask a teen neighbor 10 year's older than him, why his parent's were alwayz fighting? And all of this brought on to this child was simply over a man and woman so respected and loved who couldnt even get their own shit together, look over difference's and just accept it and walk, but just in this never ending battle over who get's this kid, where as I said previously about how we just simply use children as pawn's because of our extreme selfishness ... and use them basically as a commodity of sort, trade, sell, treat like some sort of housepet, even use them politically constantly, then rob and milk them through life, then even teach them to follow our corrupt tradition, throw them into the arena unarmed in many cases, etc, etc. The report's say that there is investigative evidence, that this mother also coached this young boy to say he was abused by his father, something you hear more of these dayz of course, as a weapon for these closet freak's to play with.

Personally though I dont really give a shit what her reason was, or give a shit about her and her hubby's romance life, or their fine background's, the only thing that I see ill here is what this mother done, which simply was a case of extreme selfishness and personal anger she couldnt control despite her clinical balanced psychological background and such. The only positive thing that came out of this was her killing herself basically, unfortunately not soon enough ... Enough said


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