Monday, October 31, 2011

MICHAEL JACKSON/ HAPPY HALLOWEEN: "Thriller", "I Got The Feeling", "Stormy Monday" ... (HALLOWEEN PT.2)

This posting for induction into "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" is past due, but was most fitting for this day of "All Hallows Eve" to honour the legendary artist Michael Jackson ... as well as fitting for this also "Stormy Monday" for many in the Northeastern USA. When this "Thriller" video was released nearly 3 decade's ago, it was the first of it's kind as far as music video ... as far as the length and the short story type theatric's.

But Michael has been really the top of pop when it come's to production and especially the commercialization of him and his worx, so in this posting I want to break that away and focus on the man and his raw talent. Because the fact is, that this man is so unique of a trendsetter as well and just a talent by nature, you wouldnt even need a band or any sound equipment for this Guy ... you could actually put this Guy on a street corner as an "unknown", with a person sitting on a chair next to him doing nothing but a Hambone leg slapping and using a washboard, and Michael without a microphone doing vocal's, and dancing that is like no other, using shoes with tap dance cleat's on them for the rhythm and percussion's improvisation ... and he could draw hundred's in minute's.

But of course as you can see below, Michael had his influence's as well, and probably one that had most impact on him as a child would be James Brown ... Geeeezzz ... I just cant get away from James Brown , as far as his influence! : ) But Michael as well is really just an outstanding vocalist and exceptional dancer. I could go on and on yapping ... so I'll shut the Hell up now, and big Thanx to Michael for all the art and inspiration to so many artist's, have a Happy Halloween! (Marilyn Manson) ... Enjoy!





"I GOT THE FEELING" (James Brown cover 1968) Thanx to SADATP83

"STORMY MONDAY" From the Steel Town Session's 1965/ 1967 (this cover a classic recorded by "T Bone Walker" back in 1947)... and NO, this is NOT Jermaine singing, this is Michael ... Thanx to ALKENTRE



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